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[livejournal.com profile] marilla_pm67 asked last week about posting a link to her fix index and that sounded like a really fab idea to us, your adoring mods.

So! We would like to invite all authors to participate in this little exercise. Over on IJ, there's even a comm (which we'd forgotten about), devoted to this topic. Please check it out to see some existing examples of author indexes: qaf_indexes.

Acceptable formats are indices like those in the link above, or links to your your website, your page on an archive, or a Very Tidy memories page.

The index pages will be tagged as author entries. We think this will be a really useful tool for finding more fics by an author whose work you enjoy. At least we hope it will be! This is a first pass at this, so we may refine things as we go along.

Please submit your links in the comments and we'll get them tagged as soon as possible. Thanks!
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I was wondering if there were any fics that dealt with the bombing of Babylon. I'll take pretty much anything. Gapfillers, what-ifs, pretty much anything. The only thing I dont really want to read is the "Brian and Justin meet for the first time after the bombing at Babylon" sort of stuff. It isnt really my thing. But anything else is good. Thanks in advance.
PS. Anything is good, but I love love love deathfics, angstfics, and anything in between.

ALSO, I remember a gapfiller (not sure if it was a 5.10 or 5.11 gapfiller) where Justin checks the voicemail messages on his cell phone and hears Brian's frantic message that he left while driving to Babylon. If anyone knows what that is, I will love you!

Gapfiller found: That's Great, It Starts With An Earthquake by [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor 
A few links found.  More fics are very welcome!

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