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I have been thinking about a fic all week, and can't seem to locate it. The problem is that I only remember a small bit of the plot line. I am hoping someone can help me locate it.

I believe it is an Anti-Michael fic and was on Midnight Whispers. I could be wrong about those.

The bit that I remember is that Brian owned the whole building the loft is in, and I THINK that Ben and Emmet moved into one of the apartments either as a couple or as roommates. I know it was a longer fic, and I think had a Ben leaves Michael theme. The problem now is that I am wondering if it was Vic who moved in with Emmet instead and I am remembering wrong. I believe that someone else in the family had an apartment in the same building. I remember a scene where Emmet and either Ben or Vic went to Brian and Justin and asked if they could move into the building... possibly in a 3 bdr apt.

I checked the Ben/Emmet tag and didn't see anything that looked right. If someone knows the fic, I would greatly appreciate it.

FOUND! Family Divided by Edom
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I'm looking for a fic where - if i'm not mistaken - Brian asked Lindsay to look for a job . Then Lindsay came to Kinnetik and asked Brian to accept her to work at the art department at Kinnetik . Brian rejected her directly and honestly - saying that she didn't have much talent and etc etc .

Please ? Thank you :)

Found !
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Sorry for the awful subject line.I'm not sure if I 'm mixing up two stories but here's what I remember.

Ben dies. Michael is not upset over it. But he is left with no money so he ends up working in a bakery and living in a flat above it.
He meets Dr. Dave who has moved back to the Pitts but Dave loses interest v quickly and ends up dating Ted.
Michael starts seeing a criminal who punches Emmett and eventually locks Michael in his flat.
i think Michael may have had a gambling problem which was d start of all his problems.
I also vaguely remember Brian and Ted having to pay off h8s
debts on Xmas day.

Found: Link in comments
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For the life of me,and I know as soon as someone finds it I'll feel like a complete idiot, I can't remember the name of a fic I read a while ago. It's where Brian and Justin are in debt over their battle against Stockwell so he'd lose the campaign,and Justin is only getting a couple hundred dollars from his share of the Rage profits that Mickey's in charge of. Brian goes over the contract and calculates just how much money Mickey stole from Justin and gets the publisher to send Justin's next directly to him and Brian,since they trusted Micheal to dole out the profit money equally and but he insisted on on check being sent to his comic book store. It's not "The Dare" or it's sequel by Edom. Help?!

FOUND!!! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] slashluv18 for finding it. Link is in comments. Thanks to everyone who recommended The Experimant by wren. Link also found in comments.
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Could anyone help me? I saved links to the stories I liked, but now I can't access them. May be the site is banned in my country, maybe it's a problem with the provider, but nothing opens :(
I have short descriptions and links. Maybe you can recognise the stories?

1) The story about what happened after Justin's death


2) The story where Justin took Brian home after the funeral burthday. He also took black baloons to the loft and destroyed one after each sex.



3) Brian returns after his death around Christmas.



4) Justin works in the diner. Brian is a monster. Justin feeds him.



5) The story called "Experiment"



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Are there any fics where Justin has already left Ethan but is not yet back with Brian when he finds out that Michael stole most of his share of the money from Rage? It would be interesting to see how he would handle the situation without being involved with Brian.

I checked the tab: michael steals j's rage money, and I have read both of the fics mentioned there.

ETA: Still searching. Just an FYI... I'm not looking for Experiment by Wren, A Time of Adversity by Julesmonster, or A Family Divided by Edom (which is a WIP). I have read all of those and in fact they are what caused my search. ;) And BTW each one of those is an excellent read.
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OK - know I have read this one recently. Brian and Justin meet friends through Jennifer. The two friends move the the Pitts and get a home through Jennifer. Brian and Justin move into the old theatre of a converted school that the friends passed on. Mel and Brian share custody of Gus after Lindz loses it.Mel moves into the same building and Justin fathers a child with her.

Know there is alot more to it but these are the memorable points. Any help appreciated.

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Hi everyone, I've searched for this fic in every applicable tag I can think of, but I had no luck. The fic I'm looking for is long I remember. I think it begins with Brian deciding to do an experiment: see how long he can go without tricking or something to that effect. He doesn't tell anyone about it, I know that much, and I think he might have been keeping some kind of diary about it.

Anyway, various things occur in the fic, but the one thing that really stands out is that Michael was using the money from the comics to pay for Debbie's mortgage. I think Justin and Brian were struggling financially and Justin finds out about what Michael was doing when Justin asks him if he could get some of the money he's owed. That's about all I remember, any help is very appreciated.

FOUND! Link in comments. Thanks guys! :)
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Hey all,

Looking for some rec's of the time following Stockwell finding B+J in the loft and Brian being fired. Things along the lines of Wren's "Experiment" (love that fic). Oneshots are fine too. Many please, and the longer the better. I need a pick me up! Freaking flu!!


fic found

Apr. 24th, 2009 03:59 pm
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Looking for two fics to read on this long weekend in Perth Western Australia,

1, Brian give Justin a heart shaped rock.

2, Brian makes Michael sell his toys to pay back Justin money he had stole from the sale of rage ( there are two with this story line hope to find both).

links to all 3 fics are in the post

thank you again
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Hey guys.  What's the one where Brian and Justin are in the corvette, and Brian freaks out and goes back to confront Michael and maybe Debbie, too about something, and Justin is upset but apologizes for assuming that Brian is going to go boozing and whoring to forget his problems, and picks Brian up near the Novatney's.  Ringing any bells??

Found!  Link in comments.
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I've been trying to find this fic for a week now. All I remember is that Micheal was stealing money from Justin that they got from Rage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Found: Experiment by [livejournal.com profile] wren_kt7oz

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] court1429

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