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Seems I've been avoiding the fandom since the election (HUGE grimace HUGE depression), but started thinking of a story that I can't get off my mind. Maybe finding it will cheer me up???

Justin is a ghost who lives in the studio of his old family home. I think he feels he was abandoned there. Brian is looking for a house and Jennifer shows him her old home, where she's not aware Justin's spirit is trapped. Eventually B/J meet, fall in love. Brian is the only one who can see him, but they have a tumultous relationship. Something about lots of food but Justin can't eat, and jealous Justin queening out in the studio. Eventually Gus believes in Justin's existence. At the end Gus is married with kids and Brian somehow joins Justin.

I couldn't find it in the b/j is a ghost/spirit tags. Help?

FOUND already by the expeditious [livejournal.com profile] ara_kiss. Love's Not Time's Fool by Wren. Link in comments.
Thanks so much. 
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Hi. I would liked to read stories where Justin joined Brian for the Liberty ride. I would love to read authentic In character stories if possibly. Especial how Justin reacted to and Handles Brian breaking his bone and being in pain. OC fics are also welcome. Please recommend me some good fics! Thanks

Updated: found some. Would love more! Thanks :)
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Hello! I was looking at old posts and found this entry:

Street Smarts without author
Justin runs away to New York. He meets Brian and the rest of the gang. Brian is a hustler he gets pregnant Justin. Lindsey starts giving blow jobs at a subway station gets stabbed. Ben and Debbie comes down to take them all home with Carl.
The story was not found. One is able to find it?

I would also like to find the story:
Diary of a Manhattan Boy by Noelle.

Again, I appreciate all the help.

Both stories found. Link in comments.
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Hope someone can help.
I have very vague recollections of this story.
Brian and Justin have custody of children, one of which was fathered by Michael. I'm guessing the kids are Gus and JR but I'm not sure. Michael didnt want full custody so he's ok with the arrangement. I'm assuming Mel&Linds are dead.

Anyway, Justin bought a cabin in the countryside and he, Brian and the kids spend Xmas and new year there and are uncontactable for the month. They decide to do this every year.I remember Debbie & Michael were pissed about this.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but I hope it rings a bell with someone. I've checked deadlesbians and B/J raise gus/JR tags but no joy.
Found Link in Comments
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Two I hope you can all  help me find.

1. The only thing I can remember about this is that Justin has gone to New York, attending art school, and Brian keeps track of his progress through one of the professors or the dean, without Jutin knowing about it? I think Justin states that he knows exactly how he wants his career to go – he wants to graduate and immediately become the art director for an advertising company, which the dean (?) feels is a bit of an overreach. From the sound of this, it is a piece of a longer series.

2. Post Rage party where Brian and Justin end up together at the diner the next day and everyone is surprised because it was assumed that they broke up the night before. They pass it off as them merely leaving the party at different times with different people and bluff their way through. Think this is a short one.

FOUND: Both found by blklizard

#1 is The Art of the Heart by Lois and Mouse (link in comments)
#2 is Love is Rage by Jule aka Jule1122  (link in comments)

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I followed a link to this story. I thought it was from here, but I can't find it. Unfortunately I didn't get to read it before my computer crashed, and now I can't find the story. Since all I got to read was a summary, all I know is that it was an AU story where Justin was the one who punched Michael instead of Brian. It sounds interesting, and I'd really like to read this.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Found! Somewhere Only We Know- Part 2 by Nichelle Wellesly

There is a part one which is Somewhere Only We Know- PART 1 by Nichelle Wellesly
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I am trying to find Cross-Reference by Laciudad....it was supposed to be on 4shared, can't find it anywhere!! Can anyone help me please? I really want to read this. A canon divergence AU in which Brian and Mikey have sex in the comic shop in season 2 and Justin finds out. Thanks!!!

Found. Link in comments. Thanks
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I read this a few years ago. Justin ends up spending a few months in jail to pay for the attack on Hobbs. Cody did not get caught. Brian, thinking it is in Justin's best interest decides to cut all contact and stops visiting or answering messages. Justin tries to call him when he is allowed to use the pay phone. At one point out of frustration after numerous attempts to talk to him, Justin leaves a threatening message, and ends up in solitary confinement for a while. I thought the author was Piksa or Pam81 but not 100% sure. I've checked tags and didn't see any where Justin spends time in jail.

Link in comments. It was Piksa who wrote it. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] blklizard for the link.
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I joined LJ just so I can search for fics with this community after lurking for more than a year. The fic I'm looking for was not, as I recall, on FF.net, AO3 or Midnight Whisphers. I think it might have had a photo of an apartment building either as a banner or embedded. I may have confused two fics, or the author blended seasons, or was going AU, but I seem to recall it was end of season 4, but instead of Justin going to CA, Michael does. I think Ben goes to Tibet (hence my confusion about the seasons). It's primarily a B/J story. I checked tags and memories, but no luck. Hope you can help. I'm off to explore more about LJ if I can figure out the jargon.

FOUND. Link in comments. Thanks so much.
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Can anyone help me find a copy of "Forever Changes Everything". I just finished re-reading "Into My Arms" and it has left me "jonesing" for this Fic again as well. I can't seem to find it anywhere and the tags that mention it all lead to a now defunct website.
Any help woud be greatly appreciated.   Thanks,  K

Found: link in comments
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a few years ago... I remember it was a WIP, Justin and Brian were broken up, probably season 3. I remember that Justin started acting strange, saying crazy things, and they admitted him into a hospital. I don't remember what was wrong with him, just that he couldn't move most of his body and would soon lose control of his bladder and Brian was there, even though they weren't getting on well. I remember Justin would space out in the middle of a sentence... they were trying to cure him. Of course I could be mixing up different stories. I tried the tags.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: found! thanks to jule2009. It's Little Lion Man by Ohmyjetsabel, still a wip
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Looking for two fics:

1. Justin moves to Canada near Lindsay and eventually rents apartment to Brian.

2. Justin creates plans for purchase of one of two ad agencies: one in England? and one is Ryder/Vanguard. At some point I remember Justin's grandfather reminds Justin not to peek head around the door, and gives Justin an inheritance from his grandmother. I may be mixing up two different fics, but I believe there is some mystical aspect to the story, and a group of "cousins" who help out J and B.

Anyone? ??

#1 Found. (You guys are fast!) Thank you, Tania Roberts. It's Dancing Away With My Heart by Jackie Mag.

#2 FOUND. So quickly - thank you, balrogtweety. It's The IN Series by Hollyilex. No mystical elements or helpful/watchful 'cousins' here, though. If anyone knows what THAT story might be, I'd appreciate it.
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Another post reminded me of a "Brian sleeps with Michael" fic. It was a one-shot. Brian finally gives in and sleeps with Michael. Or maybe they were drunk or something; I don't remember. Michael thinks they are now together so he got quite a shock the next morning seeing Brian and Justin walk into the diner together and all over each other. When he confronts Brian, Brian just looks at him blankly and tells him it didn't mean anything; he was just giving Michael what he wanted and he's still with Justin.

I may have some of the details wrong. What I remember most is the morning after diner scene.

Thanks for any help.

UPDATE: This is most likely Careful What You Wish For though there may be another similar story or I'm mixing up fics:

UPDATE #2: It turns out the fic is No Degrees of Separation by Charming1, but I highly recommend the above fic as it's really enjoyable (and I'm still thinking I was fusing the two in my brain).

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