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This is driving me nuts.
I'm trying to find a post 513 fic which, while predominantly about B&J, featured a storyline where Emmett gets involved with, and eventually marries Brian and Justin's private chef at Britan.
I can't remember his name but I recall that he was from a wealthy jewish background and I think Emmett agrees to a jewish marriage ceremony.
Ultimately they go into business together and Brian pretends to be pissed at having to find a new chef.
There isn't an emmett/omc tag and I can't find it in post-513 tag.
Found : Thanks to kittykat2000, Karma by mickiebg
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I remember a story I read a while back that had a woman - clearly psychopathic as the story went on - who lusted after Brian. I think this might have been a post-5x13 story, and Brian and Justin are living in Britin (I might be wrong) but she doesn't give a care that Brian's clearly and not so secretly gay. It was mentioned in the story that this woman was one of those straight people/women who believe that gay men are only that way because they haven't met the right woman yet. I think she was a mother of one of Gus' friends or classmates and that's how she got introduced to their lives. I'm pretty sure, near the end of the story, she tried to burn down the house or something. If anyone knows which story this is, please let me know.

If there are any other stories with Brian and Justin interacting with straight people, either in a negative or positive light or even in a humorous way, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you so much in advance!!

EDIT: Found but further recs are welcomed!!

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I remember reading a story a little while ago. Brian and Justin were living at Britin and there was a hole in the fence or something. A rather large dog found its way onto the property through that hole. Justin discovered the dog and, despite his allergies (quite severe; he had to go to the doctor and find a way to tame his allergies), Justin wants to keep the dog because its a very large breed and the pound isn't hopeful people will adopt it (I think it was a Newfoundland or something).

Justin knows Brian won't want a dog so he keeps it a secret, keeping the dog hidden away in the garage or some other part of the house Brian doesn't ever go in. There's a guy - maybe from the pound or something - who comes by the house and works on the dog, teaching it obedience. Brian comes home early one day and sees this guy and Justin and thinks that there's something going on there.

That's all that I remember. It's not a cheating fic, just a pet fic.

Hopefully someone will know it. Please tell me if you do.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Found practically immediately. The link is in the comments. Thank you so much!

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I'm looking for two more stories to tell another friend and with the help of all of you once more:
1) - Chocolate Soup by Mickiebg
2) - It's Only Time by Mouse (Complete). The story has 24 chapters, but in MW are published only 16 chapters.
I wish I had the link of these stories or they on file.
I appreciate the help you can give me.

Chocolate Soup was found by Balrogtweety. The link is in the comments.
The second story is a WIP abandoned.
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Looking for a story where Brian and Justin are living together and Justin finds and dog and hides it in the garage or basement. He hires a trainer to train the dog hoping Brian will let him keep the dog. The dog is causing havoc with Justin's allergies and Brian thinks Justin is having an affair with the trainer when he hears Justin talking on the phone. Brian confronts Justin and he is hurt that Brian thinks he is cheating. Tried to look in the tags I could not find. Please help, I am having luck!!!!!                                         **************** ********FOUND-link in the comments.                                                       

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I read a wonderful story about Gus. When Brian and Justin are on holiday, Gus, who was drunk after his divorce from a woman, went into Babylon and picked up a man. Emmet stopped him leaving with the man but another night a then sober Gus went into Babylon and picked up and left with the same man, who he fell in love with. This sent all sorts of shivers through the group of friends starting with Gus' parents but Gus stuck to his man and the relationship worked.

Thanks in advance if anyone recognizes my convoluted description.

Love from 6frog

Found:- Gene Pool is the wonderful fic by Mickiebg Thank you so much every one who rushed to my aid, I love that story.
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Hi all. :)

I'm trying to find a fic, where Justin and Brian go on a vacation together. They go to a tropical place & stay in a house, as opposed to a hotel/resort, that's owned by a nice older couple. During the trip: Justin gets sun poisoning, Brian goes swimming and gets caught in a rip tide I believe and almost drowns(he also winds up with scrapes and such on his legs and/or feet while trying to get back to shore), they go to a volcano and Brian's sandals almost melt on his feet, and at some point, when Brian goes to take a picture of them with the owners of the house they're staying in, Brian is backing up and trips over a tree root, seriously messing up his foot/leg.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? :-/



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Hi, I'm looking for fics that sort of deal with Brian and Justin and how their relationship and affection is seen outside of Liberty Avenue.  I love fics where they are just as affectionate with each other, but it seems that no-one really bats an eye or looks twice at their outward affection in most fics.  And we know that real life isn't always like that, but most fics and even the show barely touched on this. So any fics where they face outward homophobia but defy their critics and continue with their love and affection for one another despite it? In public. A sort of them against the world theme.  Rambling, I know but can't find any tags that deal with this. 
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hi.. i just finished reading the Sunshine Files. I really enjoyed the long series (it's still ongoing) about Justin and Brian's life through the years..... they discovered new friends, got married, had a family... all that stuff. I wonder if there are similar looonnnggg series chronicling their life post series (oh in this case, Sunshine files is post S4 i think)....    I've read vamphile's keeping series.... hope there are some more... 



Mar. 18th, 2012 12:06 am
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I'm looking for this Fic. I have read it but can't remember who wrote it. Can someone out there help me? I really enjoyed reading it again.
Thanks, Ellen
P.S. I think Gus is in it also with Brian & Justin

FOUND: By Mickiebg. (See Comments)
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Hello everyone! I have gone through my files, and below are fics that I found. Some of them I have no author name, and I haven’t really read most of them. I went through the 4shared folder, but it’s kind of hard to figure out if the stories are there or not since I don’t know the author’s name.

If you know the name of the author of a story, please let me know so that I add it. Also … do I need to upload all of these to the 4shared account or are they all pretty much in there?? I saw Cyn and Rizabeau are in there, and I think Sadra Gia’s stories are as well, but I don’t know about the rest. And, is Besame BJ and Mickiebg sharing their stories like this?? I never posted them through the MU account because someone told me they didn’t do this, but I’m double checking again. At any rate, these are all the files that I found while going through the old e-mails from last year.

Maps and Legends By Anton & L. Blaurosen

If you Need Me By: Myrna

A Matter of Time By: Just Visiting

Another Fork in The Road By: Shannon Marie

Bring Me to Life Chapter 1-20 By: Aschicca

Broken Image By: Susan K. James_NJPax

Homecoming By: Wren  (I should've known this -_-)

Take Flight series By: Severina

Under Blue Neon By: Tinkabell

Cyn – 10 files

Severina One-Shots

Mickiebg – 13 files

Mouse – 3 files

Rizabeau – All of her stories, but it seems the person divided most stories into 2 word files … I guess because of size.

Besame BJ – 25+ files **File will not be uploaded**

Sandra Gia – 9 files

Edit: Thanks to everyone for the help with identifying the authors. I will go through the folder with this new information, and see if they're there or not.

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Hi all,
I'm looking for any stories where Brian and Justin have angry!sex in the course of or after an argument. It can be at any point in the series and extra points if they make sex in elevator or not in bed.
Can anyone help me!? Thanks in advance. 

edit: 1 rec found, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lougenessis ,I am still looking for other suggestions. 
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Hey girls (and boys?) :-)

I’m looking for some good stuff to read. Since I’m not so new to the fandom (but also kinda new) I know some fics already and going through the tags doesn’t help me, because I have to read the fics to know if they’re good, you know?


I’m looking for angsty fics, I love some good angsty stuff! It should be B/J centered and not too much out of character (I do not want nicknames like “Baby” or Brian saying “I love you” every second line). I have no problem with AU’s and it doesn’t matter if it’s completely AU or starts somewhere during the original show. Please no WIP!

So, who knows some very good stuff for me? :-)

I already read the following stories:

- Only time by xie
- Keeper Series by vamphile
- Whore in a Hoody
- A lesson in loving
- The Weirdness

Hmm… I read a lot lot lot more but I don’t remember the names of the stories!!

I hope someone can give me some advice :-)

Thank you so much!

Tons of links in the comments.
Thank you so much, now I have fics to check ;)
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I've recently read a fic about Gus living with Brian and Justin in Britin (i think) and his a teenager.

In the one scene i remember reading Gus walked in on Justin blowing Brian under the computer desk when Gus walks in and Brian ends up having an orgasm.

I also remember Gus calling Justin DJ (daddy/dad justin).

Unfortuantly thats all i remember
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can you help me to find fics where Justin becomes a biological father (not MPreg)?

FOUND: some links are in tags "justin fathers ..."

* A real fun one "Oh Boy" by pookieookieoooh ! It can be found among Fics by PookieOokieOoh AkaMelanie
* Advised as awesome "Vice Versa" by later2nite
* Justin has a son and meets up with Brian (and Gus) years later in New York  "Forward From Where We've Been" by cindybaby
* A very cute one  "A Little Monster Called Max" by alphabet_magic
* 5 years post-513. This story is anti-angst medication. "A Storm's Gonna Come" by adoringaudience
* 12 years post-513. Justin discovers he has a 4-year old daughter. It's Only Time by ? (Please, help to identify the author)
And more links in comments
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Hello there... I've been out of this fandom for about 2 years now... but just started reading my old favs again...
But - i just can't remember the name of a particular fic I want to re-read... i'm not even sure if it is a series of some kind, as it follows Brian and Justin through many years. I think in the last installments Brian is 60 years old or so... but what I really loved in this fic was the storyline with Gus and his boyfriend (I think is name is Aiden). They had a hard time coming together... I think the main prob was that Gus has always been straight and then suddenly falls for this guy. Later in the story they adopt a kid which actually was his sister's kid... does this ring any bells?

Hope some of you know what I'm talking about.. although its confusing. But I'd love to read this story again!


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I remember that in this fic craig is dead and justin has his laptop,Justin is reading something similar to a diary.It´s post 513 and in the diary craig talk about justin,his art and how now he understand justin life.I´m not sure but is possible that the ghost of Craig was bound to the laptop in some form...
I was searching in the tags but I didn´t find it.Can somebody help me?

Found : Thanks winchester03,the fic is farewell by mickiebg.link inside.

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So, I've been sucked into mickiebg's Karma verse and I'm searching for chapter 10. When I click the link it either takes me to lj.com or throws a 403 forbidden code. Any clues on where I can find this?


Figured it out. She's FLocked!
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Does anyone know of any good far into the future post 513 fics, say where Brian and the gang are in their 50's or so? I was hoping for fics that include the entire cast; showing how they have all grown/changed; mentions of Gus, Jenny R and Hunter all grown up would be a plus!

EDIT: Thank You!!
Lots of great ideas found in comments, but keep them coming!

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