May. 26th, 2017

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I wanted to where is it possible to read Crazyevildru's stories. I'm particulary looking forward to read Nowhere to run, its sequel Somewhere I belong and the Crashed story. The access to the journal is locked and she doesn't seem around anymore to friend people.

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Thanks to [ profile] wouldbedorothy [ profile] chase37 [ profile] sjmpets [ profile] blklizard for their help
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First Story
- Possible Anti-Lindsey
- Justin's office & studio are in the same building. I think he also lives there. Possibly owns the building.
- Justin possibly has a vault (maybe bank vault?) that he stores his art in. Even has security cameras. Only he has access; which makes (I think) Lindsey mad/jealous.
- Justin hires Lindsey to work for him, but he won't allow her to have access to his vault.
- She brings a baby Gus to work with her. Justin made/had area for him in the office.
- When I first read this story, years ago, I think it was a WIP.

Second Story
- Brian and Justin buy duplex or house with a small child size door between two separate living areas (they choose this place because it will be easy access for Gus(?) to go between, but not the girls.
- B/J offer the other side of duplex/home to Lindsey and Melanie, so Brian can see Gus(?) more often.
- Possible custody fight
- At the end of the story(?), Brian and Justin bring home a baby. I think it's a boy.

Third Story
- Justin lives in a tiny run down apartment. I think it's in a 70's color for the kitchen, green, orange, or yellow. It's like the whole kitchen even appliances are all in this same color. I think the description is: walk into apt., couch/bed in front, ugly tiny kitchen to the left (picture Emmett's & Michael's, but in ugly & old color), small table with two chairs.
- I think Justin is getting some type of help; government, financial, baby assistance.
- I think Brian has to move into Justin's tiny apt.

Help finding is appreciated.

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