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I have been thinking about a fic all week, and can't seem to locate it. The problem is that I only remember a small bit of the plot line. I am hoping someone can help me locate it.

I believe it is an Anti-Michael fic and was on Midnight Whispers. I could be wrong about those.

The bit that I remember is that Brian owned the whole building the loft is in, and I THINK that Ben and Emmet moved into one of the apartments either as a couple or as roommates. I know it was a longer fic, and I think had a Ben leaves Michael theme. The problem now is that I am wondering if it was Vic who moved in with Emmet instead and I am remembering wrong. I believe that someone else in the family had an apartment in the same building. I remember a scene where Emmet and either Ben or Vic went to Brian and Justin and asked if they could move into the building... possibly in a 3 bdr apt.

I checked the Ben/Emmet tag and didn't see anything that looked right. If someone knows the fic, I would greatly appreciate it.

FOUND! Family Divided by Edom
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hello I am looking for a fic that I read not to long ago.\
The sence that I remember is wher Kip tried to sue for sexual harrasment and it turned out that the weekend that he said it happend on Bryan was out of town I belive with Justin and I think it was New York.
thank you for any help you can give me
I am not sure of what  tags to use
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Hi everyone!

I know that is a long ass subject line, but I also know the Mods like it to be specific! ;)

I think the subject line pretty much covers it, but to be more specific (from what I remember), B/J have the gang all gathered at the loft to announce they are pregnant. Someone (most likely Mikey) tells Brian the baby probably isn't even his, but Brian nips that in the bud by saying, "I know it's mine because I'm the one who's pregnant" 'Dumbass!' goes unsaid.

I feel sure I've got this saved somewhere & I thought it was a Draccone fic, but I've searched my documents using a variety of phrases & can't find it.

This is really driving me bat-shit crazy, so if any of you know what fic I'm referring to, I'll love you forevah!!!


Found! Twins by [livejournal.com profile] edom http://midnightwhispers.net/viewstory.php?sid=481

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] balrogtweety
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I want to read a story where Brian Kinney has a sibling other than Clair. I would prefer if he has a good relationship with this brother or sister.

FOUND! Thank you to everyone who posted a response. All of the links will be found below. I know midnight whispers has changed their web code recently so you'll have to Google the titles to read them for any that are from and I was first thank you to everyone who posted a response. All of the links will be found in the thread.
I know midnight whispers has changed their web code recently so you'll have to Google the titles to read them for any that are from that sight.
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I'm looking for a story where Justin is living in NY Brian thinks everything is hunky Dory. Daphne shows Brian Justin's paintings and they are awful.

found in comment it is unfinished sadly
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I am looking for a story I can only remember part of it, it is where Brian and Justin did an add for eye comics and Justin did a good job and the lady said to Brian I told you this child will have your job one day and Brian told her Justin was his partner. does anyone think they can help me please and thank you.

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I just need the title of the fic where Brian decides to win Justin back by sending him gifts,one them was a promise ring and a dinner invitation. Anyone remember the title,I hope?

FOUND!!! Answer found in comments.
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Hello. I have read many fics where Brian is the scapegoat by members of the family (especially Michael, Mel, and Deb) even though he's the one who fixes everything. Sometimes they even realize this or got told off and they change which Brian made so happy that he just lets the past go.

What I'm looking for are fics where they need to grovel and work hard to earn forgiveness and trust. For example, maybe Brian cuts them off, got a job out of state, in a coma, or something. I also like when they get told off by someone. Without him there to get blamed for every little thing wrong in their lives, they have to face some cold hard facts. I prefer Brian and Justin to be together but that's not necessary. I just want some groveling!

Thank you for any help.

update: received some suggestions.
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Hi. I'm trying to remember two fics I've read like a few weeks ago (yes my memory is either that bad or I just fail finding things lol),and I can't remember the titles. But I do remember that in:

Fic 1) That Mikey had gotten so jealous and delusional over Brian and Justin,that he breaks into the loft and smashes and slashes everything in sight,thereby setting off one Justin's panic attacks. When Brian and Ted are going over the damage for the insurance,Ted finds Justin's engagement band in the garbage disposal and Mikey took the other one from Brian's desk. This one has an Anti-Michael tag attached,I think..can't remember.

Fic 2) It's Brian's birthday and the anniversary of Justin's bashing,Justin tells their friends that he doesn't find their idea of birthday prank funny,since Brian's turning 30 and rats them out to Brian. So Brian takes himself and Justin to New York so the day can be remembered as a happy occasion and not a sad one.

Any help with the titles or links would be greatly appreciated,thank you! <3 :)
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I have looked through so many tags that I think I'm cross-eyed. The story I'm looking for is when Brian realizes he has the biggest campaign of his life in getting Justin back. Justin is with Ethan at this time and he receives gifts from Brian. I remember that the first gift is a bouquet of flowers made from tissue paper attached to expensive paint brushes that Brian knows that Justin can't afford. He got this idea from Lindsey.

Any help would be possible. Thanks.



It's called The Most Important Campaign Of My Life by [livejournal.com profile] edom56 For those looking, my thanks.
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Hi there! Can anyone rec me some good B/J season 3 AUs? Specifically, ones where Justin perhaps does indeed leave Brian for Ethan, but cheats on Ethan with Brian, or gets back together with Brian in a different way than canon?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Got a few recs which were great, but if anyone can think of any more, please share!!
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I know someone has looked for this fic earlier but after hours for searching it I can't find it from the tags.

All I remember is that Justin and Brian are not together. Justin somehow probably hits his head and gets memory loss, might have been at his studio. Then he walk to the loft like he and Brian had never broken up and might complain about his headache and say something about how he woke up on the floor of his studio.

FOUND, thank you soozz86

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First, I have to say thank you to the Mods and Members for such an fabulous QAF Community on LJ!! I've been lurking for well over a month just wallowing in the beauty of the Tags Page. And to think... I thought I'd nearly run out of fics to read! Now if someone will put even HALF as much effort into the LJ Search Communities for BTVS, Numb3rs, NCIS and Criminal Minds!!

Anyway... on to my requests:

1. This is a specific fic. No idea of author, title or site. I just remember our boys get married on the Babylon dance floor by Reverend Tom. The whole family is there but they have no idea it's happening until it's already done. **FOUND!!! This is "Tenebrosity"**

2. Another specific fic. Same lack of author, title or site. It's definitely post series because Michael has gone to Toronto and told Gus he should call him Dad and to forget about Brian because Brian isn't a "real Dad." I'm fairly sure Brian attacks Michael at Deb's family dinner when he gets back from his own trip to Canada.  **FOUND!!! This is "The Keeping Series!!"**

3. Last request is for a fic type. (I've added a "spoiler block thingy" in this one because my request, while not intentionally, kind of ends up as character bashing. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed here but I really feel strongly about the subject. Please, if that is likely to offend you, don't open that section. You'll still get the general idea.) Anyway...

I'd like to read fics in which Lindsay's manipulation, self-centeredness, general greed and bitchiness is not explained away by some variation of mental disorder or just a need for therapy. I'll admit that she did appear more than a little bi-polar during Season 5 but, when combined with her actions prior to that, I just don't buy it. And let's face it, therapy only works for someone willing to admit to being wrong and compromise... neither of which describe the Lindsay I saw in canon.

My problem with the majority of anti-Lindsay fics are too many authors using the excuse of mental health issues. I just feel like it's a cop-out that is really overused... although my opinion on this is LARGELY colored by the real life mental health issues that plague my family every day. Canon-Lindsay isn't Bi-Polar, Depressed or suffering from low self-esteem. Canon-Lindsay, IN MY OPINION, is a self-centered, spoiled, manipulative princess who can't handle being told "no."

That's the Lindsay I'd like to see taken down a few pegs in a few fics!! I've read everything by Julesmonster and Wren who both do a really good job in their fics. **Recs made in comments! More are, of course, welcome!!**

Umm... do you mind if I request one last thing? It goes fairly well with #3 above. I'd love to read some fics in which Justin gets to really lay in to Lindsay for the previously mentioned "character flaws."  :P  I'm not sure I've EVER read one where he just finally lets her have a piece of his mind (like he did with poor little Mikey in Rizabeau's "That Happy Feeling" and Wren's "Reverberations.") He comes close several times (usually it ends up as almost a gentle, but firm scolding). I want to see her floored after getting verbally flayed alive.

So...thanks in advance!

MrsHippyFreak (aka Sandra D)
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I vaguely remember a fic with a scene where Kip files the sexual harassment suit even though Brian never had sex with him. It turns out the date Kip says that Brian coerced him into having sex in Brian's office, Justin and Brian were out of town and have all the receipts to prove it.

FOUND! It's 'My Secret Boyfriend' a WIP by Edom. In fact she just posted a new chapter. Link in the comments. Thanks, Edom!!!
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Hi, everyone! I've entered the community recently, and I was pleasently shocked to find so many fics I've been searching for forever. It's a really big place, so I thought maybe someone can help me.

1)I was always interested, are there some fics where Brian makes a bet with someone or something like that, and has to sleep with Justin, but eventually falls in love with him? I've read Draccone's fic, but Brian tells Justin everything right away, and I'd like some angst.

2) There is another fic I've read, it's called 'The Game', I have it, but I don't know the author's name. The fic starts with author's notes: 'A take on Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel Intentions'. It's AU, about how Michael, being very rich, wants revenge 'cause Ben left him for Emmett. He asks Brian who is also rich and well-known to seduce Emmett. Brian refuses at first, because he has more complicated plan. He wants to seduce Justin (just for his entertainment) who is 21 and a virgin, deeply commited to his famous boyfriend Ethan. I was wondering, is it an abandoned WIP?

3) I'm looking for 'Glass in the Trees' by hrmheatherrenee. I already tried tags, and contacted a few people, but I never got the reply. Maybe anyone has this story? My mail is sddd39@yandex.ru

Thank you in advance!

FOUND, some other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone for such quick response!
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Okay, I have this really embarrassing thing for mpreg. I'd always been horrified by the whole idea until some evil friends in my last fandom peppered me with enough really good mpreg fics that I developed an mreg habit. I'm sure there must be some in the QaF fandom too. I looked through the fics in the tags here, but they seem to feature pregnant!Justin. I only want fics with a pregnant!Brian. (*blushes* I know, I know.) I've already read the hilariously brilliant "Prego Stud" by Tagsit, but I haven't found any others.

FOUND! See comments
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I have a severe trauma related to the end of the show and my therapist advised me to read fanfiction with alternate endings for episode 513.
I am asking you to assist me in my therapeutic recommending me stories end with more satisfactory than we saw on the show.
My sanity thanks you all.

I thank all who contributed to my therapeutic treatment. You are wonderful and very kind.

Great stories suggested in the comments with your links.
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Subject says it all... it's a oneshot where they are all guessing & telling their firsts. Everyone including Justin is shocked when they find out that Justin was Brian's first top.

Thanks T

Found: Link in comments.

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