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Yes, it's finally happening, lol. Said I'd get this bloody thing up somewhere...

Dear The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive authors,

I’m reaching out to you today about The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive, a Queer as Folk (US) fanfiction archive dedicated to the pairing Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor. The archive was founded in the 2000s by Tonya, who was eventually overwhelmed by the volume. A group of people chose to take it over, but sadly, those people dropped off and it was left to a few of us to manage it. Those people, Nightsister and Elyxer in particular, went far and above anything we as a fandom could have hoped. Unfortunately, people fell away and though I hired and paid people to manage the site it didn’t go well.

However, I have also contacted the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) for assistance in moving The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive’s content to a collection on the multi-fandom archive they maintain, the Archive of Our Own (AO3). (Specifically, I will be working with the Open Doors committee. You can read about their recent import projects at http://archiveofourown.org/admin_posts?tag=18.)

Here is where I would like to ask for your help!

1. If you already have an AO3 account and have posted your The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive works there, please let me know your The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive pseud(s) and e-mail address(es) as well, so that we won’t import your stories. (We can also e-mail you instructions for mass-adding stories to the new collection on the AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/bjfic)

2. If you don’t already have an AO3 account but would like one to import your stories yourself, please let me know your The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive pseud(s), and the preferred e-mail address to send the AO3 invite to. (We can e-mail further instructions for importing stories and adding them to the new collection on the AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/bjfic.)

It's been forever and ages since I've posted anything on or DW, much less anything requiring code, so I'll fix any wonky links if necessary.

Any questions, contact either me or Nightsister and what we can't answer, we'll find out for you. You can see the Ao3 announcement on their home page for more info.

(Cross-posting where I can think of - if I miss anywhere, let us know)



Looking for recs: B/J as partners in crime/sidekicks

Hello everyone! Kinda weirdly specific request here. Looking for recs of stories where B/J are partners in crime/sidekicks/working together to battle external forces/enemies/evil/mysteries/something outside their relationship? Not necessarily that they are policemen or detectives.

Something like Severina's zombie!fic or Grover's "If it made sense, it wouldn't be a mystery..." or Jane's Ding Dong the witch is dead. Even supernatural ones are good! Preferably in-canon or Post 513, but I'm open to great AUs as well.

Thanks so much!!!

PS am I doing this right? It's my first time using DreamWidth so it's a little bit confusing :( :)
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B&J Reconnect in Toronto

 I think this is a fairly recent Fic, written maybe w/in the past year or so.

Justin has relocated to Toronto, there he and a friend open up an art/craft type store. Brian is in Toronto for business and they find each other. Justin is resistant at first, but as Brian looks to make a permanent move they of course get back together. Justin's wise-cracking friend is an original character and he is important in the getting boys back together.


EDIT: It's "Dancin' in My Wooden Shoes," by Lupin 111 

Thank you smurfette34 on LJ
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We're here!

The import is complete. [community profile] getithere is live on Dreamwidth. The comments are still importing, but posting is open. As before, the com is open to anyone. You can join here, or post using OpenID.

Brain WRECKED!! Looking for fic where Brian and Justin separate while J in NY Anti-M

Okay Darlings,

So the basic plot is listed in the subject line but here is a more in-depth description:

Brian is told by Michael that Justin has found someone else while he's in NY and is not sure how to break it off with Brian. When in truth, he only saw Justin for all of an hour because Justin had to go work at his gallery job and Michael was in town for a comic convention (big surprise! just saying, LOL). Anyway hearing the lie, Emmett sets Brian straight.
Meanwhile, Michael has told Justin the exact same thing, only in regards to Brian.

I know that I have read this fairly recently but for the life of me, I cannot remember the title. HELP!!

Thanks in Advance you all can give me in this quest to save my sanity!

Happy Reading,

Brian & Justin has daughter Brianna

I remember one very long series and want to read it again but forget the title & the author.

Brian has a twin (or brother). Brian buy very big land. On that land they build their house, Brian's brother's house, later on Emmett & Drew house too, everyone end up living in the area eventually.
Brian & Justin has a daughter named Brianna also a dog. There's Gus in the story but he live with Lindsay. Brian's brother has son. It's a happy story overall.
Please help. Thank you.

FOUND: it's The Sunshine Files http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/TS.htm
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Mod Post: Moving to Dreamwidth announcement!

Yes. You've been wondering, and now it's finally happening.

With recent changes in LJ's ownership and terms, concerns about censorship, and even journals being deleted due to misguided attempts to squash spambots, we have decided it is best to find a new home. As many of you predicted, Dreamwidth seems to be the place :)

Red, as comm owner, is planning to import the comm to Dreamwidth in the next couple of days. Once it's done, we will make another announcement post letting you know and providing a link... which hopefully doesn't get us deleted as a spambot lol.

Because the comm will be remaining here as well, but posting will be disabled; all posting from then on will be done at Dreamwidth. The original hope was for DW to just be a backup and to have the comm still active here, but since any posts or comments added here at LJ post-import would NOT show up on the comm at DW, that would mean we'd have to constantly re-import, which just makes no sense. GIH at LJ will continue to be a tremendous fandom resource, as an ARCHIVE.

I never spent much time at DW, but I imported my own LJ over there to sort of prepare myself for these changes, and I do quite like it. We think this move will be best for everyone and we hope you agree! If you have any questions, I may or may not know the answers, but feel free to ask! ;) Thanks!!

Dot, Red, & Court

Fanfic downloader

Hey guys, me again...
Any of you kindred souls using iPad to read fanfic? Also downloading to read later offline on holiday?
Most people use downloadable pdfs but those don't work with iPad mini because of the unadjustable font size. I tried but ended up with fics only ants and pixies can read.
Alas, I am looking for a good downloader.
There were some recommended years ago, but those don't exist anymore. The ones on AppStore only work with FanFiction.net, which site isn't the best for Qaf fandom. Still, I tested "Read Up" (faulty, couldn't even start), "Pocket Fiction" (crashes every 10 minutes, crappy interface), and "FanFiction" (looks promising, although it has been syncing for over an hour now).
So I am hoping someone better versed in technology can recommend one that works with Qaf fanfic sites, too.
There are great fics you just must read, but they are oftentimes untagged and infrequently updated, so extracting them manually from lj chapter by chapter can really be a nuisance.
Oh, how I long for a "fic magnet" that just pulls the relevant parts, formatted and chaptered, no ads of course...
Any of you guys know of such a thing, or feel like making one? :-D

No downloader on the horizon yet, but after some nudging from the helpful [livejournal.com profile] dzmom I checked other options (duh!) and realized that the new Adobe Acrobat Reader actually has a feature called "reading mode" where you can increase text size! So I guess working around the problem is the way to go. On to pdfs!

Possible Emmet/Ben with Brian owning the loft building


I have been thinking about a fic all week, and can't seem to locate it. The problem is that I only remember a small bit of the plot line. I am hoping someone can help me locate it.

I believe it is an Anti-Michael fic and was on Midnight Whispers. I could be wrong about those.

The bit that I remember is that Brian owned the whole building the loft is in, and I THINK that Ben and Emmet moved into one of the apartments either as a couple or as roommates. I know it was a longer fic, and I think had a Ben leaves Michael theme. The problem now is that I am wondering if it was Vic who moved in with Emmet instead and I am remembering wrong. I believe that someone else in the family had an apartment in the same building. I remember a scene where Emmet and either Ben or Vic went to Brian and Justin and asked if they could move into the building... possibly in a 3 bdr apt.

I checked the Ben/Emmet tag and didn't see anything that looked right. If someone knows the fic, I would greatly appreciate it.

FOUND! Family Divided by Edom

B/J undercover cops J posing as neonazi

Hey guys,

It was a multichapter fic (possibly WIP), the boys both cops or private detectives going undercover in a school to uncover a neonazi group. Brian pretended to be a teacher and Justin a new kid with fake nazi tattoos, reading "Mein Kampf". (He had to demonstrate his acting abilities by impersonating a hustler first.)
It was dangerous and very taxing on both of them. At some point J climbed into B's room at night for some human touch.

I'm sure I read it. It is a classic. When one of you smart cookies tells me the title and author's name I will surely slap my forehead and roll my eyes...

So... Anyone?

Yep, slapping and rolling. It is "Broken Open " by Gina Marie (not that of thesalmondean by the same title).

Link here

morninggloryfic - the shells of the ocean - Not Found

Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone knows if morninggloryfic has posted her fic "The Shells of the Ocean" anywhere besides her journal because LJ wont let me view it and her last log in was 2009. Thanks!

Any help is appreciated


B/J work together, Sylvestri (sp?) family, apology by proxy, Picassos in Training

I've been thinking about OC's and how sometimes they enhance a story and other times they detract...Can anyone remember the fic where B/J do a campaign for an international company run by the Sylvestris (sp?)? The patriarch is meddlesome; the daughters crush on Justin oblivious to Brian's discomfort; the matriarch Pilar is grace personified and reins them all in. I believe when Sylvestri is being an ass, Justin removes his designs from consideration, which leads to Sylvestri sending an emissary with an apology, who discovers Justin and invites him to submit a painting to his gallery in Italy. IIRC, there's an entire second cast of supporting characters who have a son Gus' age, Nicky, perhaps...

Found! Links are here: http://midnightwhispers.net/viewuser.php?uid=68

FYI on deleted journals

Hello, all.

I just read this on another livejorunal, posted from a comm I'm not a member of, a_ra_shi, that I thought might be of interest:

You might or might not have noticed, but in the past month or so many journals have been suspended without warning or notification by LJ. This appears to be because LJ implemented a new script to catch spambots, except this new script seems to potentially mark as spam any post containing links that go out of the site (to Mega, MediaFire, etc.) Once a journal has been marked as "spambot," it will be deleted without warning or notice.

Here is the complete post, http://a-ra-shi.livejournal.com/3018526.html, that has more information on what's going on.

Ashleigh Kinnerson's fics *partially solved*

Hey all! Ashleigh's Ridiculously Romantic site has been down for awhile, and using wayback doesn't work for much of it. I know a few of her fics are in the archives, but does anyone know of an alternative site for the rest? Thanks!

*UPDATE* Some fics show up using Wayback, some partially - so, still looking for an alternate means to read them.
*UPDATE 2* Many fics posted by the wonderful blklizard!
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(1) Justin has Art Vault that only he can access, (2) L/M live next to B/J, (3) Tiny Ugly Kitchen

First Story
- Possible Anti-Lindsey
- Justin's office & studio are in the same building. I think he also lives there. Possibly owns the building.
- Justin possibly has a vault (maybe bank vault?) that he stores his art in. Even has security cameras. Only he has access; which makes (I think) Lindsey mad/jealous.
- Justin hires Lindsey to work for him, but he won't allow her to have access to his vault.
- She brings a baby Gus to work with her. Justin made/had area for him in the office.
- When I first read this story, years ago, I think it was a WIP.

Second Story
- Brian and Justin buy duplex or house with a small child size door between two separate living areas (they choose this place because it will be easy access for Gus(?) to go between, but not the girls.
- B/J offer the other side of duplex/home to Lindsey and Melanie, so Brian can see Gus(?) more often.
- Possible custody fight
- At the end of the story(?), Brian and Justin bring home a baby. I think it's a boy.

Third Story
- Justin lives in a tiny run down apartment. I think it's in a 70's color for the kitchen, green, orange, or yellow. It's like the whole kitchen even appliances are all in this same color. I think the description is: walk into apt., couch/bed in front, ugly tiny kitchen to the left (picture Emmett's & Michael's, but in ugly & old color), small table with two chairs.
- I think Justin is getting some type of help; government, financial, baby assistance.
- I think Brian has to move into Justin's tiny apt.

Help finding is appreciated.

Not Found, as of 20 Jun 2017

Found Crazyevildru's Crashed, Nowhere to Run, Somwhere I Belong, Potato Potahto

I wanted to where is it possible to read Crazyevildru's stories. I'm particulary looking forward to read Nowhere to run, its sequel Somewhere I belong and the Crashed story. The access to the journal is locked and she doesn't seem around anymore to friend people.

Links in the comments

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy [livejournal.com profile] chase37 [livejournal.com profile] sjmpets [livejournal.com profile] blklizard for their help

Justin Has Seizures...also, Justin at a Beach House

Looking for 2 fics.

1) Justin moves to the Pitts and is living in a basement apartment of Emmett's. He has a history of seizures and can't drive. Meets Brian...

2) Only thing I remember, and not sure how accurate it is, is that Justin is at a friend's beach house and Brian is in a beach house next door not knowing Justin is nearby. There may be some emergency with Gus. Sorry, that's all I remember


#1 found...link in comments!!

Allie Quixotic


I love Allie Quixotic's 'How We Got Where We're Going'and it's sequel, 'Now That We Are Here', but I've only ever found a WIP version of it. Does anyone know the fic and whether the finished version exists anywhere? Her LJ blog has been deleted and purged, sadly.

Did Allie write any other fics?

Thanks a bunch

Looking for a fic by Myrna — Query answered

Hello there,

Quite a new QaF fan, comparatively speaking, but I do love it so. I've also fallen in love with fanfic and there are so many wonderful authors in this fandom. I've read some incredible stories in the past few months.

I'm looking for Myrna's fic 'The One Where Justin'. Does anyone have an active link to it?

Thank you so much!

Thank you chase37

R.C. McLachlan

Hello lovely people! I was wondering if someone could send me these fics by R.C. McLachlan. My mail is cielitonublado@gmail.com. Please! I've been searching them everywhere.
Unusual Revelations by R.C. McLachlan
Laundering Karma
Sons of bankers and lawyers

Thank you!

EDIT2: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] blklizard I have Unusual Revelations and Sons of bankers and lawyers. THANKS!
EDIT1: Thank you [livejournal.com profile] ara_kiss for Laundering Karma. If any of you want the fic, send me or her a pm. Im still looking for the other two.