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Hi everybody!
This is my first request. Unfortunately my idea of Brian and Justin post series is not that of the majority of the fandom, so I can't find many fics I fully like (or maybe I don't know where to find them, that's what I hope!).

What I look for in a fanfiction:
- Brian goes to NYC in a near future (like a couple years after 5x13) and they live there. It can start immediately after the end of the series with Brian still in Pittsburgh or when he's already moved.
- No children (other than Gus).
- No wedding. Or rather, some kind of commitment is ok as long as a big classic ceremony is not involved.
- Angst is welcomed but with Brian and Justin together. No break ups, no major character death. And a happy (or at least hopeful) ending. Or it can also be all fluffy and happy feelings.
- As In Character as possible, therefore no character bashing.
- Length wise, I'd love some multi chaptered ones but I'd go with anything.
I checked the b/j live in nyc tag but I'd like some more recs.
Two fics I liked are The Keeping Series by Vamphile and In Quest of Something by ebbj9891. Something vaguely similar would be great.

I know it's a lot to ask! Otherwise do you know some good vacation fics? So I can pretend they live in NY xD

UPDATE: Thanks!! Some recs in the comments but I'm always open to other suggestions :)
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Hello, i really in the mood of some out of character Brian fics, so Brian being really caring towards justin, comforting when he is upset... things like that, i don't mind standalones or muti-chaptered and i dn't really mind the story line just something where Brian is really caring...
Also a there any fics where Brian teaches Justin how to use sex toys or something related to sex..

Thanks for any help in advanced!
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I tried looking through the tags but I couldn't find anything, does anyone know of any fics where Brian fingers Justin?

UPDATE: Found a few links for fics thanks to some awesome people but I'm still looking for more. :)
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Hey girls (and boys?) :-)

I’m looking for some good stuff to read. Since I’m not so new to the fandom (but also kinda new) I know some fics already and going through the tags doesn’t help me, because I have to read the fics to know if they’re good, you know?


I’m looking for angsty fics, I love some good angsty stuff! It should be B/J centered and not too much out of character (I do not want nicknames like “Baby” or Brian saying “I love you” every second line). I have no problem with AU’s and it doesn’t matter if it’s completely AU or starts somewhere during the original show. Please no WIP!

So, who knows some very good stuff for me? :-)

I already read the following stories:

- Only time by xie
- Keeper Series by vamphile
- Whore in a Hoody
- A lesson in loving
- The Weirdness

Hmm… I read a lot lot lot more but I don’t remember the names of the stories!!

I hope someone can give me some advice :-)

Thank you so much!

Tons of links in the comments.
Thank you so much, now I have fics to check ;)
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Brian sells Kinnetik and turns to photography. Has a show. Justin and he live in NY.
Any suggestions?

It was found right away! Thanks!
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Hola. I'm having a morbid Monday night!

1) I remember reading one long fic a while ago that was post 5.13--Justin had an eating disorder in New York, Brian came up and got him, made him take his sweater off to see the weight loss, brought him home and got him in treatment. I'm looking for other fics where Justin (but if there are ones with Brian, those too!) has an eating disorder of some kind.

2) Also in the vein of "I've read one and I want more"--fics were Justin (or, again, Brian would be fine too) is raped and has to deal with the aftermath? The one I read was at Sap's party, and I know there are a few of those out there...but I was wondering if there were ones that took place at other times? As in-universe as possible would be good...not Melanie raping Justin or something.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Tons of links in the comments! You guys never cease to amaze me.
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I'm looking for two fics:

no. 1: a long time ago I read a Buffy/QaF crossover in which Buffy and Justin meet (in the middle of the night?), go to grab a coffee or something, and talk about their respective tall, dark and handsome guys that show up unexpectedly at prom nights.

no. 2: It's a post 513-fic, I'm almost certain that it is one of [livejournal.com profile] notreallyme10's, but not certain enough.
Justin lives in NY, Brian visits (he stopped working at Kinnetik?), and picks up photographing as a hobby(?) while staying with Justin.
It's one of my favorite post-513 fics, and I really long to read it again.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: no. 1 solved: http://community.livejournal.com/qaf_anon/6156.html#cutid1
"Thin ice" by [livejournal.com profile] valerie_z (Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] brianswalk for the title, and [livejournal.com profile] _alicesprings for the link!)

no. 2 solved as well: it's the fabulous post-513 series by [livejournal.com profile] notreallyme10.
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I think I've read all the stories by the obvious great authors and I've resorted to re-reading their fics. (that's the good thing about them, you can just read them over and over and over again :-) ) 

But once in a while I stumble upon less-known authors who have written some amazing stories. And that just makes my day (and if I'm lucky and there is a lot to read: my week ;-) )!

This week I read everything by [livejournal.com profile] scoobygang8 and I loved every word!

So now I'm looking for author-recs. Do you know more of these less-known authors who've created amazing work? I don't need fic-titles because I just read everything the've ever written. :-) 

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I'm looking for a post 513 fic, I think, where Brian and Justin are monogamous and fuck raw. But suddenly Joan dies and Brian goes to the backroom to get his dick sucked. When he returns to the loft he says Justin they need to use a condom again.

Thanks for the help!

Found it!! Link is in the comments, thanks!
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I hope I can get some recommendations for good post 513 fic. I'm looking for multi-chapter, HEA but I'm okay with angst. I haven't been in the fandom but 3 months and I've read some really great ones already, but I'd like to know of some favorites if anyone will help. I have already read and am waiting for next chapters for "Something Beautiful" by <lj user="discothequey">, "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road" by <lj user="plumsuede">, "KONDO" by <lj user="ryosato"> &<lj user="inner_justin"> and "Resting Here with Me" by <lj user="we_dreamerz">.

I would appreciate any recommendations anyone could give.
Thanks, Rhonda

Hope my links post,  I'm just learning.

Many recommendations have been kindly shared and their links are in the comments.  Thank you so much, everyone!

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Sep. 11th, 2008 01:06 am
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I was wondering if there were any stories where Michale was not living in the Pitts when Brian & Justin first meet but returns later in the story and what happens when he does.
I think I read a story like that or similar to it but had no luck in finding it.
 Hope you guys can help!

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