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First I was wondering if Puddles ever completed a sequel to the Tomorrow Series? At the end of the whole thing it says " to be continued", but I can't find a sequel anywhere.

Second are there any kidnapping fics with Brian and Justin as the main characters, that doesn't involving the kidnapee being raped or tortured? It doesn't necessarrily have to be Brian or Justin being kidnapped, but with B/J having a strong relationship and happy ending.


EDIT: The Tomorrow Series is an abandoned WIP :(  Still the first part is totally worth reading. Got some great recs for my second request. Links for recs in comments! Any more recs pm me! XD
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Hey guys!

I'm a big fan of good old QaF classics and I haven't read any QaF fics in a long time but maybe I'm missing out on something. So I was wondering if you could rec me some really good in-character stories written in the last 2 years?
Genre/wordcount doesn't matter :)
Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: There are some suggestions in the comments. I wouldn't mind some more, though.
P.S. I've also found a similar request right here with lots of great recs.
P.P.S. I'd like to share my own recommendation which is The Love Song of Brian A. Kinney by ipoiledi. I've never read anything written by this author before, but was pleasantly surprised.
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Hi. I'm looking for a Christmas fic. It's the future and B/J are out of town because Brian is trying to land a client. He doesn't get the client so the mood is not good. There's a snowstorm and flights are cancelled (I think) so B/J rent a car to drive home. Only the storm gets worse and they get stuck in a small town which doesn't make the mood any better between them. But! The town turns out to be a lovely experience. The waitress (owner?) of the local diner let the boys stay in the apartment above the diner. They find the season's hot difficult-to-find toy that Gus has been asking for in the local toy store. There's a Christmas parade and the waitress plays Mrs. Claus. The boys talk things out and clear the air.

I looked though the Christmas tag but wasn't able to find this fic.

Thanks for any help.

FOUND: Love Reawakened by Predec2
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Brian goes to a resort of some sort in California (I think) which is owned by Justin's parents. They live there with Justin and Molly. Brian is a successful ad exec who'd moved from Pittsburg. I'm pretty sure he opened up a new agency in Cali not far from where the resort is. He came there because he was working on a new ad for them. While there, Brian and Justin meet and, of course, sparks fly like crazy. Justin isn't keen on starting anything since Brian's a commitment-phobe. I think Justin's a bodyguard at the beach and Emmett owns a store at the resort that sells sunglasses, etc.

Eventually, as is fate, Brian and Justin get together but Brian has to return to his agency. Their time is up. Brian leaves Justin a Jeep as a gift and leaves, thinking he can put Justin behind him. But he can't and he returns. He tracks Justin down and finds him with a male friend at the beach. They're just friends - the guy is even consoling Justin about his broken heart over Brian - but there was a misunderstanding. Justin got something in his eye, which was painful/irritating, and his friend was trying to get it out. It looked to Brian like they were about to kiss. He interrupted and punched Justin's friend. Justin's friend was asked by Justin to leave (politely) and he's worried about Justin's safety since Brian seemed so unhinged but Justin insisted it was fine.

B/J talked it out, straightened out the misunderstanding and decided to be together. They told Justin's parents and Craig didn't have such a great reaction to it.

Does anyone know the name of this story? I've been going crazy looking for it and I can't find it here no matter which tag I search under.

Please let me know if you know of it. Thank you so much in advance!!

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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Justin is stalked by a guy who bought a date with him (I'm not sure on that one). I remember that the story has three parts and there is a trial. The guy hurts or kidnapps Justin, he's very rich. I think I remember a date in a plane and Justin tells him, he's going back with Brian who watch them on their first date.
I'm sorry if it's a bit confused but I wrote as I remembered.
Thanks for the help.

ETA: Found, it's The Lane Prescott saga by Predec2.
Going, Going, Gone:  http://midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1567

Double Jeopardy:  http://midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1605

Secret Admirer:  http://midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1571
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So it's my 24th birthday and I would love it if you would all distract me from the fact that I am now in my mid-twenties and how my quarter life crisis is on its way.

In all seriousness, I am looking for feel-good or humorous QAF fics. Of course I love B/J but it can be any pairing or not focused on a romantic pairing at all. I am just looking for something to make me smile. There can be some angst but I am not looking for anything too upsetting.

Many recs in the comments! :)

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Hello everyone!

1. I'm wondering if anyone knows this fic. It's a one-shot but I don't remember what website it was on. Justin and Brian are at a bookstore and Justin mentions something about Brian never giving him any gifts. Brian picks up a random poetry book, pays for it, and sticks it in Justin's front jacket pocket. They walk outside and there is a man with a gun who is shooting at random on the street and Justin gets hit by a bullet that ricochets and it hits him in the chest and he falls down. Brian freaks out looking for the wound and Justin is in shock but Brian realizes that the bullet hit the book instead. He gets so relieved that he starts crying.

2. Any fics where one of the boys thinks the other is dead or is about to die (like with surgery or illness?) Preferably Brian thinking it about Justin but I will read the other way around too. I've read Predec2's Remember Me and Fatima's Loss and absolutely love both of them. I have probably read more too but those two are sticking out in my head right now.

Thank you!

Gus Fics

Jan. 1st, 2015 03:03 am
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1. Are there any fics that center around Gus an adult (college age or older. High school would be okay too) and his relationship with Brian. Maybe they form a closer bond somehow.

2. Are there any fics where Gus gets into some sort of trouble (drugs, emotional issues, whatever) and Brian helps him out?

Fics that fit one or both of those requests are greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great new year!

Update: Some great recs listed below. Thanks to all the contributors!
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The first fic I am looking I can't find it anywhere. It is called "In this life" by IcedCupcake and I would really appreciate a link to this story.

I recently read Love-by-date by Severus divides into H. There is only one chapter so far, but it is really good and everybody should check it out. So i am looking for fics, where Brian and Justin are married and one of them wants a divorce (preferably justin)and the other refuses (preferable brian)
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Hi! :)

I haven't posted here in awhile, but there is a specific fic I'm looking for. I know you guys are awesome at locating lost fics. ;)

The fic I'm looking for, Brian finds out that Joan isn't his real mom. Things I remember from this fic: Brian's birth mom, I believe, sells real estate. She finds her way to Pittsburgh and Liberty Avenue. Overhears (maybe) Ted and Emmett in the diner discussing Brian and Justin & then tracks down Joan Kinney at Joan's house and confronts her. Gives her shit for how she raised Brian and for being a homophobe, etc.

I think Brian and Justin have a kid of their own, plus have regular visitation with Gus, including sleep overs. I remember the "kids" being at Grandma's house...Grandma being Brian's birth mom.

I know Justin & Brian ask Brian's birth mom to come live with them & she agrees, and moves into a mother-in-law type house at the back of their property, I believe.

I don't remember much else, Lol.


Oh and of course, I'd love to read any OTHER fics about Brian OR Justin being adopted. :D

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] sunandstars_1 FOUND THE FIC FOR ME!!! LINK IN COMMENTS!
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Hi guys!

I'm hoping some of you can help. I'm recovering from surgery and not really allowed to do much - I can only use the keyboard for 15mins a day, so I can't even do much writing and I'm climbing the walls. During the last month I swear I've re-read all the classics ever written, so I'm desperately looking for new material.

I'd prefer something long, and definitely no Mpregs nor extra children involved, whether adopted or surrogate. Not that I have a problem with any of those fics, they're just not my bag.

Really I'd like some BJ angst, because I sooo love angst ... angst, angst, angst. As long as it's got a happy ending, of course.

There must be something going on out there ... please?

MANY NEW FICS FOUND - thanks to everyone for their help. Links in comments. Please feel free to keep them coming!
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Hello fellow QAF fic readers! I have a bit of a strange request but I'm hoping you can help!

I was a big fan of the QAF fandom "back in the day", but fell out of it for awhile and haven't really kept up with fics and the new-ish authors. I remember loving some amazing fics back in the day by authors like Allie-Quixotic, Raging Pixie, Bigboobedcanuck, Plumsuede, etc.

Obviously I can go through entries at BJfic, but I'm hoping those who have stayed more involved in the fandom over the past couple recent years can point me in the direction of some great newer fic/authors. Are there any fics that stand out to you in the last couple of years that are just absolutely WORTH THE READ that I shouldn't miss?

Only B/J pairing please :)
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I read a story a while back where Brian and Justin were together and were raising twin girls. I think they're twins, anyway. It could just be one girl...Anyway, these girls were still in the toddler stage. This story is post-513. Brian and Justin moved to another city - either NYC or Chicago or Boston...I can't remember - but they make frequent trips back to Pittsburgh. The girls, especially one of them I think, really missed Britin. I remember Brian feeling guilty for uprooting Justin and the girls, and then not spending much time with them since he has to work so much. He also feels guilty because the girls miss Britin.

I can't really remember anything else. They might have had a nanny. It could have been Molly.

Anyway, if any of you know what this is, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Found really fast. Link is in the comments, as well as other recs.

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So ive just recently started and finished watching queer as folk and wanted to find fanfiction of brian and justin but a ton of fanfics ive found seem to have a recurring theme of having some of the characters out of character.
what i mean is i would like to find fanfics that dont have anti anyone except maybe ethan or craig because i dont hate micheal,lindsay,melanie,debbie or jennifer, i actually dont hate anyone in this show and i am very pro gang.

ive read a few fanfics that i really enjoyed that didnt have anyone too much out of character including or had micheal and the rest gang as evil people.

'Choices' by England13
incomplete by anwamane13(while it had anti lindsay she wasn't written as someone whiny and bitchy i actually felt bad for her in this fanfic)

"Turning Points" by Britin
remember me by predec2

if you could all help me it would be amazing.

update 4/27/201
some amazing recommendations in the comments ive started broken open and plan on reading the others.
but i still would love more recommendations with brian and justin along with it being pro gang.
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I'm looking for:
1) Brian gives Justin instructions how to top him
The only thing I remember is that first, Brian gives Justin detailed step by step instructions and then they have "practice" on the carpet in the loft.

I'm still looking for #1 :(

2) Brian &/or Justin are cops
I hope there are a lot of stories I haven't found.

Thank you in advance.

Suggestions for #2 are in the comments
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In recognition of the fact that gay marriage has just been legalised in Britain (yay us!) what are your favourite B/J wedding fics? I'll even take the shmoopy ones!

Many great fics recc'd, links in comments. Thanks everyone!

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