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I am looking for fics where Brian is with or has an arrangement with an older man and bottoms for him. It can be pre-series, in series, canon, or AU. I'd just like to see him be the twink in a relationship.

UPDATE: Links found below! Thank you to all that contributed. :)
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Hello again, everyone! Hope you’ve all had a happy 2014 so far! I’m still working on my list of recs (and probably will be until 2015 since I have so many!) and now have 3 requests:

1)     Is there a copy of “Queer as Grease” by Rhiannonhero anywhere online? The link I had for that story is now broken and I can’t find it anywhere else. I actually *do* have a PDF copy but I was wondering if it was anywhere online so I could include a link on my LJ. Even though (so far) I have a Word or PDF copy of every finished story I recommend I like to include a link for every story so people can quickly access it without waiting around for emails or PMs. I am more than willing to email the PDF version I have to someone at GIH to be posted on one of the sidebars if that would work, unless this author doesn’t want their work to be shared like that or at all. Let me know! Found thanks to chloris01! An online copy can be found using the wayback machine here: http://web.archive.org/web/20100426112257fw_/http://www.rhiannonhero.net/rhi/QaFBody.htm.

2)     Does anyone know if Blissink’s story “Heartbreak Warfare” is an abandoned WIP? On her LJ I only see chapters 1-5 and there are no new posts after that. Any news on that story? As of 1/21/14 I still haven't heard anything, so I'm going to assume it's an abandoned WIP and will reference it as such when I rec this story on my LJ. If anyone knows anything different, let me know.

3)     I just read a short story about Justin coming back to Pittsburgh from New York to attend PIFA again. He finds out Brian has a boyfriend named Adam who is a photographer. Lindsay and Gus are back in Pittsburgh because she divorced Melanie. I literally *just* read this story (and have read it multiple times before) but I forgot to save it and now I forget what it was. I checked the tags for Brian/Other but couldn’t find the specific one I’m looking for. I’m going to keep searching because I should know what this one is, but I just can’t remember! Found thanks to slashluv18! It's "Homecoming" by Lady_Jane: http://lady-jane.livejournal.com/8687.html.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi, it's been a long time since I've read a b/j fic so my memory is a little rusty.

1- Post 513 fic, Justin moves back to Pittsburgh to continue his education and finds that Brian has a boyfriend.

2- Another fic with the same plot-line, only Justin comes for a visit and finds that Brian had a car accident.

Thanks for your help.
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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Looking for a fic (checked Brian bottoms tag) in which Brian is almost bottomed raw by a guy who I think either own a gallery Justin in showing in or manages it. Brian realizes it before the guy is able to do so. I think things get ugly after that. Maybe the guy stalks them both. I think it's the fic in which Justin is in New York not living but for a class for a few months. Maybe even part of a series. Sorry couldn't be more specific. Any help?


Possibly found...link in comments. THANKS!!
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Hello, I'm looking for a series (believe there was also a follow-up series) where Justin learns about Brian's boyfriend from the time he was in college. Justin is convinced Brian was in love with this guy (I think his name was Evan) and become very jealous - meanwhile, the ex-boyfriend wants Justin back. Of course it turns out the guy never loved Brian. In the sequel, the guy works a free-lance gig with Brian, and Justin gets jealous again.

FOUND (and even better than remembered)! It's "Love Remains" by blissink
The sequel is "Saving a life"
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Hi there!

I am looking for long stories with Gus as one of the main characters. It can be Gus POV stories as well. He can be a teenager or an adult (if he turns out to be gay that's a definite plus!)

I have already read the following awesome stories: "how we got where we are going" by allie-quixotic, "Healing" by Sydney Alexis, the "Karma" series by mickiebg, the story where Gus is dating Brandon and "Gus diaries". I have been looking at the tags "Gus gay or bi" and "gus teenager" and "gus adult". I am just wondering if any NEW (or old but lost) long stories have been written with Gus in them. 

Thank you very much!!


FOUND ABOUT 15 STORIES!! Thank you so so much! You are amazing! If you find more, don't hesitate to add:) 
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I know this is in no way an original request or anything, but I'm addicted to angsty fics and every few months I like to ask around for new or rediscovered fics to break my soul. A little. Or, you know, A LOT.
I can read about everything. Whichever season, happy ending, not ending up together, death!fic, kid!fic... I do have my favourites, however:

- First break up. During or after the Ethan arc. Like Mesa's fic? That's a perfect setting.
- Post 5x13 but not together.
- Brian getting older and freaking out.
- General breaking up.

Only requisite is for the fic to be rip-my heart-out-of-my-chest angsty. And not much OOC, pretty please! They can be WIP, just, not abandoned works, cause they make me so sad!

Thank you, guys!

FOUND!: There are already some links in the comments. But feel free to keep them coming my way! :))))
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here i have this link that doesn't work.can u help me to find a workin link?‏
i think the name is
'Blissink - One Love'


FOUND so fast by awesome swallow79.
i'm glad i found it even though now that i read a little i know i can't read the else cause i just can't tolerate brian with a boyfriend other than justin.sigh.
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Hi :) I'm looking for a specific fic that has this scene in it. Brian and Justin have a misunderstanding due to non/miscommunication. Later, Jusin found out what really happen but he didn't understand why Brian didn't explain it to him. It'd have saved them a lot of heartache and prevented Justin from leaving. Justin told Brian that then asked if he's not worth it. Brian was shocked that Justin felt that way. He was only trying to do what he think was the best. He didn't realized Justin was having so many doubts and insecurities piled up. Hearing Brian say I love you doesn't cut it for Justin anymore. Justin asked Brian to decide if he really wanted Justin once and for all. And if Brian say yes, he could never ever try to push Justin away ever again. Because Justin would leave and never come back. He will still love Brian from afar but he would never put himself in the position that would break his heart over and over again. It set post season 5. Thank you in advance :) oh and I think Brian answered with "I promise" but I could be wrong but definitely is a yes ;)

Found! :D
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In the past I didn’t really take a look at a story when the summery said something about Brian and Justin involved with a third person.
After reading O.G.Walton’s “Fantasy Season” I decided to give other stories a chance too. After all, after a few years in this fandom it’s hard to find stories that you never read before…

So, anybody having links to stories about a three way relationship?

Edit: A few were found but i'm still open for more.


Oct. 15th, 2011 07:25 pm
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Hello everyone! I've been digging through LJ's website and am surprised at how many fics are here and can't be found in midnight whispers or Ff.net.. Anyways, I'm looking for fics with instead of Justin cheating, it was Brian. I just don't like Ethan period so I don't like him stealing Justin. I mean c'mon- they could have picked a better looking actor for him or more personality maybe? Lolx. So thanks guys!

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Hi guys, I was looking for a fic, and I am pretty sure I have looked before,...Brian and Justin are together and they decide to do it raw, but then Brian's ex (Xavier, maybe) looks for him, or the other way around, and he meets Justin, but wants Brian back.
There is a part where Brian is drunk and sleeps in the same room, and this dude bites Brian's shoulder/neck and leave him a mark, and things turn a little more blurry then, I don't remember much...

Thank you, and I will bookmark it, promise!
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Hi! I'm looking for any recs involving sexual tension that isn't resolved 'til the end, ie: Brian and Justin not getting together/having sex until later in the story. Probably AU fics are what I'm after. I love stories where they jump in bed right away and all, but sometimes there is so much beauty in the build-up.

Also, I just read [livejournal.com profile] britin_manor's A Thousand Beautiful Things, so I'm kind of ruined to anything else. Ha! Thanks.

Links in comments! More are welcome!
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I'm looking for a fic where Justin lost his memory after the bashing and his mother took him to New York where he finds a loft and furnishes it just like Brian's then he meets a young man who looks like Brian and has a relationship with him but he dreams of a nameless man *Brian* every night. Then Mel gets in touch with him for help with a trial of a basher and he goes back to the Pitts and finds his memories are real.

I would be very grateful for the name of the fic and the name of the writer.

Thanks if you find it and let me know from 6frog

Yes the story is 'Back to You' by Blissink. thanks so much for finding it
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Hey guys, I'm hoping you can help me find an story I've been looking for. I've checked the tags and memories, and unless I've missed it, it's not there.

Okay, so when I last read it, it was a WIP,  but it could have been completed since then. Basically, it takes place after Justin is bashed in 122. I think everything stayed the same (as in Brian did not visit him during the day) except Justin looses his memory. He doesn't remember any of the gang or coming out (I think). The gang tries to help him and they become friends again, but they don't tell him about his relationship with Brian. Brian still spends time with him, but agrees to not tell Justin anything.  Eventually Justin admits his attraction to Brian, but Brian still refuses to tell him anything or do anything with him. That last I remember, Justin was trying to convince Brian to kiss him...I think.

I know it's not a lot, but I've been wanting to find this story for a while. Any help would be welcomed..Thanks!

Edited to Add: Found...link in comments
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Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a story that more accurately depicts the outcome of Justin's bashing and his recovery process. Not that he couldn't possibly have come through it as quickly and easily as he did on the show but it seems unlikely to me -- I have a friend who suffered minor brain damage in a car accident and it took her years to recover and even now, her personality is different than it was before.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it!

Edit: Broken Angel was suggested: http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1469
And more suggestions in comments below. Thank you!! :)
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I just watched this interview for the millionth time and I was wondering if there was any RPS that deals with the aftermath or Gale's reaction at hearing the L word.
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Hi, are there any fanfic were we see the show QAF from Gale and Randy's point view? 

From the time they get the part to the end of the series?

See link in comments.

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