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I'm currently reading Xie-Xie-Xie's muti part story Desires on insane journal, the problem is insane journal is down and has been down since yesturday, because they are moving but hopefully will be up and running soon,
but im really impatient so i was wondering if Xie's fiction is posted anywhere else or can be downloaded as a PDF?


FOUND - in comments
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I've been searching for over a week for this story but to no avail. Justin and Brian are together, post 513 and Justin has to have surgery either on his hand or brain for his motor control issues I believe. Gus is older and his dad's reaction seem to throw him.

I'm sure this is the worst summary ever, but I've read and reread stories this week that I've not read in over a year and while the trips and rereads were fabulous, I'm still stuck on this story. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS
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[livejournal.com profile] marilla_pm67 asked last week about posting a link to her fix index and that sounded like a really fab idea to us, your adoring mods.

So! We would like to invite all authors to participate in this little exercise. Over on IJ, there's even a comm (which we'd forgotten about), devoted to this topic. Please check it out to see some existing examples of author indexes: qaf_indexes.

Acceptable formats are indices like those in the link above, or links to your your website, your page on an archive, or a Very Tidy memories page.

The index pages will be tagged as author entries. We think this will be a really useful tool for finding more fics by an author whose work you enjoy. At least we hope it will be! This is a first pass at this, so we may refine things as we go along.

Please submit your links in the comments and we'll get them tagged as soon as possible. Thanks!
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I just read two really horrible  fanfics in a row.  I am stupid, but I have to finish once I start.  Anyway, I feel the need to cleanse my brain with something great, so I'm looking for recs.  Something in character and well written.  Absolutely NO  mpreg or rape.

EDIT: I have gotten some pretty good recs, but I would always appreciate more.  Thanks to those who responded so quickly.

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