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Hello lovely people! I was wondering if someone could send me these fics by R.C. McLachlan. My mail is cielitonublado@gmail.com. Please! I've been searching them everywhere.
Unusual Revelations by R.C. McLachlan
Laundering Karma
Sons of bankers and lawyers

Thank you!

EDIT2: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] blklizard I have Unusual Revelations and Sons of bankers and lawyers. THANKS!
EDIT1: Thank you [livejournal.com profile] ara_kiss for Laundering Karma. If any of you want the fic, send me or her a pm. Im still looking for the other two.
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I see that others have searched for this RC Mclachlan's fic and has been successful. I have not been able to figure out how to PM someone for it. Would someone please send me this fic?
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Good evening!

I am looking for three particular fics which I've read before but years ago and now they seem to be in the wind...which is always a sad thing.

The first one is Laundering Karma by RC McLachlan - Received
         I know that they requested that the story not be posted to any sites but I thought I remember reading that it was okay to share the file as long as it wasn't uploaded anywhere. If this is true and you happen to have a copy I would so appreciate it!

Second is Taken - Recieved
          I'm not sure who wrote this one, it was about a bank robbery and Justin was caught up in the mess...thats about all I can remember so I'm
          trying to track it down.

The last one is Stranded in Paradise by scoobysnacksfix - Found
         MPreg, I remember reading it a long time ago but now I can't seem to find a copy. If anyone has one I would would be really thankful.

Thank You!

P.S. for all the fellow teachers out there we're almost done! AP Testing and 1 more Month!
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Is there a working link to Laundering Karma fic or an rtf./PDF download link for the same story? I was wanting to read it, but the dl link that was posted in the request thread doesn't work anymore due to the old MU having been shut down by the damn government. Either one would be helpful.


FOUND!! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] predec2 for sending me a copy via email!
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Hey guys, this is my 3 years non-stop reading Brian & Justin's fics collection. Actually this is half of my collection, which includes fics from authors who their websites/livejournals were deleted and there weren't any active link; and from authors who were still around but didn't write anything in a few years.

I had a habit to collect every fics of each author to one single word file only, so all files are pretty long. I had every title its summary in the first page, also with the link to it's author's website/livejournals and their emails (if they still exist) in case you wanna send them  feedback. Click to the fics' tittles to go to the fics online (again, if the link still works). And instead of rolling down forever to get to the fic you wanna read, you can minimize the view to 10%, because I put the fics' tittles in really large size that could easily read at 10% view.

Here to the Mediafire Folder!

(For the active fics (authors who still write) I also got in files like this, but many of them want you use the download files they provided, or go read at their website/livejournals, and many of fics are still WIP, so I'm not sharing them now. But feel free to pm me to ask if you couldn't find them.)

Have fun reading, folks!
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I have read time ago one fic which I like read again. Brian is a cop in an imaginary reality. In this world it's possible to create a lover who is not human, justin to the beginning is one of them. A killer is killing the not "humans" with blue eyes and blonde hair and Brian is investigating to catch the culprit.
Someone can help me to find this story please. thank u
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Hi! This is my first post here... I don't know how this works, so... sorry if I screw it up... and sorry about my english too, not my first language.

So... I'm looking for a Mpreg fiction, the one that Justin is blind and pregnant. I already checked the Mpreg tag, and I saw the links, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of that fic and could sent it to me... (or a link working).

I'm also looking for a Frat boys fic, do you know if there anything like that?

Thank you very much! Love this comunity!
PS= I tried to put tags, but LJ said "Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal"

UPDATE! blind & preg fic, "The Irish Rose" is not allowed per author's wishes.
                  Still looking a frat boys fic! =)

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Does "Irish Rose" by [livejournal.com profile] foreverfolked still exist anywhere? I'm intrigued by the idea of virgin-pregnant-Justin.

I saw that it was deleted (by author's request) from the comm where it was first posted, and I didn't see it on her "Masterlist of Fic" page.

Update: [livejournal.com profile] foreverfolked, aka [livejournal.com profile] galeandrandy, has replied, "This has been deleted and I don't want it shared by anyone and I hope that anyone who does have it will respect my wishes. Thank you."
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These are my files I just upload to 4shared..All in PDF formats..enjoy and thank you to all the wonderful authors that wrote these little treasures! Some are duplicated, some are taken from GIH, some are from other websites..There are over a 1,000 files so please be patient and dont go crazy on me!

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Hello all
 I am looking for a fic where Justin is blind and pregnant. He is working at a bed and breakfast. Brian is on his way back to the munchers with Gus when a snow storm hits, I know it was a one shot. Help would be great. I have searched the mpreg tag.

FOUND:   Called Irish rose  it is now a deleted story.
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Hi, everyone!

[livejournal.com profile] miss_alysandra suggested I post this here.

I very much support efforts to archive, back up, and preserve fandom creative works. It breaks my heart when something vanishes when a journal is deleted or a site taken down.

That's why all my fic is not only on my own journals, but also in the Archive of Our Own. So if I get hit by a bus, it will still be available to anyone who wants to read it or share it.

Here's the thing, though: I have not been hit by a bus. I'm still in fandom. Still writing. Still posting both on IJ and LJ as well as Twitter and Tumblr. Even commenting here from time to time.

I am not hard to find.

So if you -- an individual or community, including this one -- want to archive my fic, please ask me first.

In most cases I'm going to say no, not because I'm an evil hateful bitch who doesn't want her fic preserved, but because I want to be able to control where my fic is posted on the web in case I find an error and want to correct it, or if a site is transferred or sold to another owner and I don't support their policies, or a few other situations I've seen arise in other fandoms over the years. Just as an example, the upload of my "Only Time" series on this community's 4Shared archive has the wrong title on it, and I have no ability to fix that.

If you want to download one of my fics to your own e-reader, you don't need to ask. If you want to link to anything I've written, you don't need to ask, as long as you're linking to A03 or my journal. And my journal is unlocked and always will be.

But please don't upload my stories to the web. And if you have a good reason to want to, please ask me first. And I'd be very grateful if this community would remove my fic from its archive on 4Shared.

Thank you.


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I asked [livejournal.com profile] miss_alysandra to delete the copies of my fics from the 4shared account and she suggested making a quick post to a) let you know why they've been deleted and b) to make sure no further copies will be uploaded in the future. I just don't want copies of my fics to be shared anywhere and by anyone other than myself. Thanks :)
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Hey, Community!  I was in the middle of reading an AU fic in which Justin was royalty and Brian was his "consort" through an arranged marriage type process.  Male pregnancy is involved as well and I think "Consort" was in the title of the fic. 

Can anyone direct me to this??  THANKS!!

EDIT:  Fic FOUND!  Thanks for the quick response!
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Okay i need a lttle help finding a story.  I think i know enough clues that someone with a good mind can figure it out.  I know that Brian's a cop and Ted's his partner.   He had another partner i think but something happened to him.  I know that murders are happening and there people being slaughtered byt a werewolf or something.  I know something goes down and Brian's there when it happens.  All of this happens in the first chapter.  Okay then something else happens and then Ted comes up to like a bloody Brian and asks him if he's aright and he says something like he's in me.

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So I'm pretty sure I read this on BJfic.

It's a season 3, Justin-Brian not together fic. Justin is at PIFA when it gets shot up. Justin texts Brian that he loves him. Brina calls all freaked out. Blah, blah, blah, they get back together! Yay!

Are there any bells a-ringing?

Found! Link in comments

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