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So I just recently got into QaF and have been devouring fics left and right. This place is a veritable goldmine and I love it, so I want to thank the mods for creating this wonderful little slice of heaven.

That said, I'm looking for a few fics. The first one I had started to read on queereyes, but only the first chapter was accessible via web archive, the rest wasn't. The fic is called Crisis by 'Jane'. I searched all the tags here; justin getting hurt, the author tags, anything that seemed like it might relate to what I'd been able to glean in the first chapter, but nothing cropped up. I also looked through the 4shared folders and even tried googling but I can't seem to find anything. Would appreciate any help!

Second one is more of a rec than a specific fic. I'm looking for any fics where Justin is the one hurt in the Babylon Bombing. I read through the tag for it but didn't find anything where Justin was actually hurt (would prefer canon over AU).

The only other specifics I have regarding recs are; no wips, no character death, preferably happy ending (lololright) & 3rd pov only.

Edit: Fic found! Link in comments.
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Hi everyone,

I have been wracking my brain trying to find this fic,
looked through the tags but was unable to find this one,
Brian kicks Justin out and shoves him accidentally on the floor or the stairs and Justin has a big bruise on the hip an goes to Daphne.

Sorry for being so vague but i can't remember the name of the story or the author.

Thanks for any help.

Found: it's [info]jane2005  Negation
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Don't know if this is acceptable to post here. I'm not looking for a specific story, just some rec's of your favorite stories. I like B/J, AU's, any theme actually, even B/Other or J/other, as long as they end up together. :-) The only thing I'm not too found of is Mpreg stories, (but I have read one or two goods ones)

I need something to make me forget the bullshit I have to deal with at work just for a few minutes at of the day. Not too long, (not much time) something I can read in a couple of days.

Open to all recommendations!

Gina Marie
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The cable company is going to be cutting in and out our internet over the next couple of days cause they're putting up new wires in the neighborhood. *grumbles* So I am trying to compile some fic that I hopefully haven't read yet and put it on my kindle for when 'times get tough'.

The only stories I can think I haven't read that I'd like to read are fics like this: I'm looking for any post-513 stories written before 2007 ish. They can be one-shots or long fics. I think I've read all that I've seen posted since then. Before that, I didn't read much post-series fiction.

I'm not sure when these authors published theirs exactly, but I have read all of Xie's, Vamphile's, Severina's & Plum's fics. I'm looking for some other hidden gems that are written with the same kind of character strengths as these. Only completed series please, but any size one-shot is fine with me.

If there are any fictions written in the last 6 months that fit the description above please rec those too.

P.S. YES, I've searched the tags and have found nothing I haven't read.

Thank you,

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Hey girls (and boys?) :-)

I’m looking for some good stuff to read. Since I’m not so new to the fandom (but also kinda new) I know some fics already and going through the tags doesn’t help me, because I have to read the fics to know if they’re good, you know?


I’m looking for angsty fics, I love some good angsty stuff! It should be B/J centered and not too much out of character (I do not want nicknames like “Baby” or Brian saying “I love you” every second line). I have no problem with AU’s and it doesn’t matter if it’s completely AU or starts somewhere during the original show. Please no WIP!

So, who knows some very good stuff for me? :-)

I already read the following stories:

- Only time by xie
- Keeper Series by vamphile
- Whore in a Hoody
- A lesson in loving
- The Weirdness

Hmm… I read a lot lot lot more but I don’t remember the names of the stories!!

I hope someone can give me some advice :-)

Thank you so much!

Tons of links in the comments.
Thank you so much, now I have fics to check ;)
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[livejournal.com profile] marilla_pm67 asked last week about posting a link to her fix index and that sounded like a really fab idea to us, your adoring mods.

So! We would like to invite all authors to participate in this little exercise. Over on IJ, there's even a comm (which we'd forgotten about), devoted to this topic. Please check it out to see some existing examples of author indexes: qaf_indexes.

Acceptable formats are indices like those in the link above, or links to your your website, your page on an archive, or a Very Tidy memories page.

The index pages will be tagged as author entries. We think this will be a really useful tool for finding more fics by an author whose work you enjoy. At least we hope it will be! This is a first pass at this, so we may refine things as we go along.

Please submit your links in the comments and we'll get them tagged as soon as possible. Thanks!
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Hello all,

I just finished the whole series of QAF couple days ago (yeah...I know...a bit (or lot?) late for me~lol
Anyway~I would like to read some fics but don't know where to start in the fandom. So pleeease rec some of your fav Brian/Justin fics or Gale/Randy RPS, no bad endings please (can't take it anymore after season 5 *tears*), and the longer the better! Thanks in advance~~! <33333
ext_207078: Canon Error. Apply FanFic? (coffee beans)
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So, I just reread [community profile] lady_jane 's Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead and now I have a hankering for fics where Brian and/or Justin take care of John and/or Peter.

I'd really like something where they take guardianship of the Spawn for whatever reason, but anything would be awesome.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: Links found in comments! 

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I'm looking for long stories where Justin, Brian, et al are as close to canon character-wise as possible.

I know we all have our own standards about what qualifies as IC and what crosses into OOC--but I think most of us can tell the difference between actual canon and fanon we happen to ascribe to. For example, stories where Michael is pure evil and involved in a plot to kill Justin are fun, but definitely not canon. And, Brian and Justin being all sappy, more than once in a blue moon, kind of stretches the bounds of canon--even if it does make a really cute story. Basically, we're talking the difference between things you could picture happening in the show if it'd been renewed or they'd gone a different direction in an early season and things you might wish for but would never ever have happened in a million years.

Two examples I can think of are Xie & Suzvoy's fics. Are there any other authors or particular stories you'd recommend in the same vein?

Found! Lots of links in comments. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions.

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