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Is anyone else having problems signing in on Midnight Whispers? When I try to login it tells me I have to type in some code. Is this something new?
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 New status update from Bob on Midnight Whispers. Admins, if this isn’t allowed here, please delete, Thank you.

Whispers is down due to an FTP port Virus that deleted all root directory files and our database. We have daily CLOUD backups and are in the process of restoring the site with yesterday's copy. Due to the size of our site this will take some time. We are now using efiction software which is vulnerable to many website threats. Therefore, Whispers is currently in the process of creating a totally new CMS custom software website with state-of-the-art security. We regret this current situation; however, plans are in motion to keep it from ever happening again.

The site is now back online!
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Hello everyone! Simple request but pretty wide scale!

Anyone have any good recs for Hurt/Comfort stories? I'd prefer one-shots or maybe short stories with 10 or less chapters, but open to any story if it revolves around the Hurt/Comfort theme. Gap fillers are great. So are post season 5. Angst is a major plus too! Well-written is a plus and older stories are a plus because I've read most of the newer ones (I think - I'm newer to the fandom).

Thank you! I love this group!

***UPDATE: Got a couple suggestions (in comments)! Always looking for more!
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I need to download my fics more than ever. I was terribly disappointed not to be able to download from Midnight Whispers as I had been able before. Is it still possible? I'm having a very difficult time with the site.
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I know this is a little strange, but do any of you lovely souls have suggestions for stories I should read which I can also download? lol. My computer has been slowly dying for the last year and it's on its last leg, so I need stories I can send to my Kindle.

Long or short. AU, OOC, or Canon is fine, although I prefer they at least start in character and realistically change from there. Bonus points for lots of sex! Haha! I can't lie. I love it, but I also love plot. Literally open to any category. New, old, whatever.

I know this is a strange and vague request, but I'm desperate. So if you have a favorite story, or even author, and you know where I can download it, please share! And if you would, give a short plot description with your suggestion? TIA.

***Update: Suggestions in comments! :-)
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I apologize if this doesn't belong here but I was wondering if Anyone knows what happened to the Midnight Whispers site?
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So. Is anyone else having problems getting Midnight Whispers to open? I keep getting a generic "Ads related to Midnight Whisper" with the Time Warner logo. Not the actual site.

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Hello everybody!

I was silently reading and enjoying this wonderful community for years. Thank you for that!

Now I need your help - I'm looking for Julia's How to Steal a Heart.
I've tried the tags, Aly's GIH 4-Shared Mirror, The Wayback Machine and couldn't find it.

It is: "AU: Brian Kinney: mystery man, gambler and international art thief ~~~ When a valuable painting is stolen from a Paris gallery, Brian becomes the prime suspect ~~~ Justin Taylor: art expert and insurance investigator, is sent to enquire into Brian’s involvement in the theft. However, he discovers there’s more to Brian than meets the eye and soon finds himself falling under his spell ~~~ Will Justin reveal what he learns about Brian and what he does with the proceeds he makes from each theft? ~~~ Will Brian rediscover the ability to love having now met Justin? ~~~ Does Brian steal Justin’s heart or, this time, is it Justin doing the stealing? (Note: Brian is just a couple of years older than Justin in this fic) ~~~ Plot bunny: Storyline unashamedly borrowed from the Thomas Crown Affair"

You are my only hope.
Thank you,

Found, thanks to Predec2!
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Hello. Whenever i click on links for midnight whispers it only brings me to the main page it doesn't open the story. Does anyone know how i can get directly to the story? Thanks in advance!!

UPDATE: There are some technological helpful hints in the comments below. Thanks!!
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Hello fellow QAF fic readers! I have a bit of a strange request but I'm hoping you can help!

I was a big fan of the QAF fandom "back in the day", but fell out of it for awhile and haven't really kept up with fics and the new-ish authors. I remember loving some amazing fics back in the day by authors like Allie-Quixotic, Raging Pixie, Bigboobedcanuck, Plumsuede, etc.

Obviously I can go through entries at BJfic, but I'm hoping those who have stayed more involved in the fandom over the past couple recent years can point me in the direction of some great newer fic/authors. Are there any fics that stand out to you in the last couple of years that are just absolutely WORTH THE READ that I shouldn't miss?

Only B/J pairing please :)
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I was in the mood for some b/j in extrem weather/natrl disastr fic and come to old post about Cyn tsunami fic "Swept away" but the attached link no longer works. Does anyone have working link for this fic or know where is stored?
Thanks in advance. The old post is here: http://getithere.livejournal.com/130423.html

FOUND! Thank to [livejournal.com profile] kate_anders : http://midnightwhispers.ca/old/stories/Cyn/1111.txt
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Does someone knows what happened to the old index of midnight whispers the one which was not in chronological order, it just disappeared like that. Does somebody knows another place where these fictions which were there can found. I mean there were such good fictions there such as the prince and the privateer for example.
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Mods, hope this is okay to post here.  I just received an important update regarding Midnight Whispers, and Bob, the senior administrator, asked me to pass the following message along to everyone.  He also wants everyone to know how much he appreciates your words of support.  Here it is:


Midnight Whispers is offline and will probably be that way for at least several days due to a very sophisticated and complicated spambot invasion that also crippled Servage Hosting globally. They lost half of Germany about 2 weeks ago and I'd bet they are still barely hanging on.

Moving to Host Gator is already underway but first we must fix this infestation in our files for new back ups.

We not only have the expensive $ 50 hourly rate of our software engineer which has to clean up our files to avoid an old back up transfer to the new host, but our bandwidth today - 60+GB a week and growing - will be costly to maintain and this old man on a fixed income can't do it alone.

We spent a lot of budget working on the version upgrade to finally determine we're better off staying with the current version. The newer eFiction version of SQL is ancient. The girl modifying eFiction has pretty much abandoned the project and the eFiction geek blog is a graveyard. No help there to speak of.

My software man is concentrating on cleaning our files from one of the most maliciously determined malware programs we have seen with our over 30 years in computers. I have opened an account with Host Gator and I'm learning their way of doing things -  getting ready for the move and to manage it.

In the nearly 5 years I've been your admin, this is without question the greatest threat Whispers has ever faced. The Internet has become a very dangerous place for everyone. Add to that we have growing pains. We are simply getting too big to stay free anymore if we hope to stay online. With the number of hits and amount of bandwidth we use daily, hosting companies charge for that just like your electricity company charges for the amount of KWH you use. And lets not forget the additional expense coming up to obtain state of the art website security.

With these new web threats and how bad it is, I won't know the final cost of the cures, and the move to Host Gator until it's over. This attack has only one purpose - to shut us down forever.

Donations are truly needed. They go into a verified PayPal account. To give a Midnight Whispers donation with PayPal just login in, click Send Money, and type:



Bob, senior admin, Midnight Whispers
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When trying to access Midnightwhispers tonight it goes to an online pharmacy account? Would appreciate any help please. I've been following many fics there. Thanks for your help!
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I'm looking for stories where Justin has brother(s), preferably very protective of him, but anything's good ^^

ETA: Recs can be found in the comments :)

And if mods won't yell at me too much I have a question. Does anybody has a problem with Midnight Whispers? Whenever I try to load the page my anti virus shows me a warning about site trying to load dangerous file (object: http:/med-med-buy.com/ danger: URL:Mal). I tried to contact administrator but for some reason I can't sent the massage.
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With the mod's permission, I am happy to announce that Midnight Whispers now has a Twitter account!  It will be used to note any server problems, fan fiction challenges (there's a new one coming for the summer!), as well as any other items of note for the site.  Here's the link:


It's just getting off the ground, but if you have a twitter account, I hope you'll sign up to follow it and help us to improve it.  Thanks to mander3_swish for the suggestion.:)
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Hi folks :)

We've noticed that we are getting quite a few "Midnight Whispers is down for me, anyone else?" posts lately. We understand that you get stressed when you can't get to a fic, and no need to feel bad if you've done a post like that, but it is getting a tiny bit ridiculous, especially as it seems that often MW is only not working for a few minutes or a couple of hours. Might we ask that next time that happens to you, you give it a day?

Now, we are talking about possibly giving you guys a place to post things with a bit more freedom. An open discussion post type thing (always to be started by the mods). This is a search comm, but since we seem to be one of very few active QAF comms left, we figure maybe we should give you a place to say things that don't fit the "search" criteria.


ETA: I'm kinda loving that so far no one wants anything to change!
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Okay, so I have this problem with AUs. I mean, I LIKE AU's, I just have a lot of trouble finding ones that appeal to me. So, once again, I was hoping for you guys' help. I prefer my stories nc-17, long or at LEAST 2,000 words, and complete (but if the WIP is updated regularly, that's fine too).

Now, I know I'm only supposed to put three things I like here, so I thought it would be helpful if I told you all what I absolutely can't stand in fic as well: watersports, scat, infidelity (tricking doesn't count, I mean cheating after they've decided to be exclusive), crossdressing, one of the boys getting sick or dying, one of the boys being a hooker or escort, the boys' ages being reversed, so much angst that the entire story makes me cry, historical stuff, and any fic in which one of the boys' have any kind of eating disorder.

So now for my requests:

1) Anything supernatural - I've been looking at confused_bliss' fics but I don't really know where to start, they all look great. I wouldn't mind ya'll letting me know your favorite of hers as well as reccing some other authors' stuff.

2) Anything with kids - stories in which the boys have children AFTER they get together, whether they end up with custody of Gus or Brian's nephews, they use a surrogate, Brian get's Justin preggers (not the other way around please), whatever. Please nothing with either guy having custody of a child BEFORE meeting, though.

3) Anything Anti-Lindsay - I hate her, as far as I'm concerned she tore Brian and Justin apart. So anything with lots of Lindsay bashing is love, guys. Thanks!

Well, that's all ... thank you, everyone.

UPDATE: Lots of recs in comments, more always welcome! Thank ya'll!
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Hi, I went through the 'downloads' tag but I didn't really find what I was looking for. So I hope ya'll can help me out - I'm looking for fics that are ONLY available by download, complete, and nc-17. These are my three requests:

1) Jealous/Possessive Brian - it just gets me every time, I have a thing for jealousy and possessiveness.
2) Non-AU Mpreg - I'd like to read stories where Justin gets pregnant but otherwise the story stays true to the show. I've already read Lizzy's fics so please don't rec them.
3) Justin Stalked - I'd really like to read some stories where Justin is stalked by someone and Brian protects him. Bonus if Ethan is the stalker, but it doesn't HAVE to be him.

Well, I hope ya'll can help me out. Thank you!

UPDATE: Lots of recs in comments, both links and downloads. More are always welcome of course! Thanks everyone!

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