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Does anyone know where I can find downloads for these two fics? Or does anyone have these in PDF/Word docs? Yes, I was good and checked all the folders. A mod must lead by example, yes?

The first one is by [livejournal.com profile] msjudi, aka phobosgirl. It's the vampire fic. The second is...weird. I think it's by [livejournal.com profile] josselin, I could be mistaken. It's been years (like 7) since I read this. What I remember is Justin sees a UFO and draws pictures of it. No one believes him and think he's crazy. I think he's institutionalized and Brian breaks him out, and they get taken by the UFO.

I know, it's weird. I think Bunny used to rec it during Halloween at the old Retreads comm, and I remember that it filled me with dread.

Help a sister out, please and thank you!

ETA: BOTH FOUND. Fic one will be available for download shortly, Fic two is linked in comments.

ETA 2: After taking a half hour to c/p Alien, I found her fics posted on AO3. Thanks for the help anyway, guys!

Humor fics

Aug. 17th, 2014 03:49 pm
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So I went through a lot of serious multi-chapter fics lately, and I'm in need of humorous fics, or at least almost angst free fics. [Already went through tags, except the schmoopy one, I'm kinda afraid of that one]
So if you can rec it, I'll be grateful to you :)*

ETA: There are so many good recs on the comments, and I've read them all already, so if you can, keep them coming :D*
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1.Likable (NOT Lickable!) Ethan )

2.Justin's Career Sabotaged )

3.Justin Is Close To Someone Besides Brian In Family )

The last one includes a decent sized rant (read: passionate opinion) that is actually the reason I had to make any cuts in this post. But it spells out the request pretty well if I do say so myself! (And, to be fair, I deleted a lot of it when I saw how long it was.)

Thanks for your help! Can't wait to start reading!!!


**Several suggestions found for #1 & #3!! Thanks so much for them!!**

**None found for #2... though that really doesn't surprise me. But maybe someone will write it now that the idea is out in the universe!**
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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I just re-watched ep 115, featuring the Leather Ball and Emmett in some sweet ass-less chaps and Brian comes up behind and wraps an arm around him.

Anywho, so I was wondering if there's some sort of leather ball gapfiller (AU or not) where Brian just cannot resist Em in those pants and they hookup (probably in the backroom)

I've checked the tags but there doesn't seem to be one with that specific scenario, although I do have a bunch of Brian/Emmett fic to read this weekend ;)

UPDATE: one Leather Ball related rec in the comments (thank-you!), but I'm looking for something longer, or um, with an actual hookup. Or I need to just write it, but I'd rather read it.
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Do you know if there are other fic like Queer Survivor by Josselin or Celebreality by 1daftpunk which takes place in a reality show? I'm searching everywhere but don't find anything. If anyone can point me one, that would be great!

A few proposition have been made, and I say "thank you" to the people who wrote them, but I'm not adverse others if you have any ^^
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I'm looking for an AU fic in which Justin lived with (or was staying with) Michael and Ben. Brian needed to find a date for a business function so invites Justin. I think Justin insists on being paid. I've tried the hustler!Justin tag but I think since Justin isn't exactly hustling in this story it isn't there. If it helps, I think I originally read it on Livejournal.


update - not found but more details thanks to fictionbycereza: Justin is definitely not a hustler but is paid by Brian to attend functions with Senator Baxter, who takes a shine to Justin. Justin keeps rejecting Brian's advances

found thanks to rznbloodrose - link in comments
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(I tried to find a similar post but there is no such tag. The closest thing was somebody asking if some specific fanfics are in character and this is what actually gave me the idea to file such request.)

There are many fanfics out there - epic in proportions, well-written, with great plots. But I have to admit that many of them, even those considered must reads and classics - give me a feeling of OOC-ness. There's Brian - nice and affectionate in a schmoopy way, not afraid of commitment. There's Justin - pliant and a completely damsel in distress-like, letting others abuse and manipulate him. There's evil and plotting Michael that actively tries to break Justin and Brian up... No matter that according to canon!Brian, there's nothing to break up. There's even more evil Ethan, Mel and Lindsay being such bad mothers that their children have to be taken away and even though all of those plots are fun to play with, they're not very much true to the characters from the show.

So I was thinking about compiling a list of stories and authors, that could be considered QAF purists when it comes to characterization. No matter if it's a gap-filler, or an AU story, I just need something to sooth my QAF withdrawal, something that will really feel like the show.

I trust your judgement, even though I'm aware that people can feel very differently about some stories. It doesn't matter, I still want your opinion! (After a while, I'll compile your recs into a nice list and put it in this post, under the cut).

Big Damn IC!Rec List )
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Hey, How is Everyone? Have have to requests:

1. I'm looking for any fics where Brian and Justin try together for a Baby, i've read so many Mpreg fics where one of them gets pregant by accident and then one of them not telling the other intill later but i've never read one where they are trying togther, it can be AU, or whatever i don't really mind the details i just want to see Brian and justin try for a baby together...is there any fics like that??

2. Also any fics where Justin is alot Younger than canon and Brian is only a little older no more than 10years older, same as the last request i don't mind AU, Highschool fics i'm open to anything. I have just finished reading Shannon-Marie's 'Hell is other People' over at Moonshadow Tribe and it had left me in the mood for more!

Thanks For any Help given
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I'm looking for (I'm guessing) a couple of different, but similar stories. I'm not even sure if I liked them, but I can't find them anywhere and it's driving me crazy. I checked the tags here, and they were nowhere to be found.

They are stories where Jack Kinney marries Jennifer Taylor. Here is what is sticking out for me:

-In one of them, Brian and Jack move in with Jennifer and Justin decides to break it off with Brian to avoid any problems. Later, he walks in on Chris Hobbes giving Brian a blow job in their shared room (I think) and freaks out. Brian then tells Justin that he was the one that decided they weren't together and he had no place to be mad. After that, I'm guessing they get back together.

-I think this is a different one. All I remember is that Brian and Justin are fooling around on the floor and Jennifer walks in and tells them she and Jack are engaged. She says something like, "So get off your brother, and come downstairs." I think I read this one recently, so I'm sure it's not too hard to find. FOUND THIS ONE

ANY B/J step brother stories will do just fine.

DL Fics

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:27 pm
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Hi all-

I have been around for awhile and I was hoping to hit you all up for some recs in the DL fic tags. There are just so many....

I am looking for fics where B/J are together and happy. I prefer a happy ending, but can handle a little angst.

I am hoping you can help.

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 i'm looking for a fic where Brian (i think) gets really famous and people know he's gay and they're looking for his boyfriend and (i think it's) Hunter that pretends to be his boyfriend and Justin gets really jealous.
And Brian goes on some tv show and they decide to surprise him and bring out his boyfriend but it's actually Hunter, then justin shows up :)

Just re-read that and it's really complicated but i hope someone can find it :) I've looked in the tags that i can think of but i can't find it :/


EDIT: found! Link to download in the comments. Thanks so much.
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Good evening, ladies

Never thought the day will come when I won't remember where I read 'it' and who wrote 'it'!
But here I am))

Does anyone remember that fic where Brian wakes up as a woman and his new best friend is multiple orgasms?
Please help me out here. Thanks in advance.


Upd: It's 'For old times sake' by josselin)) It's really good))
found by upsadaisymaisie
thanks a lot!
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I was wondering if there was any way to read this fic without being friended? The autor obviously isn't checking Lj anymore and I'm dying to read it :(

If there's no way to read it, not even by emailing it or downloading it could you please let me know?


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Does anyone have a working link or DL for Four (Not Five) Things That Never Happened to Justin Taylor by mamanda072 as it was posted on bjfic.net

I decided to try to track down as many of the QAF 'five things' that never happened (or maybe did) stories...so if somebody has already done that and there's a master list floating around, let me know about that too! Thanks!

This is what I've (& helpful commenters) found so far: *updated 28 March 2011

Read more... )
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Hey again :)

was on an angelfire rec list and found Lottery Series by Josselin but the link no longer worked :( really want to read it so if anyone has a link or has it saved please let me know :)

thanks in advance!

Edit: not found (theres an error with the link) 
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I just reread [livejournal.com profile] quinn222's wonderful Adventures, and in it, Brian, Justin, and Emmett have a threesome while visiting Rio for Carnaval. It's put me in the mood for any other fics in which Justin and/or Brian have sex with Emmett. It can be explicit or merely alluded to (as in Adventures).

I know I did read at least one in which S1-Justin needs some TLC and ends up having sex with Emmett, but I can't remember the title. (And no, I'm not thinking of The Things I Cannot Change by suzvoy. In that one, Justin needs TLC and ends up in Emmett's bed, but no sex ensues. I do highly reccomend it, however.)

And, of course, bonus points if the story ends as it should: Brian/Justin!

Update: Several wonderful recs in the comments--Thank you!--but still looking for that S1 Justin/Emmett I once read.

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