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I am reading a wonderful WIP where Brian is having an awfully hard time after using his money to take down Stockwell (It's called "Come What May" by WhiteSnowFox.) It's heartbreaking and real and so so good. I would like to find other stories that take on the theme where Brian is poor and really down so Justin tries to help him.

Thank you!
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Does anyone has a copy of these stories? I would like very much to read them but yhe first one is flocked and for the second one the link doesn't work anymore?

Thank you

ETA: the link for the second story is in the comments. For the first one you have to be friended by the author to read the story.
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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I'm not exactly looking for a specifical fic, but I'm looking for good long fics, completed. 

I like angst, but not major character death, please no OOC, and no Micheal/Brian! Just that! Post your favorite long fic! Even PDF's okay!

Edit: Found a lot of amazing fics, thank you all

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for two fics. The information is vague but I hope that you can help me. I went through the memories, but no such luck;( So here we go...

The first one is about Brian and Justin going on a road trip. Brian is writing something like "Justin and Brian fucked here" on a floor at some point. Maybe post season 3 but I don't know for sure.

In the other one Brian meets a younger man named Ty. I think Mysterious Marilyn is in there, too. In the end Mel or Lindsay dies.


FOUND! Links in the comments
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I just finished reading Kachelofens "Trying to make some sense of it all" and although I´m normally so not into reversed age fics, I love, love, love this one!
So I was wondering, if there are more - preferably multi-chaptered - good fics out there with reversed age?
Thanks in advance!

LOts of recommendations in the comments.
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Hello everyone! I have gone through my files, and below are fics that I found. Some of them I have no author name, and I haven’t really read most of them. I went through the 4shared folder, but it’s kind of hard to figure out if the stories are there or not since I don’t know the author’s name.

If you know the name of the author of a story, please let me know so that I add it. Also … do I need to upload all of these to the 4shared account or are they all pretty much in there?? I saw Cyn and Rizabeau are in there, and I think Sadra Gia’s stories are as well, but I don’t know about the rest. And, is Besame BJ and Mickiebg sharing their stories like this?? I never posted them through the MU account because someone told me they didn’t do this, but I’m double checking again. At any rate, these are all the files that I found while going through the old e-mails from last year.

Maps and Legends By Anton & L. Blaurosen

If you Need Me By: Myrna

A Matter of Time By: Just Visiting

Another Fork in The Road By: Shannon Marie

Bring Me to Life Chapter 1-20 By: Aschicca

Broken Image By: Susan K. James_NJPax

Homecoming By: Wren  (I should've known this -_-)

Take Flight series By: Severina

Under Blue Neon By: Tinkabell

Cyn – 10 files

Severina One-Shots

Mickiebg – 13 files

Mouse – 3 files

Rizabeau – All of her stories, but it seems the person divided most stories into 2 word files … I guess because of size.

Besame BJ – 25+ files **File will not be uploaded**

Sandra Gia – 9 files

Edit: Thanks to everyone for the help with identifying the authors. I will go through the folder with this new information, and see if they're there or not.

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With Megaupload going away, I decided to see what I had saved on my computer. I have files in Word, PDF and Epub. I want to get them all in order. I have a few stories that I don't have Authors for. I want to add the authors name to the file name.

Hopefully you can help me. I have only gone through my word files so far. I will be back with inquiries for my PDF and Epub files too I'm sure.

The following stories I need authors for if you have them:

Beloved Sons - Besame_bj
Conflict of Interest - ThghtLsScmng
Jingle All The Way - Rizabeau
Life Changes - lizzy121202
Only So Long - Besame_bj
Seeking the Truth Kaite
Teacher Fic - sparkledark and blaurosen
The Kane Series - Erin
Yellow Light Trilogy - Irishka1205

This is what I have so far. Any help you can give me will be great. Thank you.

Thank you everyone. The only one left is "Life Changes Thank you everyone all the authors have been found. Tomorrow I am going to go through my PDF files.

DL Fics

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:27 pm
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Hi all-

I have been around for awhile and I was hoping to hit you all up for some recs in the DL fic tags. There are just so many....

I am looking for fics where B/J are together and happy. I prefer a happy ending, but can handle a little angst.

I am hoping you can help.

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I'm going through my list of fanfiction that I've downloaded over the years from different places. Some of it did not have the authors name attached to the files.

Life is Fine and Then a Hiccup by Sisterre. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] lindsay22la

Making it Through The Summer, and Making It Through Another Summer By Kim. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] miss_alysandra

What Gus Wants by Branwen777 Thank you [livejournal.com profile] lindsay22la

Teacher Fic rachelanton [livejournal.com profile] sparkledark and [livejournal.com profile] blaurosen Thank you [livejournal.com profile] amelialourdes

Never Again by Lady Raven Thank you [livejournal.com profile] chimerachan

These are a few of the ones I have that I'm not sure of authors names. I am slowly adding them to my Nook, and am creating shelves to put them in. As I go through my list I will probably have more.

Thank you everyone for your help.

Wow you have all been so helpful. I have more, I just need to go through my files to find the others. All the authors are listed for the ones I have listed here. I might be back with more later. I am in the process of cleaning out files.
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I am completely new to all of this so I am still learning the ropes here. Anyway, I am looking for any stories that has to do with Brian and Justin obviously. I've looked through the memories but didn't find much to read. So, I'm looking for any sort of stories that has to do with HIV, abuse, amnesia and is completely off canon.

HIV, anything from Brian having it, to Justin having it.
Abuse, I'd rather read Justin being abused, whether its by Brian or someone else.
Amnesia, anything is fine with this one too.
AU, anything for this as well.

I'm pretty sure that probably is not a story that has all four things I am looking for, but if there is, that would be great.

FOUND... links in comments.
Thank you all who had posted.
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I was wondering if anyone had a working link to Nuisance by Starla.

Also, Hearing Things by Eveline, On The Outside by Tammy  and In Between Days (I'm not sure who it's by, but it's about how Brian envies Justin's sleep)


FOUND! Links in comments.
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Hi all,

This is my first request , so I hope that I will do everything right. I've just finished reading all chapters from one wonderful fic that is stil WIP -Hush by eyessocruel and I am in a mood for more fics in which Justin is older than Brian

I have just checked all the memories/tags section and there were some suggestions but the links were not working for almost all the fics there. So I hope that it is okay to ask for new suggestions for fics with working links.

Thank you in advance!

Found some suggestions in the comments. Thank kat_us for the link and the recommendation. And I am always looking for more ideas.
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Hi all--- I've been thinking about this one for a long time but I'm finally asking-- I read this a long time ago- its an rps- and I think its a one-shot. I just remember a scene where gale and randy are either on the fire escape, or like a porch- and (maybe its really cold and there's a blanket??) But they end up fooling around- I remember the outside scene being hot- but I don't think they had sex...? Hope that's enough. Thanks!!!
Edit: This has been found-- see comments for the link. Thanks so much!!!
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I am reading The Tarot Series by LJ Gray and it is frustrating because this is a really well written story and I am dismayed to discover that so many chapters are missing.  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HN9O15PD

Does anyone know how to find and locate the missing chapters before they disappear forever? That would be a real shame and it's so frustrating to miss whole chunks of the story :(

Also, I just read Maps & Legends, a fic that really deserved to be saved if anyone can help that would be great. http://www.geocities.com/blaurosen/new_page_1.htm

Thanks in advance :D

Found!  Turns out that The Tarot Series was abandoned as a WIP, but all 19 (out of 23 planned) are posted at Across the Pond   
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I was hoping someone kind enough could recc a few good stories for me...I am new to the show and to the fandom and I would love to read some good and long (very important, I like to sink my teeth into good long stories) stories with Brian as the main focus. He can be paired off with Justin or anyone else I don't really mind, as long as it settles around Brian.

Some good hurt/comfort would be good...and a happy ending...

Hope that isn't too much to ask...so hopefully anyone is reading this and reccing some good stories!


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Hi there! I'm looking for a fic where Brian makes Justin a legal partner or the beneficiary of his will or something. Justin only finds out when its been done, so its not a marriage or anything... and it was something which legally assured Justin would get Brian's possessions, if anything happened to Brian, because he was the legal partner... I can't remember the name of the fic, any help would be really appreciated!! thank you!! xxx
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I've seen it recced so many times now that I just really really really really want to read this. It's Teacher!fic bij [livejournal.com profile] sparkledark

 Her LJ is locked so that's not going to work. I already asked to be added but didn't get an answer.

I'd like to know if it's somewhere else as well?

Thanx a lot!


UPDATE: FOUND, link in comments (and in the post below me ;-) )

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