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Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone knows if morninggloryfic has posted her fic "The Shells of the Ocean" anywhere besides her journal because LJ wont let me view it and her last log in was 2009. Thanks!

Any help is appreciated

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I love Allie Quixotic's 'How We Got Where We're Going'and it's sequel, 'Now That We Are Here', but I've only ever found a WIP version of it. Does anyone know the fic and whether the finished version exists anywhere? Her LJ blog has been deleted and purged, sadly.

Did Allie write any other fics?

Thanks a bunch
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Hello there,

Quite a new QaF fan, comparatively speaking, but I do love it so. I've also fallen in love with fanfic and there are so many wonderful authors in this fandom. I've read some incredible stories in the past few months.

I'm looking for Myrna's fic 'The One Where Justin'. Does anyone have an active link to it?

Thank you so much!

Thank you chase37
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Two stories came to mind tonight. I read both of them (or dreamed them up) a long time ago and had forgotten them.

1. Justin contracts to do some work for Babylon during the rebuilding, which I think is where Brian meets him. I remember something about the paintings lining an entryway and honoring the victims? I seem to recall that Brian and Justin didn't hit it off right away for some reason. May be wrong aout that.

2. After Brian and Justin meet (AU meeting) they somehow find out that Justin won an anonymous (?) contest for Kinnetik. it was a poster for Babylon, I believe, done while Justin was in school.

I know I'm not remembering much about these but any help finding them would be appreciated and I'll continue to search the tags. I've not had much luck there on these, however.
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hello I am looking for a fic that I read not to long ago.\
The sence that I remember is wher Kip tried to sue for sexual harrasment and it turned out that the weekend that he said it happend on Bryan was out of town I belive with Justin and I think it was New York.
thank you for any help you can give me
I am not sure of what  tags to use
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I'm trying to find a fic:
-Brian and Justin are married and work together. They are the owners of the company.
-Justin thinks that their marriage is in crisis because Brian works too much.
-Justin obligate Brian to go to a marriage counselor: he secretly writes down the appointment in Brian's agenda and thats how Brian discovers his plans.
-Brian arrives late at the counselor.
-Justin is frustated and he smacks his blackberry on the floor.
-Justin says something like "I can´t do this anymore" and they separate but still live and work together because Brian is worried about harm the company.


Found by florissah. Sadly it seems abandoned. http://stitchesarchive.livejournal.com/
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Following this post : http://getithere.livejournal.com/2041635.html#comments
I read the story Final Goodbye by Butterscotch that was posted by Blklizard on sendspace. However, the story is not finished, there are only 21 chapters posted. So I'm wondering if it is a WIP ? If not, does anyone has the rest of the story, or at least remembers reading it and knows the ending? Thanks to anyone that can help, it's really a good story.

UPDATE : It's been confirmed that this is an abandoned WIP, just as another story from the same author, "Eppur si muove". Thanks to Blklizard for providing the answer.
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I could've sworn I read this story over at the BJ community, but now can't find it.

Justin lives in an apartment, but he is afraid to come out. I believe Brian or Emmett live down the hall from him? Brian/Emmett take notice on their reclusive neighbor and try to help Justin over come his fear.

I'm going to keep searching, but if anyone knows the story, help will be greatly appreciated.

Its Agoraphobia by Grover
Link is in comments
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I was wondering if there was anymore fics where Brian gets custody of Gus from the girls? I know of 2 but is there anymore? got some fics thanks everyone :) sorry been gone so lonng my laptop oded on me so I am on my mom's lol
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Are there any fics set in SE1 or even AU SE1 where Mikey was the one behind Brian's loft broken into, but he allows Brian to lay the blame at Justin's feet only to believe Justin when tells Brian that he did set the alarm and locked the door before he left. Only to have Brian find out later that Michael was trying to set Justin up? I don't know if fics like that were ever written but it never hurts to ask.

Update: Found by [livejournal.com profile] balrogtweety Thank you! Name and location in comments. Oh and recs are welcome as always, but not a requirement.
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I read Rena's Parental Rights fic when I got to the end, it seemed unfinished to me. While reading some of her other fics, I've found quite a few that seem to come to an end, but give off this vibe that they should've been longer. Like there seems to be no final resolution to some of her fics. So my question is are all her fics finished or are some abandoned WIPS?
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Hi everyone.
(1) I am looking for a working link to fic Street Smarth by punk_pixie aka greenbean.

(2) Looking for a fic where Justin is taken by Brian, on Craigs' belhalf. Though, however much Brian wants to help Justin he carries out instructions given by Craig ie. like branding justin on the thigh (I think). Also, Brian does like Justin and tries to ease the process throughout... and lastly I believe this happens in a cabin somewhere.
Vague, I know....but does this sound fimilar to anyone?

Thank you so much in advance for all your help.

Found (1) Punk Pixie - Street Smart 1-17 incomplete https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/
           (2) Slave of circumstance by Elyxer http://midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=41&textsize=0&chapter=1
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Hello all :) I was reading the sunshine series by Joanne and the fourth story "raging sunshine" indicated that it has 20 chapters but I only found 16. Is this story complete ? I tried going to defensive walls and was told site no longer exists. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you all so much !!
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Hi everyone !

I read a fic a year ago and now I can't remember its name. What I remember is that Brian is some kind of royalty and Justin had to marry him knowing that he'll be executed after some time, Justin kept buying time, I'm not sure but I think he was a prince of some other country...
Everyone started to love Justin but he still had to be executed so someone kidnapped him to save him. Justin escaped, went back to Brian's country and pretended to be a slave or something; and that's all I remember. so basically it's a one thousand and one nights QAF style.
I don't know if I'm mixing fics and I've went through the tags and been randomly checking all the fics that I've downloaded before but I got nothing .

Thank you for your help !

PS: I hope I respected the rules it's my first time posting here, please let me know if I need to fix something. Also English is not my 1st language so please forgive any mistakes !

Edit: found - After going through the bjfic.net fics I downloaded last year I found it, it's Twelve Weeks And One Gay Story by Emerusemer !
I should have searched harder before troubling everyone...
Thank you !
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Hi everyone, i've searched for this fic all day......J is in the army and he's a pilot. He's known Vic for a long time and they write each other letters; Brian reads one or some letters and writes him out of curiosity and they begin to know each other.....later they meet and start a relationship.
Please help, I'm going crazy trying to find it......

Found in record time by nochaser. It's "In times of.. by Acacia"
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Hello. I could swear i read a story post 513 where Justin stays in Pitts instead of going to NYC. Brian wanted him to go though so they broke up. Justin started dating a doctor and i think went back to school. It ends with brian and justin together. Sound familiar to anyone?


EDIT: i found it myself. It is Myrna's abandoned WIP "The One Where Justin has Another Boyfriend and Brian Interferes".
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Okay... so here is another doozy! A friend of mine is looking for the fic where Brian and Mel are married and Justin is Lindsay's brother. Does this plot ring a bell? I know personally, it has torn my mental capacity to shreds, LOL! Any and all help you could give me is appreciated!

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