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Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone knows if morninggloryfic has posted her fic "The Shells of the Ocean" anywhere besides her journal because LJ wont let me view it and her last log in was 2009. Thanks!

Any help is appreciated

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First Story
- Possible Anti-Lindsey
- Justin's office & studio are in the same building. I think he also lives there. Possibly owns the building.
- Justin possibly has a vault (maybe bank vault?) that he stores his art in. Even has security cameras. Only he has access; which makes (I think) Lindsey mad/jealous.
- Justin hires Lindsey to work for him, but he won't allow her to have access to his vault.
- She brings a baby Gus to work with her. Justin made/had area for him in the office.
- When I first read this story, years ago, I think it was a WIP.

Second Story
- Brian and Justin buy duplex or house with a small child size door between two separate living areas (they choose this place because it will be easy access for Gus(?) to go between, but not the girls.
- B/J offer the other side of duplex/home to Lindsey and Melanie, so Brian can see Gus(?) more often.
- Possible custody fight
- At the end of the story(?), Brian and Justin bring home a baby. I think it's a boy.

Third Story
- Justin lives in a tiny run down apartment. I think it's in a 70's color for the kitchen, green, orange, or yellow. It's like the whole kitchen even appliances are all in this same color. I think the description is: walk into apt., couch/bed in front, ugly tiny kitchen to the left (picture Emmett's & Michael's, but in ugly & old color), small table with two chairs.
- I think Justin is getting some type of help; government, financial, baby assistance.
- I think Brian has to move into Justin's tiny apt.

Help finding is appreciated.

Not Found, as of 20 Jun 2017
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Looking for 2 fics.

1) Justin moves to the Pitts and is living in a basement apartment of Emmett's. He has a history of seizures and can't drive. Meets Brian...

2) Only thing I remember, and not sure how accurate it is, is that Justin is at a friend's beach house and Brian is in a beach house next door not knowing Justin is nearby. There may be some emergency with Gus. Sorry, that's all I remember


#1 found...link in comments!!
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In 2003 an Authour named QAFluva wrote 2 chapters of a story named  BACK FROM THE MIST on ATP and stoped.

Since then I'm looking for this story with no luck. I know he finish it but posted on a diferent site.

Did anyone know about this?
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Two stories came to mind tonight. I read both of them (or dreamed them up) a long time ago and had forgotten them.

1. Justin contracts to do some work for Babylon during the rebuilding, which I think is where Brian meets him. I remember something about the paintings lining an entryway and honoring the victims? I seem to recall that Brian and Justin didn't hit it off right away for some reason. May be wrong aout that.

2. After Brian and Justin meet (AU meeting) they somehow find out that Justin won an anonymous (?) contest for Kinnetik. it was a poster for Babylon, I believe, done while Justin was in school.

I know I'm not remembering much about these but any help finding them would be appreciated and I'll continue to search the tags. I've not had much luck there on these, however.
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I want to read some fics where Brian can cook and chooses not to for anyone but
Justin if they exist.

Update: Noting so far oh well :( Maybe next time
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Does anyone have Server and Receiver by KaMiKaZe, or know where I can find it?

I have checked Ally's site as well as Kami's page on the Moonshadow Tribe site and didn't find it, so I figured one of you fine folks might help a sister out!

Also, is it complete or a WIP?

Thanks in advance!

Update: Still no answer. Will update if I get lucky!   I did get lucky! Sent via email by the awesome blklizard...thank you!
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What I remember is before Brian dies of old age, he asks Gus to watch over Justin. I think Justin may have dementia. Gus takes Justin to the park and pushes him in his wheelchair. Justin thinks Gus is Brian. I usually hate death fics but this one stuck with me. I've looked in every tag I can think of. I hope someone remembers this one!

Edit: Not Found.
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I was looking for a fic thats set when Justin's with Ethan and he's serving Brian or someone at the diner. Justin's hand starts to bother him, Brian notices and starts massaging it. Ethan sees this, gets pissed and yanks Justin's sore hand from Brian's grasp which only serves to cause Justin more pain in his bad hand as Ethan tries to take care of the cramping but doesn't know how to do it properly.  I've seen and read another fic that had something similar only Ethan tried to hit Justin in the head with a plate in that one, so I know it's not that particular story. The only link to the fic in question that I'm searching for was a dead link. Any kind soul have a working link or maybe a pdf download link?

EDIT: Still not found
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Hello! I'm looking for a fic in which I think Justin and Brian goes to a halloween party of one of Justin's friends? And at one point Brian goes exploring the house and sees a little girl in a room and becomes friends with her? I thinknit's part of a series but im not sure. Hopefully I'm not just imagining this fic lol

EDIT: Found it on my own!!! After how many months haha. It's thesalmondean's It's Only Time, Chapter 16.

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Artless was an author who made a lot of fantastic contributions to the QAF fandom, as well as many others, but they have suddenly disappeared into the abyss. It happened while I was rereading "Only words", their epic series of Britin one shots that picks up in season four and fallows Brian and Justin to New York, where they end up moving into a clock tower penthouse. (I read the same series on a tumblr once but I can't remember where)

When I tried to go to the next chapter I got a page that said the work didn't exist, so I did some digging and found one of their fics from a different fandom in orphan account(grrr why would you orphan one fic but delete another???) In my history on Saturday "Only words" is definitely by Artless but on Sunday it's by Obsidienne, which is also what the incredibly talented star trek author ObsidianEmbrace changed their penname to right before they disappeared too???

So I was wondering if anyone has answers or any of Artless's fics saved. I'd like to finish rereading Only Words, but I'd love to get anything else too. It seems to be saved a ton of times on the way back machine, but I can't get to any of the pages bc the link stops working when I try to proceed past the adult content warning.
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The only thing I can remember about this fic is Brian overhears Ted talking about Mel stealing a considerable amount of money from Gus' college fund. Mel and Lindz are not together and he asks lindz about it.
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I know this sounds like a strange request, but are there any fics where Leda has a child by Justin? I've seen at least one fic where Leda has a child with Brian after they have sex during Lindsay & Mel's party, she dies after giving birth and signs her rights over to Justin. I checked all the tags concerning Leda and didn't find anything. If there isn't any then I guess I've got another plot bunny.

Thanks for any help!


ETA: Well it's been a few days and no responses so I'm guessing there aren't any fics with this idea; so it looks like I've got another bunny.
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Hello all. I just finished signed, sealed, delivered, bunnies and peeps, and all 3 sugar plum fairies. In the author notes, Rizabeau says that the 2 years in between SSD and B&P is not finished. Also, I could swear that in the past I actually read that story. Does anyone know if there is another story in this universe and where to find it? It is not at across the pond or in gih fics.


EDIT: So I guess I really dreamed about another story because I was unable to find another one :'(
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Okay... so here is another doozy! A friend of mine is looking for the fic where Brian and Mel are married and Justin is Lindsay's brother. Does this plot ring a bell? I know personally, it has torn my mental capacity to shreds, LOL! Any and all help you could give me is appreciated!
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1. Justin is a prostitute/or mabye just a street kid. Brian takes him home and they have sex. Brian says something hurtful (I can't for the life of me remember what it was) and Justin leaves. Brian regrets what he said and goes looking for Justin in his car. Something about ducks? Justin likes to watch the ducks in the park or something? (This might be another fic completely though)

2. Justin has a fever and Brian plays it cool but is really freaked out about it. He calls Lindsay for help. FOUND! "Deviation" by Tinkerbell

3. Justin is sick but Brian still drags him to his office party. Brian goes looking for him and finds him in the restroom throwing up. Brian didn't think he was that sick and takes him home. FOUND! "Deviation" by Tinkerbell

4. Justin has a headache/migraine and Ben is at the loft looking after him for some reason. (the fic is from Ben's POV) Brian comes home and Ben lingers a while because he's curious to see how Brian acts around Justin. FOUND! Little Ditty by Myrna

5. I might actually have dreamt this fic up but I vaguely remember reading a fic where Justin is sick but he still decides to work a double shift/a late shift at the diner. Brian is worried and I think that Justin collapses or at least has a dizzy spell while serving food and Brian is there when it happens.

Thanks in advance!! :)
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I've looked through all the amnesia fics suggested but have yet to find where Craig uses the fact Justin can't remember his whole senior year after being bashed and sets up Justin with a girl he has been supposedly dating. I think Daphne tries to talk with him but Craig doesn't allow her near him, so she goes to Brian for help?

Sound familiar to anyone?

Story not found, but still looking
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I checked the tags but didn't find anything. Does anyone know if there are any fics with the pairing of Ben with Drew Boyd? Not sure why that pairing popped into my head. Drew is always paired with Emmett, so I guess I just got a bit curious. :)

ETA: No fics found. :( Anyone want a bunny? ;)
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Hi. I know I've posted a post a few days ago and now I'm posting again ^^;

I'm looking for fics that Justin was hurt with whatever Brian did to him but faked it and just smile. Bonus if Brian knew Justin was faking it.

Next is, I'm looking for this one-shot (i think) and I am pretty sure the title is Hand-jobs. The story's not about "handjobs" but actually about Brian massaged Justin's hand throught the series. Even when Justin was with Ethan.

Please? Thank you :)

Found hand-job by icedcupcake :)
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A good New Year!
I'm looking for some stories and I need your help.

1) Tourette's by bea_nonymous

2) Nightmare by bea_nonymous

3) Trouble with a Capital B by Starlightbj

4) Chasing Rabbits by Starlightbj

Thank you so much!

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