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Hello, all.

I just read this on another livejorunal, posted from a comm I'm not a member of, a_ra_shi, that I thought might be of interest:

You might or might not have noticed, but in the past month or so many journals have been suspended without warning or notification by LJ. This appears to be because LJ implemented a new script to catch spambots, except this new script seems to potentially mark as spam any post containing links that go out of the site (to Mega, MediaFire, etc.) Once a journal has been marked as "spambot," it will be deleted without warning or notice.

Here is the complete post, http://a-ra-shi.livejournal.com/3018526.html, that has more information on what's going on.
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I have never had a good memory and it doesn't get better as you reach the end of your life... I was a pre-war baby.

Anyway I'm pretty sure I've asked this before but I don't know haw to trace the answer.  Brian and Justin arrange to meet on a bridge in New York at New Years to watch the fireworks. I do want the answer to this question again but even better how can I trace my previous questions?

Sorry to be so pathetic but I really want to know.

Thanks in advance... Love from 6frog

Wonderful and full answer... thank you so much.
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I've been racking my brain trying to think of this story.  I believe its AU.  I think Justin is a virgin and he may work for Brian.  The scene that I'm thinking of is Justin, Brian and the gang are out at Babylon or Woody's.  I think it's Justin's first time out.  Justin ends up making out with a trick who slips him some E (or some other drug).  Brian notices and takes Justin back to the loft.  They share a kiss and Justin wants more.  Brian stops them and says something along the lines of "I know you're burning but we can't"  I know its not much to go on but any help is appreciated.
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I know there is some way of looking back at all entries/queries that I've made on getithere. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

EDIT: Solution in comments thanks to pfodge.
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1) The first thing I'm thinking of is (I think) a post-513 in which Brian and Justin are at Babylon and Justin is out dancing and ends up dancing with Brandon (his name is never given or said, it's just implied by the way the author talks about him). Brandon tries to get Justin to go to the backroom but Justin refuses, oblivious the entire time to the significance of his dance partner and his actions. It was really a snippet in a larger story and not the main focus, but I thought it was a delicious little thing to be added in and I'm kicking myself for not remembering the story.

2) I am looking for a fic that I think was called "Boys to Men" (or Boys 2 Men, I don't remember) and I think it was on Moonshadow Tribe, but I can't seem to find it. -- link in comments

3) This is probably a noob question but I don't use livejournal a whole lot: Is there a way to see just the posts I've made in the community? I come here picking your brains quite a bit when I'm stumped and I didn't have the foresight to add my posts to my memories/bookmark them. Is there a quick way to see them, or am I doomed to sift through pages and pages to find them individually?

Thanks in advance!
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hi! I am searching for working links for stories from the 'elliot' universe by [livejournal.com profile] yoursweater . I visited qaf.vault already and there are some but not all fics (ones I'm searching for are 'green peppers' and 'goddamnitgate' and more, if there any!) , and the author herself did not respond to my question at her LJ. Since I see here that her stories are passed around and the author hasn't forbade the distribution of her fics, I figured I was allowed to ask for the stories ( I checked the tags and these stories haven't been requested in the last 12 months). I would be most grateful for links to the stories or an e-mail with the copies. thank you!!!

E.T.A. mods, LJ is not allowing me to add tags...I really did try but when I click to "select tags" it doesn't load.......... maybe it's related to the problems LJ is having??? *is confused*

EDIT: after the speedy response from the helpful [livejournal.com profile] court1429  I checked the sidebar for  DL for lost fics and in the Elliot 'verse folder there AREN'T the two fics I'm looking for, unfortunately so I'm still looking *is hopeful*

FOUND!!: the stories have been found at the author's other website-you need to join before reading the stories but it's very easy. the link is in the comments. thanks again to everyone!!!

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