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Hi! I'm looking for this fic: "Unbearable" by Jans Intentions. I'm afraid her/his livejournal account was deleted. Does anybody have that fic saved o know where I could find it? I've already searched trough Aly's GIH and GIH Mediafire... nothing.

EDIT: Jans Intentions stories aren't to be shared (author's wish), but they can be found on Amazon.
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I'm trying to find a fic I read awhile back where Brian and Justin are at a camp or something, Brian is pregnant but planning to give up the kid. He eventually decides to keep it and then, possibly in a sequel, gets pregnant with twins.

This isn't Liberty Ranch. I recall Brian not wanting anyone to touch his belly while he was pregnant. At one point, he has a dream that he and Justin have a house filled with kids and it freaks him out. In the dream, Justin touches his belly and tells him he can't wait until those babies are out so they can start making more.

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I'm looking for two stories at the request of a friend :
The first is called " Sentinel ." She remembers some facts :
1 ) - Justin is stuck on an island with his father and a group of people
2 ) - There is a " black oil " that people drink .
3 ) - The island was used by the military in the past .
4 ) - Justin finds a skeleton that belonged to the mistress of a ghost that appears to Justin .
5 ) - The ghost was a military leader or something.
6 ) - Brian is a protective spirit of the place . The Sentinel said .
7 ) - various supernatural events happen .
8 ) - In the end, Justin decides to remain forever on the island because Brian can not get out of there because it is the spiritual Sentinel site .

The second is a MPreg .
1 ) - Justin is 17 and a daughter named Lia .
2 ) - Justin returns to Pittsburgh to spend the holidays and stays with his mother .
3 ) - Justin hid Brian who was pregnant and left Pittsburgh in order to have his daughter .
4 ) - Brian and Justin rekindle their relationship, but Justin does not reveal the existence of Lia .
5 ) - A day after having sex , Justin has fever and falls asleep .
6 ) - Brian finds a picture of Lia in wallet Justin and ask him about the truth about the child .
7 ) - The story can be a WIP , but ends in a good place with the boys together.
If someone know them , please send a link or if you have them saved on your computer , you could send us a copy . Francine and I will be very grateful for your kind help.
A big hug !
Fatima and Francine .

The first story was found by moon_catcher and is in a pdf document, those who want to have them send me an PM with your email, I will send for you.
The second story was found by daymm_gal and the link is in the comments.
You are wonderful. Thank you!
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The title says it all. I'm looking for this fic. I know she deleted her journal but maybe some copy of this is out there????

All her works have been removed from the internet, furthermore she had asked they not to be shared on GIH. Apparently she is a published author and you have to buy her books in order to read some old Brian /Justin or Gale/Randy action, well not with these names obviously.
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I have read time ago one fic which I like read again. Brian is a cop in an imaginary reality. In this world it's possible to create a lover who is not human, justin to the beginning is one of them. A killer is killing the not "humans" with blue eyes and blonde hair and Brian is investigating to catch the culprit.
Someone can help me to find this story please. thank u
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I just finished Fifty Shades of Grey book 1. I was wondering if there are any fics along the lines of Shades for my boys Brian and Justin. If so please share.

Thanks in advance!!!

**Some recs inside**
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Hi.do u have a working link to royal consort?i found a post that said it was in jans_fiction but the link doesn't work for me.help please.thanks.
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I'm looking for Mask & Unbearable by jans_intentions. If anyone has these...would you please PM me?


Edit: *blushes* I think I've opened up a can of worms with this post, but I've read some very healthy discussion going on here!
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1. Does anyone have a download link to Worth the Fight by EE Beck? Found lots of enthusiastic recs on the net, but the author's page is deleted.
2. Same goes for Innocence by jans_intentions.

#1 Found -
#2 Oops. :)

Goes off to learn about the wayback machine. That was fast. Thanks!

Additional info. EE Beck aka lightgetsin. Fics are here:
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I've recently discovered [livejournal.com profile] jans_intentions 's fics through the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately, I've managed to read only a couple of chapters from Apple and Innocent. I would really like to finish these fics and read more from this author.
Does anyone have some of these fics saved? Or, could you tell me how to locate them? Help!
Thank you in advance!

Edit: Unfortunately, this author requested not to have her fics shared. However, google works wonders. ;)
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 I'm searching for a fic I read a long time ago, long before I knew what a fanfiction is *g*

Brian and Justin live separate lives, Brian is in Pittsburgh, Justin is in Italy (or France?)

Gus apparently is from the future, he keeps talking to Justin and Brian to convince them to get back together (maybe?)

Finally, Justin relents and goes to see Brian, Brian slips in the bathroom and almost hits his head but Justin catches him, later we learn that Brian would have died from the bathroom incident and that Gus comes from the future to prevent that from happening. Brian and Justin of course  get back together.

I know it sounds a little bit crazy but I know I have read it before, if it helps I think the layout for the journal or the website or even the banner was pink.

EDIT: answer's in the comments, thanks for everyone who helped.
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I've come across a reference to "10 Ways Justin Could Have Topped But Didn't" Series by [livejournal.com profile] jans_intentions" and wonder if anyone has this stories saved or a working link to them. Obviously the author's journal has been deleted.

UPDATE. The author has requested not to share her stories via this community.
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Brian is in the hospital post 513,and have brain damaged.Justin is taken care of him.I remember well two or three things:
- Brian think in justin like justintaylor.
- They have sex and all think that is a bad thing because brain mine is like a child (Mel especially).But Brian is slowly recovering a little.
- There are a problem with Brandon (I think) in the gym.
- Brian was in kinnetic working and land a client,he write a slogan with a typo and cynthia rewrites it.

Sorry I can´t be more expecific.Thanks.

Found : Painting Lessons by jans_intentions.
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Looking for this fic "Unbearable"  Don't have any info except the title.  Thanks in advance!
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I know that this author has taken down from the web all of her fan fics, but I was wondering if someone has a copy of this story "Noir" in which Brian is a cop, saved on the computer and could e-mail it to me.

my e-mail is waytotheend@hotmail.com
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Can anyone point me towards some B/J mpreg stories where Brian is the one pregnant? I've gone through the memories, but most of them seem to be Justin. Serious bonus points for any that involve Brian finding out after Justin leaves for Ethan. I know I read one like that before, but I can't remember the name.

Also, if anyone has [livejournal.com profile] jansintentions "Painting Lessons" saved, could you please send it to me? I've requested to friend/join her LJ a while ago, but I haven't heard back. Never read it before, but I heard mention of a brain damaged Brian and I need to read. Haha.

Thanks in advance!

ETA - Several Brian!mpreg stories have been recced, but I'd love to see everything you guys can send me. No luck on "Painting Lessons". Apparently all copies are off the internet and unavailable.
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This search is kind of AU in itself and I hope that it's not against the rules.

I'm sure that I read somewhere that a qaf writer was in the process of writing an original story to be published, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was.
All I really know is, that I liked her storys very much and wanted to keep up to date with her further work.

So, do you know of any fanfiction authors  who already have published or are in the process of publishing an original story?

Many thanks in advance


Edit: There are some links in the comments!
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Hi, I'm looking for two fics and I hope somebody can help me.

1) I only remmember one scene, Brian gets Ben to help him get Justin from Ethans appartement. I'm not sure how he finds out, but he asks for Bens help and two other guys because Ethan has Justin somehow forced into staying. At least they arrive at Ethans place and there find Justin tied to the Bed. Im not sure if its that fic where Micheal payed Ethan to keep Justin away from Brian. Anyhow, thats the ony thing i remmember.

2) Brian lives in a mansion and Emmet is his servant. He did something to piss Micheal off, i think it involves a fire or something. At least theres this big issue about Brians hand because its crippled or something. At least he asks Justin to move in, Justin does because he doesnt have any money to get a flat by himself. So Justin has his own room but there are cameras everywhere. Oh and Brian kills his tricks or something and therfore has trouble with the police.

If somebody has the titles to these fics and maybe some links that'd be great!
thanks !


FOUND! links in comments!
thank you for the help!
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I'm looking for a story from Jans_intentions. Actually I read that like a year ago or months ago but I want to read it again. In this one Brian is a cop and Justin is a hustler or a whore. Justin also a clone or something like that and there's a murderer who chase him (if I'm not mistaken). And Brian and Justin went to outside Pitts or to some dangerous area of the town and Justin got branded or got stabb by a knife.
I've been reading request about Justin or Brian get branded or having a tattoo so this story come to my mind. But I can't remember the tittke and sadly no time to check all the story in the com.
So I need a little help...   =)
Found  it  very fast, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] celeste3028 . It's  "Noir" (I don't know if it's flocked or not so just check the com, ok)

I remember there's a story about Brian and Justin having a fight and then Justin was kidnapped just outside Babylon. The story is quite new, maybe just started a couple months a go. But I can't remember the tittle or the author. Hopefully it's already finish right now or updated regularly.

 Found the fic but it's no longer updated. See comments for more info.  Thanks to  [livejournal.com profile] pclu2004  and [livejournal.com profile] elvenfixation 

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help.
Have a nice day!!!   =)

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