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Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone knows if morninggloryfic has posted her fic "The Shells of the Ocean" anywhere besides her journal because LJ wont let me view it and her last log in was 2009. Thanks!

Any help is appreciated

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Morning y'all!! Is there anyway that one of you lovely people (Yes I'm hoping that flattery will get me EVERYWHERE today, LOL) have "The Game" in a doc/pdf file that you can email me OR tell me exactly where to look so that I can read it? I've already tried looking in Shared Mirror but it isn't there. I also called myself looking in the author section of the tags and the MediaFire files. I just can't seem to find it. HELP!! Thanks in advance for at least taking the time to read this! If it's a little 'rambling' it's because I have yet to take a sip of coffee- not a good look. I'll be more coherent the next time, LOL

Happy Reading and HUGS,

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Good evening!

I am looking for three particular fics which I've read before but years ago and now they seem to be in the wind...which is always a sad thing.

The first one is Laundering Karma by RC McLachlan - Received
         I know that they requested that the story not be posted to any sites but I thought I remember reading that it was okay to share the file as long as it wasn't uploaded anywhere. If this is true and you happen to have a copy I would so appreciate it!

Second is Taken - Recieved
          I'm not sure who wrote this one, it was about a bank robbery and Justin was caught up in the mess...thats about all I can remember so I'm
          trying to track it down.

The last one is Stranded in Paradise by scoobysnacksfix - Found
         MPreg, I remember reading it a long time ago but now I can't seem to find a copy. If anyone has one I would would be really thankful.

Thank You!

P.S. for all the fellow teachers out there we're almost done! AP Testing and 1 more Month!
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Hello everybody!

I was silently reading and enjoying this wonderful community for years. Thank you for that!

Now I need your help - I'm looking for Julia's How to Steal a Heart.
I've tried the tags, Aly's GIH 4-Shared Mirror, The Wayback Machine and couldn't find it.

It is: "AU: Brian Kinney: mystery man, gambler and international art thief ~~~ When a valuable painting is stolen from a Paris gallery, Brian becomes the prime suspect ~~~ Justin Taylor: art expert and insurance investigator, is sent to enquire into Brian’s involvement in the theft. However, he discovers there’s more to Brian than meets the eye and soon finds himself falling under his spell ~~~ Will Justin reveal what he learns about Brian and what he does with the proceeds he makes from each theft? ~~~ Will Brian rediscover the ability to love having now met Justin? ~~~ Does Brian steal Justin’s heart or, this time, is it Justin doing the stealing? (Note: Brian is just a couple of years older than Justin in this fic) ~~~ Plot bunny: Storyline unashamedly borrowed from the Thomas Crown Affair"

You are my only hope.
Thank you,

Found, thanks to Predec2!


Jan. 26th, 2016 11:59 pm
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Hey Everybody,

I went to open up the fic "Decadence" and received the following message...

"The page you requested is from a site that has been permanently removed..."

Does anyone have a working link or have this story save that can send it to me. It's about Brian being a supposed Mob guy in the early 1920's or 1930's and comes across a homeless Justin

Found...thank you!! Link in comments
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1) does anyone know where i can read "the shells of the ocean" by morninggloryfic?

2) are there any bashing fics where justin dies but brian stays in character? every fic i have read, he ends up being completely out of character

update- #1 is locked, & i got some recs for #2 but still looking :-)
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I'm posting this request for rainbow83.

"Since I love so much reading Brian being extremely jealous, my suggestion is a story in which Brian and Justin got married but for one thing or another (it would be because Justin is starting a relationship with another guy or while they're in the process, Justin starts seeing another man, whatever) they're about to divorce and it's being in that situation that Brian realizes that Justin is his one and only love. Please, if my suggestion has already been part of a story, tell me because I'd like to read it for sure."

It sounds familiar so I'm hoping that someone here recognizes it.

ETA: Couple of fics suggested in comments. Thanks everyone! :)

ETA2: Turns out the 2nd fic suggested was exactly what Rainbow83 was looking for. It's called 'I Belong to You' by Sling. Link in the comments.
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I'm looking for a wonderfull story. Chris Hobbs and Justin are still teenagers. Chris ruin Jennifer car and when Justin go to confront him Chris ask him to give him a blowjob if he want him to pay for the demage. Chris father come home and catch them, he took a bat and atack Chris with it. He then call the police and acuse Justin for the atack. Justin run away before the  police arive. Justin find a house on the beach and thinking is abandone, go in and go  to sleep. Turn out it's Brian house and Emmett is his house man.

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Hi, I'm just getting back into the fandom and have a craving for some Hustler Justin/Client Brian stories. Please Rec me your faves.                        Thank you all so much, got some great recs already!
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I had come across this story the other day and I didn't get a chance to finish it. It's called Cinderfella but it's not the fractured fairy tale fic that's posted on MW. This one is more in line with the actual fairy tale, but Deb and Carl are Brian's (un official?) adopted parents and Vic is alive as well. They decide to throw a party for Brian to find the guy he's going to spend the rest of his life with, after coming out that he's gay since he never dated any of the girls he was set up with. Justin's in the role of Cinderfella and has two evil step brothers and an evil step father, I believe. Jen dies leaving Justin to become his step father's and step brother's slave. Mikey and Ethan are the evil step brothers and, no suprise, Craig is the evil Step father. Does anyone know the link for this story and is it complete?

UPDATE PROPER: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bluecat731 for the rec tho. I thought the one I was linked to was the story I was asking for, but after FINALLY (due to life getting in the way, wasn't able to until now) reading it last night...it was based off the cinderella tale but not the one I had started a few weeks prior.

Recent UPDATE: Found+another rec. All thanks to [livejournal.com profile] blklizard
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I am looking for a link of Scoobysnacks's story, Stranded in Paradise. It's about teen Brain and Justin being stranded in Island together and they having a son named Sammy. The original link to this story I found was at True Queer Love site but it didn't work for me. Does anyone know where else I can find the story?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks very much for the helpful advices.
Story found. Link in the comment.
Ps, you need to friend the author to gain access to the story.
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Hi Everyone,

I recently watched the movie just like heaven starring the very beautiful Reese Witherspoon (I seen it a few times) and I think I remember reading a story like this or else I thought about writing it myself. I can't remember lol.

Does anyone know if the story is already written?

Huge Hugs Xx

Thanks Edith, it's a story written already. Link to it here.
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I read this fic some time ago and I can't the name of it, or where I read it at..site wise. But in the fic I think Justin was a hustler (don't quote me on this, it's been a while lol) but him and Brian meet and Brian pays him to help him get his sexual prowess back and get over the impotency affects from the radiation treatments for his cancer. He pays him mainly to keep his mouth shut. Ring any bells?

*FOUND* Link in comments!

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