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Hey guys!

I'm a big fan of good old QaF classics and I haven't read any QaF fics in a long time but maybe I'm missing out on something. So I was wondering if you could rec me some really good in-character stories written in the last 2 years?
Genre/wordcount doesn't matter :)
Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: There are some suggestions in the comments. I wouldn't mind some more, though.
P.S. I've also found a similar request right here with lots of great recs.
P.P.S. I'd like to share my own recommendation which is The Love Song of Brian A. Kinney by ipoiledi. I've never read anything written by this author before, but was pleasantly surprised.
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Hey, so I'm looking for a specific fic where Brian fucks Micheal in 212. Ususually Justin freaks out when he finds out but in this fic he pretty much just shrugged it off and BJ went on as always while Ben and Micheal fell apart. Justin knew it wasn't a big deal to Brian and I think he was just like "Huh, how was it?".

I know it's not much but it's all I can remember, hopefully someone recognises it. I've been through the tag and it's not any of the usually recced fics. Definitly not Cross-reference, Consequences, No Longer an Option or Pretty Good Day.


Found!! By the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] blklizard
It was Free Pass by [livejournal.com profile] kachelofen
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Looking for Brian/Ted fics. I've seen the tag, but the recs weren't the kind of stories I was looking for. Any other suggestions? (No Ted-bashing)

Also (ducks sticks & stones) I'm wondering if there are any good angsty stories out there in which Justin treats Brian badly (Ethan Era would be awesome, but I'm not fussy). Again, I looked at the tags and the recs weren't what I had in mind. I LOVE this particular genre of angst and could use a good ol' fashion cry.

Thanks to everyone who responded. No Brian/Ted fics (which actually doesn't surpise me) but some other excellent recs for my other request in the comments.
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I just read this fic in the past few days, but of course I can't remember the title or author. This is an AU where Brian meets Justin at an important event. He runs to to a rich so-and-so whose "date" is Justin. After that, he keeps running into Justin on the arms of different rich older men. Brian thinks Justin is hustling to annoy his rich daddy, but the truth is that Craig threw him out because he's gay and he needs to earn a living to save up for art school.

Thanks for any help.

Update: Found! Link in comments.
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Hello fellow QAF fic readers! I have a bit of a strange request but I'm hoping you can help!

I was a big fan of the QAF fandom "back in the day", but fell out of it for awhile and haven't really kept up with fics and the new-ish authors. I remember loving some amazing fics back in the day by authors like Allie-Quixotic, Raging Pixie, Bigboobedcanuck, Plumsuede, etc.

Obviously I can go through entries at BJfic, but I'm hoping those who have stayed more involved in the fandom over the past couple recent years can point me in the direction of some great newer fic/authors. Are there any fics that stand out to you in the last couple of years that are just absolutely WORTH THE READ that I shouldn't miss?

Only B/J pairing please :)
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As the subject line says. I thought this was 'Unexpectations' but it's not. I know that the baby was a girl and Justin wasn't the father. Brian gives Justin an ultimatum: him or the baby. Justin chooses him but Brian decides to not make Justin give up the kid. Very angsty - Brian tries to leave a few times after that, not wanting a family, but I think they end up together in the end.


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I've been looking in all the usual tags for any fic wherein Justin is the one causing problems between he and Brian. It seems like all the stories under B&J fight and the similar tags have Brian as the one causing problems, but on the show it was a bit more complex than that and Justin certainly wasn't always an innocent (pretty much most of the end of S2, for example, but primarily Ethan and the trip to Vermont, the latter being probably the character's nadir for me - though certain parts of early S4 are a close runner-up for that). It doesn't have to be anything huge, I'd just like a story or two where Justin has to apologize to Brian, rather than the other way around, and apologize in a genuine sense not in that 'say I'm wrong just to pacify the big jerk' sense.

I've also been unable to find many fics that deal with Brian's victimization at the Prom. The emphasis on the show and in fic has been on Justin's issues, but not Brian's when Brian can clearly remember it. It's always bothered me that Justin regularly throws the bashing at Brian ("you wouldn't think it was funny if you'd been bashed" and things like that) when Brian really was bashed in a sense as well - there is clear evidence that witnesses can also experience PTSD and other issues, especially if said witness might feel guilt for the event.

To summarize, I'm basically a sucker for any story where Brian ends up the victim/injured party/comfortee rather than the jerk/aggressor/comforting (oh, how I love those tags). Somehow I doubt if Brian Kinney were a real person he would appreciate this....

ETA: Thanks for the great recs! I'm already working my way through them.
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So I read this fic a long time ago, I think it had a sequel, but anyways Brian and the liberty gang were younger, Brian and all were actually in high school, Brian still had the same attitude about relationships but Justin was the "adult" and falls in love with him regardless. It's pretty much QAF in reverse. I have been looking for this fic for ages, so if anyone has any ideas. Thanks bunches!!! -FOUND

Thank you so much for such a quick reply!! I'm off to read!!!
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Im looking for a fic that i believe was on ao3, and it was 3 or 4 years after 513 and justin was apart of an escort service where he would go on dates with men but he never had sex with any of them. I remember he was living with an old lady that had OCD or something and he lived with her for free. Justin went on a date with this really ugly guy at a hotel restaurant and brian went up to them and pretended that he was there with a client, and they went upstairs and fucked. Also i remember brian giving like 3000 dollars or something to michael so he could pay justin to quit the comic book. Then they just kept running into each other and i believe the fic was about 10 or 12 chapters? It was a beautiful fic and it would be greatly appreciated if it could be found! Thank you

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Justin is in NY and when he's taken to hospital. His mother is abroad on honeymoon so she phones Brian despite the fact that they have broken up ages ago. Brian immediately gets to NY and shows that Justin is still on his med insurance. Brian sits in his room while he fights for his life and eventually he rings for the nurse and says Justin is waking up. The nurse is reluctant to do anything without the doctor there but Brian says 'He's waking up, I've watched him wake up a thousand times, you have about five minutes. So the nurse gets the tube out of J's throat just in time... etc.
I can't remember any more but I would love to read it again.

Thanks in advance
Love from 6frog

Found it's  'The Sign' by Kachelofen  Thank you so much you wonderful people
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Hello, I've just finished reading the experiment/reverb/homecoming series by Wren (for like the 5th time! lol) and i've been looking for something else to read but i just don't know what i'm in the mood for so i would like some suggestions... your favourite fics maybe..?

I like muti-chapter fics and would prefer completed however i don't mind WIP if it ends in a good place,
- Brian/Justin Stories,
- Anti fics specially anti Michael and Lindsey
- Mpreg, BDSM/Kinky/PWP Fics (Anything with a bit of BJ Sex!)
- AU and OC Fics

The only thing i don't like are death/major character death fics so none of those please
But anything else you can suggest would be great!

Thank You

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I remember a story in which Daphne died and Justin had her baby. Brian does not want a kid, so he moves out and gives Justin an ultimatum: him or the kid. Justin chooses Brian, but I think they end up keeping the baby anyways.

I thought it was Unexpectations, but I don't believe that's it.


Jul. 1st, 2013 10:12 pm
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It appears, that [livejournal.com profile] kachelofen left the fandom two days ago. Her journal is empty, pm-s are denied.

Did anyone save her last story?

It is very sad to see, that one of the best writers in this fandom deleted all her stories and left without a good-bye.

Edit: Glad to see, that it's just one of the things LJ does. She's BACK! :)
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Hello, I tried searching everywhere with no luck. Could you please help me find these stories?

1) If I remember correctly Brian and Justin where together previously but it didn't end well, they meet again at a gallery opening where Brian's client fawns all over Justin. Brian wants Justin back. I'm sure there was a part where Justin says he's not little, he's compact (or something like that). Maybe I read it at moonshadowtribe but couldn't find it anywhere.

2) Lindsay is a college professor and she's married to Brian and I think they have two children. She introduces Justin to Brian at a function... After that I think Brian and Justin start an affair, they meet in hotels or something. Lindsay discovers it all and doesn't let Brian see the children.

3) Mpreg story: I read the first chapter at bjficlivejournal. Brian comes back home and observes a naked sleeping and very pregnant Justin thinking how beautiful he's and describes how come they decided to have a baby.

Thanks in advance :)

#1 found. Link in the comments
#2 found. It's Perspective by Miss Miko
#3 found (Finally!). Thank you [livejournal.com profile] sandraj60 ! It's Exquisite by Pendulumchanges
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Okay. First of all, I may be new into this fandom, and I just started this show around month ago. Late? yes I know :P

And to fulfill my desire of B/J, I wanna read some fanfictions. The problem is, I don't know which one is the best one, and the not so long one.

so, can you give me your recommendations of your favorite fictions or the story / stories that you think the best one(s); One shot, chaptered ( I prefer the completed one. but on going is okay), humor, angst, AU, canon, Gap-filler, Mpreg (as long as it's not preggy!Brian), anything! Oh.. as long as the chapter wasn't more than 25 chapters (I'm easy to feel bored). I'm okay with break up story (should I say.. I'm really interested with that one), but happy ending, pleease. I'm hurt enough with the real ending.

Oh, Since I always see the comment here and there about "if you needed me" by Myrna is really good, I just started reading it now :))

Thank you for your recs!! :)
(by the way, what tags should I put here?)

Update : Thanks to everyone who gave me their recommendations of favorite fics :) Feel free to give me more. I'm still craving for it xD
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(Confession alert!) I'm having trouble finding the "right" post-series fic. I've started several that seemed quite promising at first but then later went off the reservation character-wise. It's a bummer to start a multi-chaptered fic only to have it wander off into the tangled wilderness of OoC land. I'm not particularly a fan of fluff (especially Fluffy!Brian) or nothing but sex-sex-sex 24/7. I'm looking for something gritty and real and angsty, and the longer, the better. I want something that is going to totally engross me and satisfy my bottomless need for The Feels.
Thanks ahead of time!

ETA: Wow! Thank you all for the response! Some great suggestions in the comments!
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I have racked my brain and searched through all the tags looking for this fic, but no luck...

From what I remember, Brian & Justin are broken up when Brian receives a frantic call from Jennifer because Justin has been rushed to the hospital and she can't get there because she is out of the country on her honeymoon.

Brian sits by Justin's beside while he is in a coma. The doctor wants to do a spinal tap to determine if Justin has meningitis, but Brian won't let him because they have already given Justin the course of treatment and it won't make a difference except to prove that the doctor was right. The last thing I remember is Brian telling the nurse to remove the ventilator because he senses that Justin is about to wake up and he doesn't want Justin to be afraid having the tube down his throat.

Thanks in advance! ;-)

EDIT - Of course, it's [livejournal.com profile] kachelofen's "The Sign". Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sandy1520 for finding it so quickly. Link is in the comments.
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Hey everyone,

I'm searching for this post 513 that's written in first person and you think that Justin is walking in on Brian with a trick at the loft and they fight but then they make up and have sex in the shower but the last line indicates that the entire thing was actually from Brian's POV, and it was Justin with the trick. Does anyone know what this is? I thought it was a challenge at bj action but I can't seem to find it there either. Help!

Thanks guys!

found! http://qaf-challenges.livejournal.com/32460.html
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I know this is in no way an original request or anything, but I'm addicted to angsty fics and every few months I like to ask around for new or rediscovered fics to break my soul. A little. Or, you know, A LOT.
I can read about everything. Whichever season, happy ending, not ending up together, death!fic, kid!fic... I do have my favourites, however:

- First break up. During or after the Ethan arc. Like Mesa's fic? That's a perfect setting.
- Post 5x13 but not together.
- Brian getting older and freaking out.
- General breaking up.

Only requisite is for the fic to be rip-my heart-out-of-my-chest angsty. And not much OOC, pretty please! They can be WIP, just, not abandoned works, cause they make me so sad!

Thank you, guys!

FOUND!: There are already some links in the comments. But feel free to keep them coming my way! :))))

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