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Looking for a specific stories:

1.Brian goes to NY and meets Justin. Justin doesn't know Brian already has a boyfriend (Michael) until Michael shows up at the hotel to surprise Brian. Brian breaks up with Michael to be with Justin.I believe there's a sequel.

2. Justin and Brian break up,get back together. Justin buys a house without Brian knowledge and Brian gets upset thinking Justin didn't want to live with him. I also think Hobbs is stalking Justin? I'm positive that Chris dyed his hair red. Maybe I'm confusing/combing some stories together

Story 1 found!
Number 1 is sexy boy by charming 1, here is the link: http://www.kinnetikdreams.com/Admi
Sequel here: http://www.kinnetikdreams.com/Adm

Still looking for #2

FOUND #2: Endings and Beginnings by Mouse
I was right on some parts, but I finally found what I was looking for.
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1) a fic where justin attempts suicide and i believe the title was along the lines of "brian kinney is sex". in the fic, justin overdoses on pills but survives and the whole fic was in brian's point of view.

2) a fic where it is set years after the show ends and the word "weird" was in the title. all i remember from the story was one part where brian and justin just got done hiking up some trail and they were tired and laying on their backs when justin tell brian that he has a crush on him.

thanks to anyone who can help. ❤️

edit: BOTH found

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Hi everybody!
This is my first request. Unfortunately my idea of Brian and Justin post series is not that of the majority of the fandom, so I can't find many fics I fully like (or maybe I don't know where to find them, that's what I hope!).

What I look for in a fanfiction:
- Brian goes to NYC in a near future (like a couple years after 5x13) and they live there. It can start immediately after the end of the series with Brian still in Pittsburgh or when he's already moved.
- No children (other than Gus).
- No wedding. Or rather, some kind of commitment is ok as long as a big classic ceremony is not involved.
- Angst is welcomed but with Brian and Justin together. No break ups, no major character death. And a happy (or at least hopeful) ending. Or it can also be all fluffy and happy feelings.
- As In Character as possible, therefore no character bashing.
- Length wise, I'd love some multi chaptered ones but I'd go with anything.
I checked the b/j live in nyc tag but I'd like some more recs.
Two fics I liked are The Keeping Series by Vamphile and In Quest of Something by ebbj9891. Something vaguely similar would be great.

I know it's a lot to ask! Otherwise do you know some good vacation fics? So I can pretend they live in NY xD

UPDATE: Thanks!! Some recs in the comments but I'm always open to other suggestions :)
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic that I read a really long time ago where Justin and Brian are working on their relationship and in doing so I think they go to therapy but I'm not sure. Justin buys a chair that I think he calls the "talking chair" to put in the loft for one of them to sit in when they want to talk to the other about something emotional. It comes out in all of this that Brian attempted suicide multiple times (including on his 30th birthday and I think when Justin left him for Ethan).

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Found, link in comments. Thanks :)
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Hello, i'm looking for a fic that i read long time ago:
Justin is shocked to find Brian on a bus (in New York , I think). They start talking , then go together to Justin's study and Brian says to Justin that he isn't going to be his little secret. Justin finally goes in search of Brian to his hotel. I think there is also a telephone conversation with Daphne and a boyfriend of Justin with bad body odor.
Sorry for the bad english.

FOUND. Link in comments. Thanks to blklizard!
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I read a fic a while ago and from what I remember Justin and Brian are at the loft and Mel shows up with Gus and JR in tow. Her and Linds were having issues or Linds had a break down, I think. When Brian and Justin go down to get the kids from the car, Jus sees twin babies in the back and asks Gus about them. He finds out that they're his. Ring a bell anyone? help XD

EDIT: found really quick! Link in comments.
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Driving me crazy, I have combed the tags, I know I have read this story!

This is all I remember:

I believe it was novel length?

It's post- 513
Anti Micheal

Daphne basically moves in with Brian because she misses Justin.

The only scene I remember is Daphne and Brian sitting in the loft. Brian and Justin set up webcams in their places and they leave them on all the time.  Justin is in his studio they are all just sitting around, Brian working, Justin painting on New York and Daphne doing homework. Micheal comes Barging in and starts bad mouthing Justin (not knowing that justin can hear and see everything)

Micheal thinks that Brian and Justin broke up.

Please help me.

Found! "Love will Always Win" By Luv_Sam. Link in the comments!
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Leslie - who is having trouble signing up to LJ - is looking for two fics, so it would be great if someone can help her out.

One story is when Justin runs away he never comes back
He becomes an escort service and Brian finds him and wants to save him, of course it is anti-Michael and David is there a
figures out what Justin has been doing and takes advantage of him then Michael turns him in and they come after him
but in the end Brian finds him

The other story is post season 5 and each chapter is the name of a watch and there is a young boy that pretends to be abused so Brian will take care of him and ignore Justin

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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Looking for a fic where Justin is working for Kinnetic. They take on a campaign that turns out to be a record label of Ethan's. One day while working together, Michael walks in on them and assumes the worse. He "tattles" to Brian but Ethan had already called Brian to worn him that Michael might try to start something. That is all I've got and may be blending stories. Any help appreciated!
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I am looking for fics where Brian is with or has an arrangement with an older man and bottoms for him. It can be pre-series, in series, canon, or AU. I'd just like to see him be the twink in a relationship.

UPDATE: Links found below! Thank you to all that contributed. :)
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With all that 'extra' time over the holidays, my mind wantered to forgotten B/J fic... Quelle horreur! ;)

Three requests:

1. I recall reading a story where Justin was commissioned to create a sculpture, I believe, for a woman, or a painting that was a companion piece to a sculpture. There was a heroic legend attached to the sculpture/painting. I’m not certain of the legend’s details, but somehow I think it was maybe Apollo/Hyacinthus? I do remember the legend itself being fascinating, not to mention the story I’m looking for. Feels like it was part of a larger series. Anyone recall this?

2. Any stories where Jack Kinney attacks Justin? Thought I recalled one where Jack attacked Justin on the street outside the Loft or the brotherhood Lodge that Jack belonged to. I don’t recall anything else about the story, except for Brian’s anger over the attack.

3. Future fic where Brian gives Justin a vintage car, perhap a mustang or charger, and is pissed when Justin allows Gus to drive it. I remember Gus kind of blackmailed Justin into allowing him behind the wheel.

I have been known to imagine fic where none exists, but I do believe these are out there somewhere. I'd greatly appreciate any help finding them. Virtual chocolate may be provided.

Found #1 and #2 by Sandraj60 and blklizard, respectively. (Hyakinthos by Mysid and The Cycle by Lizzy121202...Links in comments). Still looking for #3 and there's plenty of virtual chocolate to be had for the finder! ;) #3 has been found as well!! It's the Kondo Serie by Inner Justin, found by Becky_qaflove. You guys are the absolute best fic detectives in the land!
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Hello! I was looking at old posts and found this entry:

Street Smarts without author
Justin runs away to New York. He meets Brian and the rest of the gang. Brian is a hustler he gets pregnant Justin. Lindsey starts giving blow jobs at a subway station gets stabbed. Ben and Debbie comes down to take them all home with Carl.
The story was not found. One is able to find it?

I would also like to find the story:
Diary of a Manhattan Boy by Noelle.

Again, I appreciate all the help.

Both stories found. Link in comments.
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Hello . First of all , i want to apologise for the no-so-specific subject. I just don't know what to put there .

Here's my request . I'm looking for a fic that has this part in it . It was a conversation between Brian and Justin , where Brian said something along the lines , "you won't even remember my name . 'Oh what happened to that guy who wouldn't leave me alone , who thought he was in love with me'" . Basically what Justin said in season one . And Justin answered , "I will roll on the bed and said , 'oh there you are , Brian" something like that .

This scene caught my attention and interest . I would like to read it again .

Thank you :)

Still not found :(
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Hello, i found this fic on insane journal but fould only find part 1 and there are 2 parts. I have looked around but cant find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: looks like part 2 was never posted
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does anybody know where i can find this? i saw it suggested on an old post but the link was broken and no author was listed

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Two I hope you can all  help me find.

1. The only thing I can remember about this is that Justin has gone to New York, attending art school, and Brian keeps track of his progress through one of the professors or the dean, without Jutin knowing about it? I think Justin states that he knows exactly how he wants his career to go – he wants to graduate and immediately become the art director for an advertising company, which the dean (?) feels is a bit of an overreach. From the sound of this, it is a piece of a longer series.

2. Post Rage party where Brian and Justin end up together at the diner the next day and everyone is surprised because it was assumed that they broke up the night before. They pass it off as them merely leaving the party at different times with different people and bluff their way through. Think this is a short one.

FOUND: Both found by blklizard

#1 is The Art of the Heart by Lois and Mouse (link in comments)
#2 is Love is Rage by Jule aka Jule1122  (link in comments)

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The things mentioned in the subject line are some of the only things I remember.

Brian had the screen put up since Justin was way to distracting when he was trying to work. Lindsay want something so she visits from Toronto without Mel's knowledge.

Hope this sparks something for someone. Thanks in advance.

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