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I wanted to where is it possible to read Crazyevildru's stories. I'm particulary looking forward to read Nowhere to run, its sequel Somewhere I belong and the Crashed story. The access to the journal is locked and she doesn't seem around anymore to friend people.

Links in the comments

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy [livejournal.com profile] chase37 [livejournal.com profile] sjmpets [livejournal.com profile] blklizard for their help
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Hi. I just came across Crashed by crazyevildru in the tags. But the problem is I can only read chap 1. I google it and found chap 18 and the last chapter 30. I would like to read the complete story. Plz help me find all the chaps.

Update: debba62 came to the rescue and emailed me! I don't know if there is a link for the full story online.
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Hi all!

I'm looking for a fic in which Justin somehow ended up with (I think) a scarred face. I don't know if he was attacked or in an accident. I only recall one specific scene in which Debbie (and maybe the whole gang) is at the loft trying to cheer him up (or maybe welcome him home from the hospital) but they are oblivious about how uncomfortable they are making him. At one point Deb calls Justin 'Sunshine' and he blows up at her and all his well-meaning friends. He yells something like "I'm not Sunshine, anymore!" because he can't really smile anymore because of the scar tissue (or maybe it was nerve damage). I think Brian eventually takes Justin to a plastic surgeon (or neurosurgeon, if it was nerve damage) and pays for the procedure that will help him smile again.

I've searched through all possible appropriate Tags but, because I remember so little of it, I was unable to find a match.

Mrs. Hippyfreak
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I looking for multi-chapter fanfics in pdf, written by 1) besame_bj 2) crazyevildru

Found :D
Crazyevildru's fic:WANT.
Send via email by Kate Anders.
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Being that it's Spring Break at the university where I work, I've been reading a lot (and simultaneously learning to really love this community and its wonderful system of tagging - very useful). I've read several stories where Brian hurts Justin, usually accidentally but sometimes when he's angry. I was wondering if there are any where the reverse occurs - where Justin physically injures Brian in some way? I'm apparently in the mood for turning themes around, as I'd also love any story that has Brian not enjoying bottoming but doing it (rarely, perhaps) for Justin anyway - it seems like everyone has Brian secretly loving bottoming, but what if he just doesn't enjoy it that much? I'm not saying he hates it, just that he's a top physically and emotionally.

ETA: One suggestion from the lovely wouldbedorothy, but still looking for more. Maybe I should try my hand at writing one....
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Is there any fic where either Justin or Brian get a limb amputation? I don't know if something like that was ever written. I'd prefer it if it was Justin who lost a limb, and it would be even better (in a sadistic way) if it was his right hand. Or maybe something where he totally loses the use of it.

Can you help me?

several links in the comment. Still looking
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So I just recently got into QaF and have been devouring fics left and right. This place is a veritable goldmine and I love it, so I want to thank the mods for creating this wonderful little slice of heaven.

That said, I'm looking for a few fics. The first one I had started to read on queereyes, but only the first chapter was accessible via web archive, the rest wasn't. The fic is called Crisis by 'Jane'. I searched all the tags here; justin getting hurt, the author tags, anything that seemed like it might relate to what I'd been able to glean in the first chapter, but nothing cropped up. I also looked through the 4shared folders and even tried googling but I can't seem to find anything. Would appreciate any help!

Second one is more of a rec than a specific fic. I'm looking for any fics where Justin is the one hurt in the Babylon Bombing. I read through the tag for it but didn't find anything where Justin was actually hurt (would prefer canon over AU).

The only other specifics I have regarding recs are; no wips, no character death, preferably happy ending (lololright) & 3rd pov only.

Edit: Fic found! Link in comments.
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I just finished Fifty Shades of Grey book 1. I was wondering if there are any fics along the lines of Shades for my boys Brian and Justin. If so please share.

Thanks in advance!!!

**Some recs inside**
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Hi guys!
Does any of you have the link to this fic where Justin's hand is trapped and Brian tries to save him?...I think he can't draw anymore, not sure though...I can't remember much, just that Justin hand is trapped.

FOUND, Link in comments :)
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Hi guys, I need your help. I would like to read a story I read a long time ago, in witch Leda is asked by Justin to teach in his school. Can you recommend some other stories with Leda included. I really liked her character. Thanks, Metka.

EDIT: The specific story's title is Are you ready for love by Moonshadow woman, link is in the post.
EDIT 2: There are some good recomendation for other stories with Leda.
Thanks to all of you. Metka
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Hey, I've in the middle of reading 'Want' by [livejournal.com profile] crazyevildru and i was wondering if there are anymore fics any where where Brian and Justin Parcipate in Kinds of Emtional Bondage or Bondage and kinks etc, I would perfer it if Brian did things to justin rather than the other way round.

Thanks for Your Help!
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Hi, I was just wondering if someone could give me the dirtiest Brian and Justin story imaginable. I am really in the mood for some hardcore, raunchy, dirty stuff. I mean, I don't mind if it is loving as well, but it needs to be extremely dirty. I am new here so I don't no much of anything, but I am trying to learn and hopefully make a few friends as I go.

*Waits in anticipation*

Edit Found some recs, but always looking for more.

Thank you all so much


Mar. 11th, 2011 08:19 pm
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Hi everybody !!

I look for a fic named CRASHED, I don't remember the name oh the author :
In this fic, Justin is hurting in the episode 513, his arm is completly destroyed, I belive.
Excuse me for my english...

PS: I love this communauty... Thank so much everybody...

So this fic is written by crazyvildru. You can become friend with her to read this fic and the link is http://community.livejournal.com/bjfic/?skip=120&tag=crazyevildru .
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Hola. I'm having a morbid Monday night!

1) I remember reading one long fic a while ago that was post 5.13--Justin had an eating disorder in New York, Brian came up and got him, made him take his sweater off to see the weight loss, brought him home and got him in treatment. I'm looking for other fics where Justin (but if there are ones with Brian, those too!) has an eating disorder of some kind.

2) Also in the vein of "I've read one and I want more"--fics were Justin (or, again, Brian would be fine too) is raped and has to deal with the aftermath? The one I read was at Sap's party, and I know there are a few of those out there...but I was wondering if there were ones that took place at other times? As in-universe as possible would be good...not Melanie raping Justin or something.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Tons of links in the comments! You guys never cease to amaze me.
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Hi :)

I'm looking for a fic where Brian was in a plane crash. He was travelling for some business meeting and the plane he was on had to make an emergency landing (I think). I remember that when Justin found out about the flight's problems, he called Liberty and they helped him get where Brian was.

Thanks in advance ^-^
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Hi all-

I am looking for a fic where Brian and Justing get married and the song Lover's Spit is played at the wedding. I believe it was a song-fic and the lyrics where written in the story. Thanks so much!

*Edit: Found! Crashed by [livejournal.com profile] crazyevildru*
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I'm sorry if this has been searched a lot, I looked through all the memories and didn't find it.

I'm looking for a BDSM/D/s fic, I think what brings it about was something about Justin emotionally needing to be a slave/sub.

I think Brian eventually gets cancer in the story.

I'm sorry, that's all I can remember...

Maybe/Probably found: Want by [livejournal.com profile] crazyevildru 

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