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Hi there
Does anyone recall a fic where Brian I think maybe had an injury that damaged his ass (happened before the actual fic takes place) and he really wants to bottom for Justin but is not sure if he can because of the damage. He goes to a doctor who helps him be sure that he can be fucked and maybe demonstrates with a dildo or something similar as to how big Justin would feel inside him. I also seem to remember that the doctor said something like you've got a healthy colon, go get fucked.
Thanks for any help.

FOUND. Links in the comments and this was actually about Justin, not Brian.
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I am new here, so I hope I do this right.

I am looking for fics that place Justin as the ultimate top, as in he is more like Brian in the story and not the other way around. Brian can still be as he is in canon, and vastly written... but really looking for stories where Justin tops, and only tops. I have read a few, and went through all the tags. I was just hoping there were others that might not be listed. I'm not looking for a bdsm dom Justin, just a Justin that is more like Brian in character. Also, I know Spin and Fall will come up as a rec. I have read that countless times. It will be hard to surpass that one... but I am hoping there are a few more stories I've yet to find.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm searching for two stories this time around. I've looked through different tags and searched midnight whispers for both stories but yet to find them.

1.) I believe Justin hasn't met the Brian or the gang yet, but Justin, from what I remember,is living on Liberty Ave above a tattoo parlor or some other shop close to the diner.

2.) The second story is Justin is homeless, he sometimes lives in a cardboard box behind the diner where the cook & Debbie give him meals and he leaves a drawing behind when he can. I remember that at one point he gets an old jacket that belonged to Brian & Justin returns what was left in the pockets to him.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great. I never got to finish reading the first one and I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking the link

1.) The List by Conzieu
2.) Silent Night by Moonshadow Woman

Thanks to both meta1960 and vale8409. Links are in the comments
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Hi everyone!

I'm hoping someone can help me with a fic I read a while back. It's been driving me nuts that I can't find it.

Here is what I remember: Justin is on a plane where he meets an older gentlemen (not Brian) and after a while Justin ends up designing a whole new logo for the guys' club. He doesn't accept anyany payment for it, but does get VIP status whenever he wants to go to the club. Brian happens to be on the same plane, but assumes they are father and son so he ignores them. He later finds out about the club's new logo and wants the person who designed it to work for him.

Can anyone think of who wrote it or know the title of the story? Any ideas would be helpful.

STORY FOUND: In His Kiss by Conzieu.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] lak27fo at Has Conzieu stopped writing QAF fics?
I just wondered if Conzieu still is writing QAF fiction or is she perhaps posting her work elsewhere? I miss her magnificent style of writing
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Hi all!  I have a new set of requests for you!

1. Instead of Hobbs pleading guilty to a ridiculously minor charge, there is actually a trial by jury. At some point the lawyer representing Justin submits as evidence a video someone shot at the prom. There may have been a few scenes on the tape showing various hetero couples dancing and/or making out earlier in the evening, before Brian shows up, to allow for obvious contrast when Chris and/or others claim that Justin and Brian's dance and kiss were too provocative. (If this fic exists, it was written during the original run of the show... so, easily 12 or 13 years ago. I REALLY hope I didn't imagine it!) **NOT FOUND YET!!**

To go with this... )

2. I remember reading a fic in which Justin and Brian are shopping together. Brian insists that Justin needs a more professional wardrobe. Justin agrees until Brian says he needs to wear ties. When Brian refuses to back down, Justin winds Brian's tie around his fist and says something about refusing to become a businessman like his father wanted and he refuses to look like one for Brian. **NOT FOUND YET!!**

3. Sometime in the last month or 2 I read (and subsequently lost) a fic in which Justin replaces Kinnetic's Art Director. There was a guy that only did fonts but he was really good at it. He had a wretched attitude and practically dared Justin to try firing him. Somehow, he ends up as Justin's Personal Assistant and is really good at it... actually kind of manic but in a good way. **FOUND!! THIS IS SPIN AND FALL BY CONZIEU!!**

Can't wait to hear from you! Thanks!!

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I've been with this scene on my head for a few days now, and I can't remember the author or where the story goes or even where it comes from , but I remember a scene where, like on canon, Drew was feeling uncomfortable being undressed and someone, maybe Brian suggested that they got on their underwear too, but Brian wasn't wearing any, and he was ok with that, but someone brought him some boxers or something .
Thanks for the help.

Found! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] techgirl_on_ij who answered rather quickly ! It's In His Kiss by Conzieu.
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It's been a very long time since I last read qaf fanfics and I'm trying to find my favorites without remembering anything from the plot. Please, help me to find stories there preferably both Justin and Brian are stubborn with elaborate and interesting character. A brilliant example of such story that fits perfectly is WIP TOWJWAGABI by myrna, except that I prefer finished stories.
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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Hello, I've just finished reading the experiment/reverb/homecoming series by Wren (for like the 5th time! lol) and i've been looking for something else to read but i just don't know what i'm in the mood for so i would like some suggestions... your favourite fics maybe..?

I like muti-chapter fics and would prefer completed however i don't mind WIP if it ends in a good place,
- Brian/Justin Stories,
- Anti fics specially anti Michael and Lindsey
- Mpreg, BDSM/Kinky/PWP Fics (Anything with a bit of BJ Sex!)
- AU and OC Fics

The only thing i don't like are death/major character death fics so none of those please
But anything else you can suggest would be great!

Thank You

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I just finished besame´s great fic Snoopylicious Scarlet and would like to read more fic where Brian gains client for his company thanks to something Justin did. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
FOUND: 2 links in comments, more hopefully arive :-)

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Okay, here is what I'm searching for:

I can't remeber the storyline, but I can remeber one thing:
Justin is a waiter at the dinner. Brian leaves him tips, but they are special. He makes origami figures with the money :-)
I really feel like I should know who wrotes this...

Edit: FOUND: Link is in the comments
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I’ve read quite a few Brian and Justin “meet in a different way” stories and, while some of them are well written and start off in an interesting way, almost all those that I’ve read soon devolve into a rehashing of QAF plots and characters. Are there any other good BJ meet-differently stories that remain original, creating new characters, situations and plots, without relying heavily on the same-old canon events (e.g. cancer, Babylon bombing, Stockwell), and without losing the essential nature/personalities of Brian and Justin?

Note: I found a really good "meet in different way" story via a request/recommendation for another kind of story. This one fits MY request to a T, and the writing is excellent: A THROW-AWAY WORLD by moonbriteness: http://moonbrightnites.livejournal.com/10158.html
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I've been racking my brain thinking of this story:

Justin and Brian meet while Brian is on a Businesstrip in New York (?) and Brian bottoms. When they meet again in Pittsburgh Brian continues bottoming. It turns out, Justin was raped by Chris Hobbes and a couple of other guys in Highschool and the doctor told him he could never bottom again, because he would tear something. Brian goes in search of the guys who raped him and in search of the doctors to avenge Justin. 
Its called something like "Spin me if I fall"... I think..

Any help would be appreciated :)

thank you!

WHAAAAAAT?? Already found?? Its Spin and Fall by Conzieu, thank you for the help! 
Link in the Comments!

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Hey everybody. I read a story within the past year on what I believe was mags-nificent.com where Justin lived in a large house with several other students he went to art school with. He found an agent to show his work and spent a lot of time making several paintings that were eventually stolen from his storage locker at school. Brian was able to track them down shortly before Justin discovered that it was Ethan that stole them. Justin meets Ethan at a McDonalds (I think) and Ethan shoots him. I read the story around the same time I read several others, so that's all I can remember specifically from that story.

Does anyone know of the story I'm talking about? I would like to read it again.

Edit Found! Thank you vale8409. Link in comments.

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