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I wanted to where is it possible to read Crazyevildru's stories. I'm particulary looking forward to read Nowhere to run, its sequel Somewhere I belong and the Crashed story. The access to the journal is locked and she doesn't seem around anymore to friend people.

Links in the comments

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy [livejournal.com profile] chase37 [livejournal.com profile] sjmpets [livejournal.com profile] blklizard for their help
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1) a fic where justin attempts suicide and i believe the title was along the lines of "brian kinney is sex". in the fic, justin overdoses on pills but survives and the whole fic was in brian's point of view.

2) a fic where it is set years after the show ends and the word "weird" was in the title. all i remember from the story was one part where brian and justin just got done hiking up some trail and they were tired and laying on their backs when justin tell brian that he has a crush on him.

thanks to anyone who can help. ❤️

edit: BOTH found

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So my computer crashed and wasn't able to recover all of the stories I have saved over time. And like always, I'm horrible at remembering authors names or stories titles, just the plots of the stories.

Does anyone happened to know the title and author of where Justin was going to an art school, and one of the professors tricks him into making fake paintings and then the professor turns around and selling them as the real thing? Justin knows nothing about what the professor was doing, but he is the one that gets the blame for it.

GaleAndRandy's For Richer or For Poorer:

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Justin and Brian are not together.

Justin lives in another city and is married to a doctor.

Justin gets a telephon call that his husband was in a accident and died.
In the hospital he discovers that somebody else was also in the car.
He learns that his huspand cheated on him and also wanted to get a divorce. The guy his husband cheated on him was pragnant and lost the baby...

Any ideas ?
Couln't find in in the tags, or i searched on the wrong places....

The story is Roadside attraction by GaleandRandy
The link is in the comments
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and somehow a young man that was killed at the party is mistakenly identified as Justin. Brian rushes to LA to identify the body and discovers it isn't Justin. If I remember correctly Justin was knocked over a balcony railing and was unconscious.

I tried to check the tags but there are over 200 entries under the b/j injured tag. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE: Thanks cuivresdesaxe for finding it so quickly. The fic is Going or Staying by Kimberley. There is a link in the comments.
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Hi there
Does anyone recall a fic where Brian I think maybe had an injury that damaged his ass (happened before the actual fic takes place) and he really wants to bottom for Justin but is not sure if he can because of the damage. He goes to a doctor who helps him be sure that he can be fucked and maybe demonstrates with a dildo or something similar as to how big Justin would feel inside him. I also seem to remember that the doctor said something like you've got a healthy colon, go get fucked.
Thanks for any help.

FOUND. Links in the comments and this was actually about Justin, not Brian.
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Two stories here:

1. Justin is with Ethan. Ethan cooks for Justin and intentionally gives him food poisoning with spoiled food. That's really all I recall from this one, although I assume Brian comes in and rescues Justin.

2. Again, Justin is with Ethan and is in the hospital. Brian, however, still has Justin's POA. In fact, they are actually still together and Brian was just letting Justin spread his wings and experience other kinds of relationships before they fully settled down. Ethan finds out at the hospital that he was just a kind of 'time out' for Justin, and Justin has always been Brian's partner.

Any help on these is greatly appreciated. I'm going to go and search the tags, again, in case I missed them, but I didn't see anything that jumped out at me.



1: Transitions by Randall Morgan. Link in comments. Found by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] deviant_queen
2: Power of Attorney by Twinkminded.  Can be found on Midnight Whispers. Found by the speedy and amazing [livejournal.com profile] cuivresdesaxe

Thanks to everyone. My weekend was much better with those reads! 
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Hello. I'm looking for a fic where B/J meet in a different way. It starts with Justin's car breaking down and stumbling on a cabin that Michael and Ben just brought. Brian is there too. They drive him back to town and B/J eventually get together. Now here's the strange part. Whenever a person does something bad to either of them, they end up dead. For example, Kip blackmails Brain and end up dead, but Brian has an airtight alibi and have no clue what happened to Kip. The same thing happens to Justin. Stuff like that.

I hope that's enough details. Thank you for any help.

Found!-See comments.
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I've been looking for this fic in a whole week.

So actually Hunter and Justin are close friend. I seem to remember that Hunter really protective over Justin (Because of smth) and that's make Justin only depend on him and no one allowed to touch Justin because sometimes he gets panic attack or smth,

Until finally he met Brian, and Justin wants to be with Brian. Hunter and Brian are the only people who can get close to Justin.

Please help me :( I really want to read that agaaaain


FOUND by Teinisydan its Hunter Plus One. Link in the comment section.
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I was reading this on MW I think, but it was posted on LJ as well. I got list in NCIS ficus and lost track of this one. Essentially Justin's mother died, he was raised by Craig, Brian's father, Black Jack, killed an entire village and made Brian watch. Now Brian is king, he is going to put Craig to death far being a land owner in a rebellious area of the kingdom. Justin sneaks out and offers himself to Brian in exchange for Craig's life. Fun ensues, Vic is Brian's tutor, Ted is part of the court, Michael is sneaky, Ethan and David are together.


It's The Kings Will. http://archiveofourown.org/works/7573045
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I could've sworn I read this story over at the BJ community, but now can't find it.

Justin lives in an apartment, but he is afraid to come out. I believe Brian or Emmett live down the hall from him? Brian/Emmett take notice on their reclusive neighbor and try to help Justin over come his fear.

I'm going to keep searching, but if anyone knows the story, help will be greatly appreciated.

Its Agoraphobia by Grover
Link is in comments
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I read a fic a while ago and from what I remember Justin and Brian are at the loft and Mel shows up with Gus and JR in tow. Her and Linds were having issues or Linds had a break down, I think. When Brian and Justin go down to get the kids from the car, Jus sees twin babies in the back and asks Gus about them. He finds out that they're his. Ring a bell anyone? help XD

EDIT: found really quick! Link in comments.
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Searching for a story where Justin has to visit Craig in his office I believe for his passport or because Craig wont pay for his school and he suffers a major nosebleed, Craig drops him off at the hospital doesn't go in with him? He and Craig got into an argument and Justin was worried about getting blood in Craig's car?

I thought I had found it but did not. What I can also remember is that Justin had sinus damage from the bashing and had to have something in his nose fixed to stop the bleeding.


[livejournal.com profile] thecapandbones says it is Ritorna A Me by Rizabeau can be found at Across the Pond
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Please help me find this fic. The only thing i remember is that Justin was in a full leg brace and he came into the loft and found Brian having sex with a trick in their bed. I think it was agreed no tricks in the loft because Justin was shocked and sat on the couch all night. The next day Brian felt guilty because Justin was in brace all night. I think it was Brian pushing Justin off cliff. I have been through so many tags that i got lost...lol


FOUND link in comments! Thanks
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Good morning!!

I am stuck on a particular work; which last night I thought was something else but I realized I was mixing it up with another work.

Essentially what I remember is that Brian know of tricks Justin into being his nanny/housekeeper even though he already has one. Also Justin has a kid as well in this and Lindsay's parents are nice and the kids go visit them.

An odd combination I know…

I would really appreciate your help on this!!!

P.s. I've looked in the"Justin is a nanny" tag and it's not there, sad.

Found: "Under a Doctor's Care" by Meredeth
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Hi everyone.
(1) I am looking for a working link to fic Street Smarth by punk_pixie aka greenbean.

(2) Looking for a fic where Justin is taken by Brian, on Craigs' belhalf. Though, however much Brian wants to help Justin he carries out instructions given by Craig ie. like branding justin on the thigh (I think). Also, Brian does like Justin and tries to ease the process throughout... and lastly I believe this happens in a cabin somewhere.
Vague, I know....but does this sound fimilar to anyone?

Thank you so much in advance for all your help.

Found (1) Punk Pixie - Street Smart 1-17 incomplete https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/
           (2) Slave of circumstance by Elyxer http://midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=41&textsize=0&chapter=1
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Good evening!

I am looking for three particular fics which I've read before but years ago and now they seem to be in the wind...which is always a sad thing.

The first one is Laundering Karma by RC McLachlan - Received
         I know that they requested that the story not be posted to any sites but I thought I remember reading that it was okay to share the file as long as it wasn't uploaded anywhere. If this is true and you happen to have a copy I would so appreciate it!

Second is Taken - Recieved
          I'm not sure who wrote this one, it was about a bank robbery and Justin was caught up in the mess...thats about all I can remember so I'm
          trying to track it down.

The last one is Stranded in Paradise by scoobysnacksfix - Found
         MPreg, I remember reading it a long time ago but now I can't seem to find a copy. If anyone has one I would would be really thankful.

Thank You!

P.S. for all the fellow teachers out there we're almost done! AP Testing and 1 more Month!

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