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Hi, I'm looking for a story where something happens with Michael that Brian can't take the big huge elephant in the room any longer.  Brian takes Michael to their high school, to the exact spot where they first met and tells him that he's never going to be in love with him...ever.  Michael cries and whines.  Brian leaves him there.  I think he calls Emmett to come and get him, but not sure.

And that's all I remember, anyone have any ideas?


Story found, link in post
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Looking for a specific stories:

1.Brian goes to NY and meets Justin. Justin doesn't know Brian already has a boyfriend (Michael) until Michael shows up at the hotel to surprise Brian. Brian breaks up with Michael to be with Justin.I believe there's a sequel.

2. Justin and Brian break up,get back together. Justin buys a house without Brian knowledge and Brian gets upset thinking Justin didn't want to live with him. I also think Hobbs is stalking Justin? I'm positive that Chris dyed his hair red. Maybe I'm confusing/combing some stories together

Story 1 found!
Number 1 is sexy boy by charming 1, here is the link: http://www.kinnetikdreams.com/Admi
Sequel here: http://www.kinnetikdreams.com/Adm

Still looking for #2

FOUND #2: Endings and Beginnings by Mouse
I was right on some parts, but I finally found what I was looking for.
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So I was reading the above named fic...didn't realized it was abandoned. :( Such a shame as it was just getting really good!
Are there any fics similar to it in that Lindsey goes after Brian? I've read Nightvision55's fics, so not that one.
Any others??
thanks in advance for any suggestions

UPDATE: A few suggestions in comments. More are always welcome!!! I'm in the mood lately. :)  Thank you again folks!
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Leslie - who is having trouble signing up to LJ - is looking for two fics, so it would be great if someone can help her out.

One story is when Justin runs away he never comes back
He becomes an escort service and Brian finds him and wants to save him, of course it is anti-Michael and David is there a
figures out what Justin has been doing and takes advantage of him then Michael turns him in and they come after him
but in the end Brian finds him

The other story is post season 5 and each chapter is the name of a watch and there is a young boy that pretends to be abused so Brian will take care of him and ignore Justin

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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Hello . First of all , i want to apologise for the no-so-specific subject. I just don't know what to put there .

Here's my request . I'm looking for a fic that has this part in it . It was a conversation between Brian and Justin , where Brian said something along the lines , "you won't even remember my name . 'Oh what happened to that guy who wouldn't leave me alone , who thought he was in love with me'" . Basically what Justin said in season one . And Justin answered , "I will roll on the bed and said , 'oh there you are , Brian" something like that .

This scene caught my attention and interest . I would like to read it again .

Thank you :)

Still not found :(
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Two I hope you can all  help me find.

1. The only thing I can remember about this is that Justin has gone to New York, attending art school, and Brian keeps track of his progress through one of the professors or the dean, without Jutin knowing about it? I think Justin states that he knows exactly how he wants his career to go – he wants to graduate and immediately become the art director for an advertising company, which the dean (?) feels is a bit of an overreach. From the sound of this, it is a piece of a longer series.

2. Post Rage party where Brian and Justin end up together at the diner the next day and everyone is surprised because it was assumed that they broke up the night before. They pass it off as them merely leaving the party at different times with different people and bluff their way through. Think this is a short one.

FOUND: Both found by blklizard

#1 is The Art of the Heart by Lois and Mouse (link in comments)
#2 is Love is Rage by Jule aka Jule1122  (link in comments)

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Hi, I'm just getting back into the fandom and have a craving for some Hustler Justin/Client Brian stories. Please Rec me your faves.                        Thank you all so much, got some great recs already!
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I've been searching through my fic folder & bookmarks for this story, but alas, to no avail... From what I remember, the story is AU after season 3 or 4. Justin designs a ring for Brian and surprises him with a proposal. Brian being Brian, freaks out and either cheats or throws Justin out or does something ridiculous to make Justin leave - my memory is a little fuzzy on the details. The eventually reunite, yada, yada, yada... Any help would be ever so much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

FOUND - thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ice_addict! It's the classic "A Lesson in Loving" by Mouse (link in comments).
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So ive just recently started and finished watching queer as folk and wanted to find fanfiction of brian and justin but a ton of fanfics ive found seem to have a recurring theme of having some of the characters out of character.
what i mean is i would like to find fanfics that dont have anti anyone except maybe ethan or craig because i dont hate micheal,lindsay,melanie,debbie or jennifer, i actually dont hate anyone in this show and i am very pro gang.

ive read a few fanfics that i really enjoyed that didnt have anyone too much out of character including or had micheal and the rest gang as evil people.

'Choices' by England13
incomplete by anwamane13(while it had anti lindsay she wasn't written as someone whiny and bitchy i actually felt bad for her in this fanfic)

"Turning Points" by Britin
remember me by predec2

if you could all help me it would be amazing.

update 4/27/201
some amazing recommendations in the comments ive started broken open and plan on reading the others.
but i still would love more recommendations with brian and justin along with it being pro gang.
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I'm looking for two more stories to tell another friend and with the help of all of you once more:
1) - Chocolate Soup by Mickiebg
2) - It's Only Time by Mouse (Complete). The story has 24 chapters, but in MW are published only 16 chapters.
I wish I had the link of these stories or they on file.
I appreciate the help you can give me.

Chocolate Soup was found by Balrogtweety. The link is in the comments.
The second story is a WIP abandoned.
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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I just finished re-reading Simon's Other Foot series and I remember someone wrote another Foot series where one of Simon's Chapters left off and Justin left New York and the townhouse, never to be seen again and Brian tries to find him. When Brian finds him , he's in a wheelchair and Steve ends up being a jerk and the men break up. I looked in all the usual tags , hurt, down a well, Brian and other, Justin runs away, but no Justin in a wheelchair. Does anyone remember this one?

Just found! Thank you Thank You! Its Falling Down The Primrose Path.
Link in Comments
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Hello. After searching and reading a lot of JealousBrian Fiction I’ve remembered another one I read once… unluckily I cannot remember title and authors. But maybe you can help!
Here is the plot. Chris Hobbes is actually in love with Justin and, in a way he is convinced that Justin would have been with him if not for Brian. So when Brian and Justin take a pause after a fight Hobbs (who is kind of stalkerish) thinks this is his occasion to be with Justin. Of course this isn’t true at all. In effect Justin is even a little bit freaked out by Hobbs’ interest in him. It wasn’t an AU but a little bit of a “what if”. The bashing happened. Ethan and Cancer too. But I’m  not sure about the bombing, since the fight “could be” (but could not be) the one that the boys have during season 5. At the end Brian and Justin were together but I do not remember what happened to Hobbs.
I’ll let you know that it’s not “Spring Fever” since I’ve already checked it as all the fiction in the justin/hobbs and justin sees hobbs tags but I'm kind of slow to read it all so maybe some of you can help me!
Please please please!!! Can some of you wonderful people (eheheh) help me???

EDIT: I'm still searching for it. In the meantime in the comments there are a couple of interesting suggestions of something similar. But if any of you can help me to find it I'll be so happy!!! :D
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hiya guys
does anyone have doc / pdf files of Mouse's Endings and Beginnings and kamikaze's Blended and Rose Water
the link from previous post is not working

thank you

Edit : all files are found. You guys are Rock !!
thank you so much
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I'm looking for two specific Brian/Other fics I read a little while ago but can't remember the title or author.  Both involve Justin returning from NY to find Brian in a "relationship" with someone else. 

In the first the only thing that I can remember is that the guy is living with Brian but he can see the way Brian and Justin act... and he says to Brian "tell me when it's time to go and I'll go".

In the second Justin walks into a restaurant and the whole gang is there to celebrate something (possibly a Brian/Other engagement)... and the guys name might be Paul in this story.

Thanks for you help with these.

Both found... see the comments :oP
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Hello good people,

Would anyone have a copy of Lost by Chris and Mouse on word doc please? I did check the tags to see if its posted anywhere but this is what I am getting for where it says in the tags,the story can be found in the wayback machine -> http://web.archive.org/web/20041119235343/www.midnight-whispers.com/Collaberations/Lost/Lost.htm and I don't think its posted anywhere else.

Thanks in advance,Vonnie xoxox

Ps,my email is yvonne.reid96@yahoo.com

Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] josieb1 for emailing it to me :)

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