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#1 Melanie doesn't like Gus and this causes a lot of friction between Brian and her. Brian and Justin sue for custody and raise Gus

#2 stories where Brian and Justin take in Gus when he is a baby.
[identity profile] florissah.livejournal.com
What I remember is before Brian dies of old age, he asks Gus to watch over Justin. I think Justin may have dementia. Gus takes Justin to the park and pushes him in his wheelchair. Justin thinks Gus is Brian. I usually hate death fics but this one stuck with me. I've looked in every tag I can think of. I hope someone remembers this one!

Edit: Not Found.
[identity profile] astroella.livejournal.com
What I remember from the fic is Gus and his little brother are close. They pretty much take care of each other as Sam and Lindsay are so self-involved. I remember a scene where Gus is walking down a New York street with his brother and Brian and Justin find them. Maybe Justin has a show in town? I'm sorry, but that's all I remember.

[identity profile] moonflowerkc.livejournal.com
Can anyone help me find the fic where Justin wrote a series of children's books where the main character is Prince Gus? He has two daddies, King Brian and Justin. It may or may not be an AU.

FOUND! Link in comments.
[identity profile] court1429.livejournal.com
I think that psycho Ben Carson's West Point fabrications must've put this fic in my mind! :-D I've checked all the "Gus is a teenager" tags and scanned the subject headings in the "Gus" tag, but didn't find this fic. Unfortunately, I don't remember any other details. Thanks in advance!

Update: Found very quickly by [livejournal.com profile] blklizard, who provided a sendspace download link and a direct link to [livejournal.com profile] qaffangyrl's tags page in the comments. Thank you!
[identity profile] bendabrenda.livejournal.com
I'm looking for a story where the kids speculate about the relationship between B/J.They notice that Justin is always sleeping and try and put two and two together thinking he has HIV. I can't remember what else is in this story hopefully someone can remember it for me. I checked the HIV tags ,Justin illness and Gus hates Justin tags but couldn't find it. I remember the story had drawn pictures of the kids.
Thanks in Advance!
FOUND -Family Stories 1-6 by Moonbrightnites
[identity profile] fefaxx.livejournal.com
Hi guys,
I'm looking for this fic I read a long time ago. Gus is probably a teen and he comes out as gay to his mother Lindsey so she says she made a bet with Brian about it.... Then Gus tells about how Justin helped him out after Lindsey's death. Thanks
[identity profile] fandomfreak101.livejournal.com
How we got where we're going by Allie. I read this fic again recently and it's just perfect. It has the right amount of angst, perfect amount of Gus and Brian and Justin. Plz suggest me fics similar to this. I want gus with Bk and JT. Brian as a father figure with Justin by his side. Yes I have been through tags but will appreciate your help. Looking forward to reading more fics. Thanks

Found some in comments. Looking for more.
[identity profile] urugwaj.livejournal.com
I'm looking for a story where Gus is a teenager and his boyfriend dies in a car accident and after that Gus has problems getting behind the wheel.
Gus probably live with his mothers and Brian and Justin don't know how to help him deal with what's happened.
Justin's abstract paintings are a part of the story and pictures of them were posted in the middle of the chapters.
The story might not have been posted on LJ. I've checked all tags were Gus was mentioned.

found - How We Got Where We're Going by allie quixotic

Thank you for your help! :)
[identity profile] fandomfreak101.livejournal.com
Agh. I have been searching for this fic for so long. Gus is caught drunk driving and Justin scolds him but brian takes it easy. This pisses justin off so he divides the house (the left Wing maybe).
I think the name might contain the word wing but not sure. I checked b/j and gus tags. Couldn't find it. I know it's here somewhere.

Found. Pdf link in the comments
[identity profile] princesakarlita.livejournal.com
Im looking for a fic where brain is out with Gus and they visit Emmett at his work and Emmett mentions Justin name and starts looking for him around. Also looking for a fic where Gus visit brain ask about Justin. Brian tells him he's in new York and the next day Gus has his little suitcase and bear and tells brain he going to visit Justin in new York and they surprise him.

Found the second still looking for the first
[identity profile] lorelaimcqueen.livejournal.com
I remember a story I read a while back that had a woman - clearly psychopathic as the story went on - who lusted after Brian. I think this might have been a post-5x13 story, and Brian and Justin are living in Britin (I might be wrong) but she doesn't give a care that Brian's clearly and not so secretly gay. It was mentioned in the story that this woman was one of those straight people/women who believe that gay men are only that way because they haven't met the right woman yet. I think she was a mother of one of Gus' friends or classmates and that's how she got introduced to their lives. I'm pretty sure, near the end of the story, she tried to burn down the house or something. If anyone knows which story this is, please let me know.

If there are any other stories with Brian and Justin interacting with straight people, either in a negative or positive light or even in a humorous way, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you so much in advance!!

EDIT: Found but further recs are welcomed!!


Gus Fics

Jan. 1st, 2015 03:03 am
[identity profile] annie-eliza.livejournal.com
1. Are there any fics that center around Gus an adult (college age or older. High school would be okay too) and his relationship with Brian. Maybe they form a closer bond somehow.

2. Are there any fics where Gus gets into some sort of trouble (drugs, emotional issues, whatever) and Brian helps him out?

Fics that fit one or both of those requests are greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great new year!

Update: Some great recs listed below. Thanks to all the contributors!
[identity profile] moonflowerkc.livejournal.com
Are there any fics where Linds and/or Mel refuse to let Brian see Gus because they think he would make a terrible father and influence? And then years later, they run into him (preferably with Justin, but it doesn't matter) and Brian has his own child(ren) and they see he's an excellent father. Regret/guilt hopefully ensues.

I've read Family Matters which has some of the elements but isn't exactly what I'm looking for: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2746153/1/Family_Matters


update: no recs yet. Oh well.
[identity profile] sookei.livejournal.com
SO Says the title. Gus was staying at the loft and he had a tummy ache. there was a scene too where Brian drank too much wine and left Justin carrying a very heavy sleeping Gus up the loft. I’ve searching for domestic and gus related tags, and i really cannot find it.

Next fic is Brian visited Gus in Toronto amd they went to Tim Hortons

Edit: #1 and 2 Found
[identity profile] lorelaimcqueen.livejournal.com
I really don't remember much about this fic, but there is a scene where it's time for Gus' meal and he wants hotdogs - and soda, I think. Brian puts his foot down and says he'll be making Gus a milkshake instead. Gus was with Brian and Justin. He might've been spending the day with them or something.

I wonder if anyone knows which fic this scene is in. Please let me know if you do.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Found! The link is in the comments!

[identity profile] lorelaimcqueen.livejournal.com
I'm feeling a wintery sort of mood right now. I'm looking for any fic that has Brian and Justin skiing. It could be a short vacation fic or a chapter in a longer non-wintery related fic.

I'm also looking for a particular story that has Brian and Justin taking Gus to a cabin somewhere. Gus, JR and the Munchers were now living in Canada. The three of them get snowed inside the cabin. In the middle of the night, Gus wakes up and finds a kitten outside. Brian and Justin saw the open door of the cabin and thought something bad had happened since it was turning into a blizzard outside. Gus and kitten are fine. Gus begs to keep the kitten and since it was dangerous to put it out in a blizzard, Brian agreed to let it stay the night. The next morning, a neighbor or something shoveled the path to the cabin with a machine and it turns out that the kitten was a newborn from his cat. Brian let Gus take the kitten back home to Canada to piss off Melanie.

Thank you so much in advance.

EDIT: Already found. It's 'Snow and Shadow' and it's link is in the comments. Still, if any of you know any skiing/snowboarding/snow vacation oriented fics...Feel free to let me know. Thanks!

[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/bitch_goddess_/
First, I have to say thank you to the Mods and Members for such an fabulous QAF Community on LJ!! I've been lurking for well over a month just wallowing in the beauty of the Tags Page. And to think... I thought I'd nearly run out of fics to read! Now if someone will put even HALF as much effort into the LJ Search Communities for BTVS, Numb3rs, NCIS and Criminal Minds!!

Anyway... on to my requests:

1. This is a specific fic. No idea of author, title or site. I just remember our boys get married on the Babylon dance floor by Reverend Tom. The whole family is there but they have no idea it's happening until it's already done. **FOUND!!! This is "Tenebrosity"**

2. Another specific fic. Same lack of author, title or site. It's definitely post series because Michael has gone to Toronto and told Gus he should call him Dad and to forget about Brian because Brian isn't a "real Dad." I'm fairly sure Brian attacks Michael at Deb's family dinner when he gets back from his own trip to Canada.  **FOUND!!! This is "The Keeping Series!!"**

3. Last request is for a fic type. (I've added a "spoiler block thingy" in this one because my request, while not intentionally, kind of ends up as character bashing. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed here but I really feel strongly about the subject. Please, if that is likely to offend you, don't open that section. You'll still get the general idea.) Anyway...

I'd like to read fics in which Lindsay's manipulation, self-centeredness, general greed and bitchiness is not explained away by some variation of mental disorder or just a need for therapy. I'll admit that she did appear more than a little bi-polar during Season 5 but, when combined with her actions prior to that, I just don't buy it. And let's face it, therapy only works for someone willing to admit to being wrong and compromise... neither of which describe the Lindsay I saw in canon.

My problem with the majority of anti-Lindsay fics are too many authors using the excuse of mental health issues. I just feel like it's a cop-out that is really overused... although my opinion on this is LARGELY colored by the real life mental health issues that plague my family every day. Canon-Lindsay isn't Bi-Polar, Depressed or suffering from low self-esteem. Canon-Lindsay, IN MY OPINION, is a self-centered, spoiled, manipulative princess who can't handle being told "no."

That's the Lindsay I'd like to see taken down a few pegs in a few fics!! I've read everything by Julesmonster and Wren who both do a really good job in their fics. **Recs made in comments! More are, of course, welcome!!**

Umm... do you mind if I request one last thing? It goes fairly well with #3 above. I'd love to read some fics in which Justin gets to really lay in to Lindsay for the previously mentioned "character flaws."  :P  I'm not sure I've EVER read one where he just finally lets her have a piece of his mind (like he did with poor little Mikey in Rizabeau's "That Happy Feeling" and Wren's "Reverberations.") He comes close several times (usually it ends up as almost a gentle, but firm scolding). I want to see her floored after getting verbally flayed alive.

So...thanks in advance!

MrsHippyFreak (aka Sandra D)
[identity profile] 6frog.livejournal.com
I read a great fic of Brian taking Justin to the loft and Justin realizing that there was a malevolent presence ( Mikey) which he... Justin, fights and saves Brian from it.

Love from 6frog

Found (stories in comments, in fact  'Never Have Never Will' and 'Always Have, Always Will' both by Magsnificent are wonderful but I think I prefer AH, AW better. Thank you so much all of you.
[identity profile] tessan91.livejournal.com
I've been thinking about a fic a read some time ago and I can't remember what it's called or who wrote it.

This is what I do remember:
- B/J live in Britin (I think Gus lives there too)
- Brian said or did something leading to him and Justin "seperating" by living in different parts of the house and not really talking to each other.
- They did this for a few days maybe a few weeks, not really sure.

That's pretty much what I recall.
Hope someone can help :)

PS. Mods, This is my first time posting in your community so if I did anything wrong, let me know ;)

Found, links in comments. Thanks for the fast reply!

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