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I have searched all Gus tags and Daddy fic. tags and I can't find this story -

- Brian goes to the diner with a very young Gus.
- He teaches Gus how to read the menu and how to order a healthy meal.
- Brian is glad that the menu has pictures so he can teach Gus to order.
- I think it's anti-Lindsey and/or Mel.
- I think the girls limit the amount of time that they allow Brian to spend with Gus.
- The girls didn't think Gus could order when they went to a Pizza place to eat and Brian wanted Gus to order for them all.
- I think Gus also has a watch that Brian or maybe Mikey gave him, so he can tell time.
- Though it is a great story, IT'S NOT "Love and Drama at the Sit-A-Spell" by Predec2

Thank you for your help!

FOUND: Why Not With Me by indigo556 -
Link in Comments - Thank You, malanna42 for finding it.
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Seems I've been avoiding the fandom since the election (HUGE grimace HUGE depression), but started thinking of a story that I can't get off my mind. Maybe finding it will cheer me up???

Justin is a ghost who lives in the studio of his old family home. I think he feels he was abandoned there. Brian is looking for a house and Jennifer shows him her old home, where she's not aware Justin's spirit is trapped. Eventually B/J meet, fall in love. Brian is the only one who can see him, but they have a tumultous relationship. Something about lots of food but Justin can't eat, and jealous Justin queening out in the studio. Eventually Gus believes in Justin's existence. At the end Gus is married with kids and Brian somehow joins Justin.

I couldn't find it in the b/j is a ghost/spirit tags. Help?

FOUND already by the expeditious [livejournal.com profile] ara_kiss. Love's Not Time's Fool by Wren. Link in comments.
Thanks so much. 
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic that I read a really long time ago where Justin and Brian are working on their relationship and in doing so I think they go to therapy but I'm not sure. Justin buys a chair that I think he calls the "talking chair" to put in the loft for one of them to sit in when they want to talk to the other about something emotional. It comes out in all of this that Brian attempted suicide multiple times (including on his 30th birthday and I think when Justin left him for Ethan).

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Found, link in comments. Thanks :)
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I think that psycho Ben Carson's West Point fabrications must've put this fic in my mind! :-D I've checked all the "Gus is a teenager" tags and scanned the subject headings in the "Gus" tag, but didn't find this fic. Unfortunately, I don't remember any other details. Thanks in advance!

Update: Found very quickly by [livejournal.com profile] blklizard, who provided a sendspace download link and a direct link to [livejournal.com profile] qaffangyrl's tags page in the comments. Thank you!
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There is a very, very small snipped of a fic I recall. I just can't find the story it belongs to. I think there had been some dispute over custody of Gus. The only scene I remember is of Brian sitting by the pool or in the back yard, at Britin I believe, smoking pot. Debbie comes in and starts to go off on him about smoking up around Gus. Brian shuts her down angrily. There is a lot of tension between the two.

I hate that I can't remember more, but does anyone recall this scene or something close? Thanks

FOUND: Great and Unfortunate Things by [livejournal.com profile] lovethecoat (found by [livejournal.com profile] kellydeer... Thank you!) Link in comments.
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How we got where we're going by Allie. I read this fic again recently and it's just perfect. It has the right amount of angst, perfect amount of Gus and Brian and Justin. Plz suggest me fics similar to this. I want gus with Bk and JT. Brian as a father figure with Justin by his side. Yes I have been through tags but will appreciate your help. Looking forward to reading more fics. Thanks

Found some in comments. Looking for more.
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Im looking for a fic where brain is out with Gus and they visit Emmett at his work and Emmett mentions Justin name and starts looking for him around. Also looking for a fic where Gus visit brain ask about Justin. Brian tells him he's in new York and the next day Gus has his little suitcase and bear and tells brain he going to visit Justin in new York and they surprise him.

Found the second still looking for the first
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I remember a story I read a while back that had a woman - clearly psychopathic as the story went on - who lusted after Brian. I think this might have been a post-5x13 story, and Brian and Justin are living in Britin (I might be wrong) but she doesn't give a care that Brian's clearly and not so secretly gay. It was mentioned in the story that this woman was one of those straight people/women who believe that gay men are only that way because they haven't met the right woman yet. I think she was a mother of one of Gus' friends or classmates and that's how she got introduced to their lives. I'm pretty sure, near the end of the story, she tried to burn down the house or something. If anyone knows which story this is, please let me know.

If there are any other stories with Brian and Justin interacting with straight people, either in a negative or positive light or even in a humorous way, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you so much in advance!!

EDIT: Found but further recs are welcomed!!


Gus Fics

Jan. 1st, 2015 03:03 am
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1. Are there any fics that center around Gus an adult (college age or older. High school would be okay too) and his relationship with Brian. Maybe they form a closer bond somehow.

2. Are there any fics where Gus gets into some sort of trouble (drugs, emotional issues, whatever) and Brian helps him out?

Fics that fit one or both of those requests are greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great new year!

Update: Some great recs listed below. Thanks to all the contributors!
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SO Says the title. Gus was staying at the loft and he had a tummy ache. there was a scene too where Brian drank too much wine and left Justin carrying a very heavy sleeping Gus up the loft. I’ve searching for domestic and gus related tags, and i really cannot find it.

Next fic is Brian visited Gus in Toronto amd they went to Tim Hortons

Edit: #1 and 2 Found
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Hi, I hope someone can help me find this fic: Lindsay dies while she in her six months of pregnancy with Gus, thus Gus is a premature baby less than a pound and Brian being the amazing father he is takes care of him and is everyday at the hospital.  Does anyone know what I am talking about? I've looked everywhere and I was sure I saved it on my folder but no, no such luck.

Found : No more mio amore by  [livejournal.com profile] foreverfolked  . Thank you!
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Hey, so this is not a lot to go on but this is just torturing me here. I'm looking for a bjfic and it's one I am positive that I should know well. I have this feeling that it is likely even one of my favorite fictions ever but my kindle is showing no results when I search foursome' and windows 7... I have no idea how to search 'non indexed locations'-such as my ex. hard drive.

So anyway... the fic.

I know it is Canon, I know in my head it is post series (though I'm not finding it in that category of my fic folders) so I'm pretty sure it must be an AU that is very canon. And I'm pretty sure the story ends like this:

Brian walks into their bedroom and Justin is holding two grooms from a wedding cake and he's all... "So... wanna have a foursome?" or words close to that.

I'm sure I'll be kicking myself once this is found because I know by the way the scene popped into my head that it is likely one of my top 10 favorite fics. Please help!

Edit: Found! The story is of course... Inescapable by [livejournal.com profile] suzvoy ~and it does end like I thought it did. It is one of the best AU in Canon Characterization fics ever and definitely in my top 10 favorites and I'm completely embarrassed that I didn't know this immediately. *facepalm*
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Hi all,

I’m just wondering if there are any fics where Brian treats Justin badly after they get back together after Justin’s little slip up with Ethen.  I think there’s a specific fic I’m thinking of where Brian tricks a lot in front of Justin or does it in such a way that the news gets back to Justin through gossip in the diner.


Thanks for the help

Story found in comments + others
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Hey ya

Not too long ago I was reading a really great unfinished fic but i stupidly didn't bookmark it and I can't recall the name. I think it's new and I think it was posted on a livejournal site. Gus is a teenager getting into drugs and Brian and Justin have a baby boy named James Dean. Ring any bells? I was really into it but I tend to forget the names of everything. Thanks!!!

found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/321257/chapters/538041
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I'm searching for two fics:
#1:  Mel and Lindsey have some Problems in their relationship and go to therapy. During this therapy they have to go camping. I think this was supposed to make them work together. It was not particularly anti- mel& linds but not too friendly either.

#2: I just remember that Justin said something along the lines to Lindsey like : You demand a lot of money from Brian for his kid, but you are dressed in designer clothes.
It was obviously anti- lindsey and AU, as Brian and Justin meet each other in an other way.

Sorry that I don't have more to go by, but these pieces just pooped into my head.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks a lot


Both stories found- Thanks to highd and all the others.
# 1 Ishealing ; # 2 the Mask  links are in comments
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I'm looking for 2 fics in this theme.
The first one is a Christmas fic. Gus and his mommies visited the Pitts for Christmas and Brian will join them in Christmas eve. Right after that he will go to NY to spend Christmas with Justin. But Gus cried when he tried to leave so Mel and Linds tell Brian to take him because they also plan to visit Mel's family or some relatives in NY or somewhere place that I can't remember. I think Brian surprise Justin because he also took Jennifer and Molly with him. They spend sometime in a park and ride a carriage or something.
Wren's 'Christmas Presence' (http://wren-kt7oz.livejournal.com/29347.html)

In the second one Brian and Gus came to NY and he asked Gus to knock on Justin's door and pretend that he came by himself. It's a surprise visit, I think. Well, that's what I remember =)
Rena's 'Adventures with Dad' (http://web.archive.org/web/20070318165630/http://www.thelibertydiner.net/adventureswithdad.html)

I've checked the tags...the holiday tags and gus fic tags with no result so hopefully someone knows these fics.
Thank you =)
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Helloes! I'm searching for a post-513 fic, which, as I am quite certain, is a oneshot. I think Brian and Gus are training for a marathon? And I'm not sure, but I believe the fic is set in New York, with Brian and Justin living there and Gus visiting (for the summer?). Father and son head out for a run early in the morning and when they come back, their building is on fire, the cause having been a gas explosion or something similar. Justin is believed to have been in the apartment at that time, but I think/hope he wasn't, after all.

For some reason I was sure that it was one of severina's fics, but since the raid on her journal left me without result, I must've been on the wrong track.

Help? :)

Edit: Found!

Gus Stories

Sep. 4th, 2008 07:32 pm
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Alrighty people, I hope this post isn't against teh rules...

Lately I've been in love with Gus stories, particularly ones where he goes to live with Brian and Justin. :)

I've already read: 1) Growing up Kinney 2)The Gus Diaries 3) Wild Child

Anyone know of any other good ones??? Pwease??? :DDD Like I said, I would prefer it if he were older and living with Brian and Justin, or trying to. Those are my favorites. :) Thanks in advance everyone.

EDIT: Good links in the comments, but I'd appreciate more. :D Thanks everybody!

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