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Unpopular opinion: Superdaddy!Brian bores me.
So I'm looking for stories in which Brian is around the age he is in canon and Gus doesn't exist or he's not Brian's son.
They have to be B/J centric, of course.
No character bashing or Brian/Other please.

Edit: 2 suggestions in the comments. Thanks! If you know of any others please keep adding!
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I'm looking for the fic where Justin owns a part of Sydney's gallery. Lindsey gets fired because she's incompetent and rude to Jus.

Found, link in the thread :)
if anyone has recs to fics like this please go ahead and add to it if you want.
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic that I read a really long time ago where Justin and Brian are working on their relationship and in doing so I think they go to therapy but I'm not sure. Justin buys a chair that I think he calls the "talking chair" to put in the loft for one of them to sit in when they want to talk to the other about something emotional. It comes out in all of this that Brian attempted suicide multiple times (including on his 30th birthday and I think when Justin left him for Ethan).

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Found, link in comments. Thanks :)
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Does anybody know if there is a PDF version downloadable of "Before There Was You There Was You"? I saw on Midnight Whispers that it's printable but, being as long as it is, that would be a lot to print, even if I had a working printer.


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PLEASE help with this story.
I read this story awhile back and thought I had it saved. I think it was on Midnight Whispers. Things I kinda remember:
1. Brian and Justin get back together after New York
2. Brian and Justin are broke until Brian starts his new company
3. They open a resort.. They become very rich.. A client asks Brian about Justin and Brian says he can look at Justin but not touch(?)..
5. Michael gets put in prison.. but he gets out thanks to Justin(?) help..

Thanks for any help!!

Found ** It's Forever Yours by Bob*** There is a link in the comments! !!!
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Hi all! I'm hoping for help locating one specific fic and recs for two other types.

1. I remember Brian taking Justin to the University he went to (Penn, I'm guessing?) and they wind up on the roof of a building Brian had once considered jumping from. A security guard makes them leave. ** FOUND ** This is part of Morpheus' season 3 fics. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kmboatright!

2. I'd like to read some fics where B & J are in high school together, but that aren't completely depressing angst-fests. It doesn't need to be total fluff, but I'd like something that doesn't focus on Brian being abused, or Justin being sent away, or some other super serious Lifetime movie kinda thing - something that's more typical high school, if that makes sense. Think 'My So-Called Life' or 'Dawson's Creek'. It'd be a bonus if others in the gang are with them, and a jealous Mikey and/or Lindz is always fun. Definitely prefer multi-chap and complete.  ** 1 suggestion in comments, still looking for others **

3. The other type of fic I'm in the mood for are ones where B & J become a power couple, solid and together, but far from 'Stepford fags'. Rather than completely settling into domestic bliss, they're more jetsetters with a measure of celebrity, perhaps. Paeansong's 'Talisman of Time' series (wish she'd come back) seemed headed that direction and is a good example of what I mean. Again, I prefer multi-chap and complete.  ** 1 suggestion in comments, still looking for others **

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I was reading this on MW I think, but it was posted on LJ as well. I got list in NCIS ficus and lost track of this one. Essentially Justin's mother died, he was raised by Craig, Brian's father, Black Jack, killed an entire village and made Brian watch. Now Brian is king, he is going to put Craig to death far being a land owner in a rebellious area of the kingdom. Justin sneaks out and offers himself to Brian in exchange for Craig's life. Fun ensues, Vic is Brian's tutor, Ted is part of the court, Michael is sneaky, Ethan and David are together.


It's The Kings Will. http://archiveofourown.org/works/7573045
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Searching for a story where Justin has to visit Craig in his office I believe for his passport or because Craig wont pay for his school and he suffers a major nosebleed, Craig drops him off at the hospital doesn't go in with him? He and Craig got into an argument and Justin was worried about getting blood in Craig's car?

I thought I had found it but did not. What I can also remember is that Justin had sinus damage from the bashing and had to have something in his nose fixed to stop the bleeding.


[livejournal.com profile] thecapandbones says it is Ritorna A Me by Rizabeau can be found at Across the Pond
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Hello! Firstly, let me say I'm sorry WAY in advance because I'm so incredibly new to LJ, it's not even funny... so I have NO idea what I'm doing. If anyone would like to help me out or give me tips, I'd be totally open to it! I also have no friends... erm... so... if you'd like new friend, let me know! (Please? lol.)

Anyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has any recs for fics where Brian is assaulted? Either sexually or just beat up? There are so many fics where Justin is raped or hurt or beat up and Brian is the protector or helps him through it. Are there any where Justin helps/protects Brian? I've always wanted to see read how people think Brian would react to being assaulted, since he's such a toppy-top manly man. lol.

Thanks everyone!


PS: Admins let me know if this isn't allowed and I'll delete, but I have no one else to share this with at the moment... I'm going to see Randy in Cabaret and I'm SO EXCITED!!! That'll be all! :-P

***Recs in Comments! Thank you everyone! Always looking for more recs if you've got them!***

lost link

May. 19th, 2016 05:45 pm
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I've lost the link to one of my favorite story still WIP.

Brian give birth to a baby boy  and most of the story is from the kid point of view.

Please help me find it.

Thank you
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I want to read a story where Brian Kinney has a sibling other than Clair. I would prefer if he has a good relationship with this brother or sister.

FOUND! Thank you to everyone who posted a response. All of the links will be found below. I know midnight whispers has changed their web code recently so you'll have to Google the titles to read them for any that are from and I was first thank you to everyone who posted a response. All of the links will be found in the thread.
I know midnight whispers has changed their web code recently so you'll have to Google the titles to read them for any that are from that sight.
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HI. I was reading the "Only Time" series and remembered the story where Brian is out of time and Jennifer finds Justin passedo out and all. Turns out he has meningitis so does Daphne. I think it was by xie_xie_xie not sure. Plz help me find it

Found its the 6th part of the only time series
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Umm... I'm so not sure of this one, but it's been running around in my head for the last couple of days. Either I have a totally QaF obsessed imagination, or I actualy read a fic in which Brian is in jail (or perhaps rehab) and meets with his parents and a priest (perhaps Fr. Tom) in a trailer on a visitation day. I think Joan brought dinner for them. That's all I recall and I don't think it was Medium Security by Gaedhal.

I hope one of your encyclopedic minds can help me!

FOUND: (So fast I didn't have time to blink!)  It actually is "Medium Security" by Gaedhal, found by [livejournal.com profile] kmboatright and, of course, [livejournal.com profile] gaedhal. Link to chapters in comments.
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I would like to ask for your help to find a new story.
In this story, Brian and Justin have been married for 30 years and has three children: Gus and others two.
They are moving to Tuscany after Brian's retirement.
The biological Justin child is studying medicine and Daphne is his mother. He has a girlfriend named Lena.
Gus is gay and is dating a friend of Justin.
The daughter of Brian and Justin has a baby before they move to Italy.
Both are very well this story and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Justin and 30 years of marriage with his family before the change.
They are happy in Tuscany until Brian gets sick.
I believe this story is the sequel to another. If so, please, I'd like to meet the two.
Thank you for all the help.

Found! Link in the comments!
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I'm looking for any kind of fic where Justin is torn between Brian and another man. It can be a canon character (realistically) or an OC. I don't want Brian with anyone else (emotionally) because I really think that's stretching it too far. But if there's Brian jealous or wanting to win Justin from this other man, or even if B/J struggle with their feelings while there's this other guy around...I'd like to read it.

If you have read anything like this, please let me know. Thank you so much.

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Hello! I'd really appreciate help in tracking these three fics down:

1) Brian was adopted in a rather shady manner. His birth parents were only 13 or so when he was born. Justin tracks down the birth mother, who lives close to Britin, and goes with Jen to make sure the woman isn't a homophobe. Brian then meets his huge extended family. There's a cousin or niece that gets pregnant by Hobbes. At one point Lindsay and Mel move across the way from Britin.  **FOUND** by princesakarlita and brijusluvrr25This is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10321453/1/Can-I-Come-Back-Home-To-You

2) I know there are quite a few stories that involve Disney trips, but I'm looking specifically for the one where Brian runs into Joan and Claire while there. I seem to remember something about either them accusing Brian of being there trolling for kids, or Brian makes a sarcastic comment that he is.  **FOUND** by blklizard.  This is http://morpheusqaf.com/TradingSpaces.html

3) The last I only have a vague memory of. I believe it takes place in NY and is either a total AU or diverges early on in the series. All I can remember is that Brian keeps getting glimpses of Justin (not sure if he knows him or not) and trying to catch up to him but has several misses before he finally does, I believe under a streetlight outside a gallery? I think the first time he sees him Justin is outside a club maybe and Justin is with a friend (Daphne?). I know this is incredibly vague.  **FOUND** This is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7964290/1/New-York-State-of-Mind

Thanks in advance!
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Michael pays former bouncer to set up Justin. He pays 5 grand I believe. Ex-bouncer calls Brian and there is a sting operation set up where Justin pretends to be drugged from the drink Michael mixed with a drug. Michael and the ex-bouncer take Justin to a hotel room where he then undresses Justin then attempts to have sex without a condom on. Justin then stops pretending and says rather loudly, "Michael stop rapping me!"

This is nagging me. I'm not sure if this is from Forever Yours by Bob. Or it might be M-preg, I think. I know it's anti-Michael as it's a good majority of the fics I do read. I've looked at every tag and then looked again. I'm just not finding it. Help?
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Looking for two fics:

1. Justin moves to Canada near Lindsay and eventually rents apartment to Brian.

2. Justin creates plans for purchase of one of two ad agencies: one in England? and one is Ryder/Vanguard. At some point I remember Justin's grandfather reminds Justin not to peek head around the door, and gives Justin an inheritance from his grandmother. I may be mixing up two different fics, but I believe there is some mystical aspect to the story, and a group of "cousins" who help out J and B.

Anyone? ??

#1 Found. (You guys are fast!) Thank you, Tania Roberts. It's Dancing Away With My Heart by Jackie Mag.

#2 FOUND. So quickly - thank you, balrogtweety. It's The IN Series by Hollyilex. No mystical elements or helpful/watchful 'cousins' here, though. If anyone knows what THAT story might be, I'd appreciate it.

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