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An LJ-friend has just discovered the porny-goodness that is Queer as Folk. She's only seen the few couple of episodes so far, but plans to (slowly) watch the rest of the season. (She has to watch when Hubby isn't home as it isn't his thing.)

I'd love to rec her some really good fanfic, but she's requested that no one spoil her for the episodes she hasn't seen. So, please rec your S1 favorites, and if you could, indicate which epidsode/events the fanfic spoils (ex. "set after Justin runs away to NYC", or "spoilers through 107"). I'll pass them along to her with spoilers indicated by episode number.

Thank you!

Update: Many good suggestions in the comments, but more are always welcome (especially if you want to vouch for the quality of the rec). Thank you to all who commented!
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Hey everybody,
I've been in China for a few months now and you guys won't believe how the Chinese celebrate Halloween in Shanghai!!!! I've gotten so much into all these Halloween stuff that I feel like reading some scary B/J stories. Thus far I've only found one scary story (Laylafic's psycho fic) but I'm seeking for other similar stories. If any one of you can recommend other scary B/J stories I'd really appreciate it :)!!!!!!!!!!


Edit: Some pretty cool recs in the comments, and **hopefully** more to come :D!!!!!!!

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Does anyone have a link to Keewick's fic 'Work Inside Out'? The livejournal link to it won't work for me even though I am listed as keewick's friend... Thanks in advance!

Link found in the comments!
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Hi guys. I'm actually new to this fandom (yes, oh god. i'm so late!) anyway, could you guys rec me the absolute must reads of the fandom? Ones that won't make you want to start strangling people? Please? Thank youuu. :D

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Ok so I need some fic to read.

Old or new, preferably long ones, a series perhaps, BUT No death, a little angst, & they must live happily ever after, & oh I forgot, the pornier the better:)

As you know I've read a lot of fic, but not to many of the older ones, before I joined the fandom.

Thanks guys, bye for now,,I'd love to know your fav's & fav authors,,later Jx

Many thanks to all those who replied. Go take a look at ALL the fics & all the links provided, you guys are wonderful,,love Jx
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Hello everyone ^^
I'm kinda new to QAF fanfics so I wonder if you guys can recommend me some good ones to read ^^
I'd love to read long B/J fics and any season AU ^^... so far I've read Rizabeau's fics and I love all of them ^^
If there are more similar to her fics, I mean long and any season AU fics (as I've mentioned above), I'd love to read =D... angst is good too but please no Justin or Brian death...

I'd really appreciate it if you can recommend me some ^^
Thanks a lot for taking your time reading this post of mine =D

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your recommendations ^^. I'll be sure to check them all out =D. *a big hug for everyone* ^^

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