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Hello! Firstly, let me say I'm sorry WAY in advance because I'm so incredibly new to LJ, it's not even funny... so I have NO idea what I'm doing. If anyone would like to help me out or give me tips, I'd be totally open to it! I also have no friends... erm... so... if you'd like new friend, let me know! (Please? lol.)

Anyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has any recs for fics where Brian is assaulted? Either sexually or just beat up? There are so many fics where Justin is raped or hurt or beat up and Brian is the protector or helps him through it. Are there any where Justin helps/protects Brian? I've always wanted to see read how people think Brian would react to being assaulted, since he's such a toppy-top manly man. lol.

Thanks everyone!


PS: Admins let me know if this isn't allowed and I'll delete, but I have no one else to share this with at the moment... I'm going to see Randy in Cabaret and I'm SO EXCITED!!! That'll be all! :-P

***Recs in Comments! Thank you everyone! Always looking for more recs if you've got them!***
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I don't necessarily need/want recommendations since that is so broad but if someone could point me in the direction of a tag for long, multi-chapter fics, I'd be forever thankful. Fics like "The Great Divide" and "The Sunshine Files" which I already have links to. I already looked for a "multi-fic" or a "long fic" tag and didn't find one.

Thank you!

Admins, if this post isn't ok, let me know and I'll delete it

Found: Link for novel length fics in comments! Thank you!!
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if are people out there maybe you'll help me.

The story I'm searching for I read a few years ago. The pairing is Brian/Justin and Brian Owns Kinnetik and Babylon. There are an organization of "good citizens of the Pitts", whom extremely dislike Brian and his way of openly living homosexuality and making front against homophobia. They recruit sadistic men to capture Brian (from his motorcycle on the freeway) and torture him in an abandoned warehouse. There the "good citizens" as audience to see him (his body and face) destroyed. Justin and the Liberty-gang searching for him frantically and saving him from death, so he is almost beyond recognition. Later he is with an plastic-surgeon on a beach in the man's house to slowly recover in body and soul. Justin has to fight that Brian let him visit. The police, and FBI I think, are searching for the men, who did this to Brian.

The story was a WIP, but so awesome and I'd really like to read it again.

Does anyone have an idea, where to find it?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


It's found!!! Timeless by Cynical21
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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(Confession alert!) I'm having trouble finding the "right" post-series fic. I've started several that seemed quite promising at first but then later went off the reservation character-wise. It's a bummer to start a multi-chaptered fic only to have it wander off into the tangled wilderness of OoC land. I'm not particularly a fan of fluff (especially Fluffy!Brian) or nothing but sex-sex-sex 24/7. I'm looking for something gritty and real and angsty, and the longer, the better. I want something that is going to totally engross me and satisfy my bottomless need for The Feels.
Thanks ahead of time!

ETA: Wow! Thank you all for the response! Some great suggestions in the comments!
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I know this is in no way an original request or anything, but I'm addicted to angsty fics and every few months I like to ask around for new or rediscovered fics to break my soul. A little. Or, you know, A LOT.
I can read about everything. Whichever season, happy ending, not ending up together, death!fic, kid!fic... I do have my favourites, however:

- First break up. During or after the Ethan arc. Like Mesa's fic? That's a perfect setting.
- Post 5x13 but not together.
- Brian getting older and freaking out.
- General breaking up.

Only requisite is for the fic to be rip-my heart-out-of-my-chest angsty. And not much OOC, pretty please! They can be WIP, just, not abandoned works, cause they make me so sad!

Thank you, guys!

FOUND!: There are already some links in the comments. But feel free to keep them coming my way! :))))
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Following on from the request by [livejournal.com profile] sandraj60 … I was wondering if there are any stories out there where Justin and Brian break up for good, and BRIAN finds love and happiness with someone else? (since after 5 years with Justin he is a better man and certainly capable of it in my opinion)

I’ve read stories where he’s living with / engaged to someone else… but basically just using this person to fill the hole left by Justin and he doesn’t love them (and as soon as Justin reappears he ditches them quick-smart). 

Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Update:  Lots of recommendations in the comments.  Will take me a while to get through them all so thanks for all your recommendations.

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I'm not exactly looking for a specifical fic, but I'm looking for good long fics, completed. 

I like angst, but not major character death, please no OOC, and no Micheal/Brian! Just that! Post your favorite long fic! Even PDF's okay!

Edit: Found a lot of amazing fics, thank you all

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Hi i am looking for any fics where Cythea appears/ has a big part in it. The main story would still be Brian/Justin but cynthea is there too. U know her friendship, loyalty etc to Brian. Just love how she interacts with Brian. Could be anti family (micheal, debby, lindsey, melanie, ted, )

p.s. I wasnt ale to select tag (it just gives me a blank windows saying loading. I waited for it to load for a long time but nothing happens so I just added some.

p.p.s: well not allowed to add tags. can some1 help?plz

eta: Some recs in the comments below.
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Okay, I'm looking for fics, AU or otherwise, that has a lot of angst and moves fast (in other words, nothing that drags on and on; it can be long, but not boring). No death/dying fics, just some good B/J angst.

Important: No extreme OOC. I don't mind AU at all (including meeting differently, different ages, what ifs, etc), but I can't handle Brian calling Justin "baby" or anything like that.

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Just like the subject line reads: I'm looking for good active WiPs. I love reading fics as they are being written!

Is anyone reading anything good at the moment. Preferably something that is being updated one a regular basis and where it at least seems like the author is gonna finish?

As long as the story is well written and has an interesting plot, I'm usually game. MPreg ain't my thing though... And I tend to get annoyed by anti-Mikey/Linds stories... 

Hoping for some nice recs!


ETA: Wow! You guys are amazing! Loads of recs for good active WiPs in the comments! Thanks everyone!
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I am looking for any fics where either Brian or Justin (or both) are in some sort of dangerous situation, i.e. someone's holding a gun to their head, threatening them, they're in the middle of a robbery, etc. They can be one-shots, multi-chaptered fics, completed, unfinished (although it would suck to have the last chapter end with "...and the gun fired" and not know what happens next).

I would really appreciate your help.

FOUND: 7 suggestions so far.
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Hi all,

Im looking for a fic where Brian or Justin is kidnapped (sepratelty if possible)I have read all the ones in the tags under kidnapped and im just hungry for more,can you tell me of any you know please.I don't want them to die in the fic.

Thanks in advance :)

Vonnie xxx

Edited: Great replies in the comments,thank you everoyne :)

hurt Brian

Dec. 7th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Hi guys, hope you can help, am looking for some hurt/angsty Brian i.e rape, abuse, beating, low self esteem etc. Justin can comfort Brian but no hurt Justin please. This is all about Brian, oh and longer the better.
Am reading besame_bj's mirror verse, which is awesome but can't seem to find much else. is there anymore out there. please help me

****Some fics found - check out comments if interested****

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