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Looking for 2 fics.

1) Justin moves to the Pitts and is living in a basement apartment of Emmett's. He has a history of seizures and can't drive. Meets Brian...

2) Only thing I remember, and not sure how accurate it is, is that Justin is at a friend's beach house and Brian is in a beach house next door not knowing Justin is nearby. There may be some emergency with Gus. Sorry, that's all I remember


#1 found...link in comments!!
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Two stories here:

1. Justin is with Ethan. Ethan cooks for Justin and intentionally gives him food poisoning with spoiled food. That's really all I recall from this one, although I assume Brian comes in and rescues Justin.

2. Again, Justin is with Ethan and is in the hospital. Brian, however, still has Justin's POA. In fact, they are actually still together and Brian was just letting Justin spread his wings and experience other kinds of relationships before they fully settled down. Ethan finds out at the hospital that he was just a kind of 'time out' for Justin, and Justin has always been Brian's partner.

Any help on these is greatly appreciated. I'm going to go and search the tags, again, in case I missed them, but I didn't see anything that jumped out at me.



1: Transitions by Randall Morgan. Link in comments. Found by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] deviant_queen
2: Power of Attorney by Twinkminded.  Can be found on Midnight Whispers. Found by the speedy and amazing [livejournal.com profile] cuivresdesaxe

Thanks to everyone. My weekend was much better with those reads! 
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I could've sworn I read this story over at the BJ community, but now can't find it.

Justin lives in an apartment, but he is afraid to come out. I believe Brian or Emmett live down the hall from him? Brian/Emmett take notice on their reclusive neighbor and try to help Justin over come his fear.

I'm going to keep searching, but if anyone knows the story, help will be greatly appreciated.

Its Agoraphobia by Grover
Link is in comments
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Searching for a story where Justin has to visit Craig in his office I believe for his passport or because Craig wont pay for his school and he suffers a major nosebleed, Craig drops him off at the hospital doesn't go in with him? He and Craig got into an argument and Justin was worried about getting blood in Craig's car?

I thought I had found it but did not. What I can also remember is that Justin had sinus damage from the bashing and had to have something in his nose fixed to stop the bleeding.


[livejournal.com profile] thecapandbones says it is Ritorna A Me by Rizabeau can be found at Across the Pond
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Please help me find this fic. The only thing i remember is that Justin was in a full leg brace and he came into the loft and found Brian having sex with a trick in their bed. I think it was agreed no tricks in the loft because Justin was shocked and sat on the couch all night. The next day Brian felt guilty because Justin was in brace all night. I think it was Brian pushing Justin off cliff. I have been through so many tags that i got lost...lol


FOUND link in comments! Thanks
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Driving me crazy, I have combed the tags, I know I have read this story!

This is all I remember:

I believe it was novel length?

It's post- 513
Anti Micheal

Daphne basically moves in with Brian because she misses Justin.

The only scene I remember is Daphne and Brian sitting in the loft. Brian and Justin set up webcams in their places and they leave them on all the time.  Justin is in his studio they are all just sitting around, Brian working, Justin painting on New York and Daphne doing homework. Micheal comes Barging in and starts bad mouthing Justin (not knowing that justin can hear and see everything)

Micheal thinks that Brian and Justin broke up.

Please help me.

Found! "Love will Always Win" By Luv_Sam. Link in the comments!
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I really need your help in finding this story because I can't find it by myself. I really hope someone read it and remembers author and/or title.

I've read it long time ago (4 - 5 years back) at the very beginning when I've discover QAF Fanfiction. The only things I remember from this story is that

* it was definitely AU
* Justin had some kind of accident and he had to use a wheelchair (but I think it wasn’t permanent)
* Ben was his cousin who had a younger, adopted brother Steven or Sam I don't remember who was in love with Justin and jealous of
* I also remember one scene quite well: One day when B/J were shopping I think this Steven or Sam showed up where they were shopping
and he takes the chance when Brian left Justin with him and takes Justin against his will from the shop to his places I suppose. I
think Ben had to go and get Justin from his brother's place after Justin called him.

That's all I remember from this story. I've searched for it for several months now but no luck.

Thanks in advance for any help. :-)))))

Found very quick by rainbow1983. It's "Forbidden love" by Draccone. Here's the link http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=485
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Looking for a fic where Justin is working for Kinnetic. They take on a campaign that turns out to be a record label of Ethan's. One day while working together, Michael walks in on them and assumes the worse. He "tattles" to Brian but Ethan had already called Brian to worn him that Michael might try to start something. That is all I've got and may be blending stories. Any help appreciated!
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1. I'm looking for some story like Justin wouldn't let anyone but Brian and/or Emmett near him, he should have like panic attacks if like, they are out of his eye site for more then like 10 minutes so Justin would have to go to work with Brian or stay with Emmett (but Brian would want to keep a close eye on him).

2. Clingy Justin would be good. he wants brian all to himself, he likes to stake a claim on him in front of everybody.

so if you guys by any chance knew some story similar like these please help me^^ Thank you

FOUND Some rec in the comment!

Dr love

Jul. 28th, 2015 09:43 pm
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I am looking for this fic were Mikey beats Justin up and drops him off on the side of the road without his allergy list and wallet and a dr call love are something like that picks him up and after it is all said and done Carl arrests mikey.

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Help! I am trying to find a multi part fic that has Justin coming home from NY to find Brian living in one room in Britin. He has a mattress on the floor and only 1 pillow(they go pillow shopping). This is in the beginning of the story and it is driving me crazy. I have searched the tags but so far no luck! I am pretty sure this is a well known fic and should be easily found but apparently just not by me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   K

Found, link in comments
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a few years ago... I remember it was a WIP, Justin and Brian were broken up, probably season 3. I remember that Justin started acting strange, saying crazy things, and they admitted him into a hospital. I don't remember what was wrong with him, just that he couldn't move most of his body and would soon lose control of his bladder and Brian was there, even though they weren't getting on well. I remember Justin would space out in the middle of a sentence... they were trying to cure him. Of course I could be mixing up different stories. I tried the tags.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: found! thanks to jule2009. It's Little Lion Man by Ohmyjetsabel, still a wip
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Hi evereyone,
I read a fic where Justin went in another city after being trown off the Kinney cliff, Philadelphia or Chicago probably, and became successfull.
He became ill with something serious, may be to the bones or nerves, and Emmet knew about it and visited often, but Brian doesn't but I seem to recall it's because he never asked.......
I'm sute that when you tell me the title I'll be like...OMG I KNEW IT.... but right now I absolutely need your help


FOUND but if you really insist on suggesting fics with a plot similar to this one, I'm not complaining ;)
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After reading the story where Justin was Joan's physical therapist,I was wondering if there were any fics where Brian or Justin (non bashing) needed physical therapy and the other was their physical therapist?

Edit: Still Not Found! NOTE: there's two fic recs in the comments,still not exactly what I was searching for. I'll read them and then edit this again if need be.
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Hi. I'm trying to remember two fics I've read like a few weeks ago (yes my memory is either that bad or I just fail finding things lol),and I can't remember the titles. But I do remember that in:

Fic 1) That Mikey had gotten so jealous and delusional over Brian and Justin,that he breaks into the loft and smashes and slashes everything in sight,thereby setting off one Justin's panic attacks. When Brian and Ted are going over the damage for the insurance,Ted finds Justin's engagement band in the garbage disposal and Mikey took the other one from Brian's desk. This one has an Anti-Michael tag attached,I think..can't remember.

Fic 2) It's Brian's birthday and the anniversary of Justin's bashing,Justin tells their friends that he doesn't find their idea of birthday prank funny,since Brian's turning 30 and rats them out to Brian. So Brian takes himself and Justin to New York so the day can be remembered as a happy occasion and not a sad one.

Any help with the titles or links would be greatly appreciated,thank you! <3 :)

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