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Two years ago CLEVER DEVIL posted an amazing story named KISS ME ALRIGHT.

Does anyone know if there is sequel to this story?
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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Hello, I've just finished reading the experiment/reverb/homecoming series by Wren (for like the 5th time! lol) and i've been looking for something else to read but i just don't know what i'm in the mood for so i would like some suggestions... your favourite fics maybe..?

I like muti-chapter fics and would prefer completed however i don't mind WIP if it ends in a good place,
- Brian/Justin Stories,
- Anti fics specially anti Michael and Lindsey
- Mpreg, BDSM/Kinky/PWP Fics (Anything with a bit of BJ Sex!)
- AU and OC Fics

The only thing i don't like are death/major character death fics so none of those please
But anything else you can suggest would be great!

Thank You

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Hi all,

I'd like some help finding;

1. The multi chapter fic where Justin is autistic, and he referred to Brian as Prince Prian. I checked the tags and couldn't find autistic.

2. super hero and/or Rage stories (which I haven't read).

The ones I've read are,

Wren - the Justin Rage stories
BC - Quest for Rage (hysterical crossover with the Avengers)
Lemon Bar - All the Rage (unfinished unfortunately)
RC McLachlan - Invincible stories where Justin is Solar Flare

Are there any other stories I missed ?
BTW I am not interested in genies, magicians, aliens etc. strictly super heroes/super powers

Thanks for any and all help !!

Update: Autism fic FOUND its Kiss Me Alright by CleverDevil (Posted on Midnight Whispers by jerksbitch).
Thanks! and thanks also to everyone who suggested new (to me) Rage/Superhero stories.
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I had two links to this story, one was
and the other was

but now neither of them will work.
Does anyone have another way to find this story?

FOUND, link in comments
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Hello! I'm looking for a few fics here, where the links are dead. Mostly due to the site being gone now or redirecting to a completely different, non-fanfiction website. Thank you!

Kiss Me Alright - Justin is autistic and Brian lives across the street. Very AU.
My Only Critic - Brian suffers from OCD. Very AU. Oh, and it's a MPREG.
Reforged (Brian loses his memory)
Trip on Love (Justin loses his memory)
Gone but not forgotten by Bryant MacLagan - Brian loose his memory at some point
Lasting promise by Tammy
Drink You Pretty by perhapsx
Blind Rage by crazy4qaf

All of the links I've found for these fics are dead, the websites no longer available.

Edit: Most of the fics found~ and links are in comment!
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I would really like some plain old sick fics. Nothing too serious. Just basically Justin all sick and grumbly and snuffleupagus-y. And then Brian being Brian and caring by not caring thus caring even more.

Any recommendations will do. Can be serious illness, but I'd prefer without.

Edit: Some found, would always love love love more.
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I went back though the tags and I found Kiss me alright but people kept saying there were missing chapters in some of the links when the original post was done back in 2011. So I was wondering if the one posted on midnight whispers(it was posted by jerksbitch) is the full version. Does anyone know if it is? It said it was just updated in Jan so maybe the missing chapters are now in it. Thanks :)

FOUND/ANSWERED-The one of Midnight Whispers appears to be the compete version.
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I'm not exactly looking for a specifical fic, but I'm looking for good long fics, completed. 

I like angst, but not major character death, please no OOC, and no Micheal/Brian! Just that! Post your favorite long fic! Even PDF's okay!

Edit: Found a lot of amazing fics, thank you all

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Hi, there is a story were Justin is autistic or Justin's brother has autism.

But are there any stories were Gus has autism of some kind?

Story not found. 
Links to other stories inside,

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Does anyone have a download of this story?

I tried to read it but the quote-marks and other punctuation being replaced by question marks are driving me insane. Before I go through it and fix everything in my word processor, I'm wondering if anyone has a clean copy of it saved.


ETA: Found in "DL even more fics here." It's nice and clean with no random question-marks floating about.
ETA again: If you downloaded the original version, it was incomplete. Several complete versions can be located in the comments below.
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I am completely new to all of this so I am still learning the ropes here. Anyway, I am looking for any stories that has to do with Brian and Justin obviously. I've looked through the memories but didn't find much to read. So, I'm looking for any sort of stories that has to do with HIV, abuse, amnesia and is completely off canon.

HIV, anything from Brian having it, to Justin having it.
Abuse, I'd rather read Justin being abused, whether its by Brian or someone else.
Amnesia, anything is fine with this one too.
AU, anything for this as well.

I'm pretty sure that probably is not a story that has all four things I am looking for, but if there is, that would be great.

FOUND... links in comments.
Thank you all who had posted.
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I've read that fan fic in december and it left a wonderful impression as the story is absolutely beautiful. now what I want is to contact Cleverdevil who's written it but all links/mail/ contacts are dead so I would like to know if somebody would have more information about the author or maybe if somebody out there knows personally cleverdevil as I really want to get in touch with her with maybe a possibility to print officially her story through a publishing house. now if YOU are cleverdevil can you please leave me a comment or a mail. *crossing strongly my fingers*


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For some strange reason, Chapter 29 is missing from my version. Can anyone help?

EDIT: Found super-fast by [info]rockie2010   Link in comments.
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Hi everyone,I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday :)
Does anyone know where I can read the fic "Autistic Artist"? I have been searching all day long,thanks for helping in advance :)
Huge hugs x

Edited: answear in comments :)
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Merry Christmas everyone!

I am looking for a fic where either Brian or Justin have some type of mental illness (ex. eating disorder, depression, etc...) and the other has to have them committed to an institution. I have read the ones where they are both in a facility, but I am looking for where one them has to commit the other.

Thank you for your help,

FOUND: Some really great suggestions in the comments.
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Hi Mods and Members,
Hope you are all well and ready for the holidays :)

I have just read a really great fic called "Kiss Me Alright" by [livejournal.com profile] cleverdevil and im in the mood for more stories where Justin is autistic and Brian helps him or has some kind of relationship with him.

If you would like to read the fic called "Kiss Me Alright" by [livejournal.com profile] cleverdevil look here => http://www.elyxer.co.uk/cleverdevilfanfic/KMAChapters.html

Note to mods: If im not allowed to give a link like I have here,please let me know and I will take it off asap!!

Looking forward to hearing from someone about more Justin autistic fics!
Huge hugs x

Edited: Link to a similar fic in comments,thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mysid ,please rec more,thanks
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I'm new here and I was wondering if someone could help me... Not so long ago I read a fic where Justin is sick (nothing really serious, just flu or his allergies) and has to stay at Brian's loft. Brian takes care of him, but he seems to be oblivious that he has strong feelings towards Justin. I remember that he makes an appointment to see a doctor, there is also Debbie moment... Everything takes place during season 1 or 2. It's kinda fluffy and heart-warming :). I'm not sure if I'm not mixing stories up, but Brian may get sick when Justin recovers...

I can't find it and it's driving me nuts. Please, help!

FOUND: http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=520&chapter=1

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