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I love seeing brian/justin pda, especially stuff in the diner while justin is working, ive read one or two fics with stuff like this in it, and it's always some of my favorite parts. Can anyone point me to things like that???
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Justin and Brian are not together.

Justin lives in another city and is married to a doctor.

Justin gets a telephon call that his husband was in a accident and died.
In the hospital he discovers that somebody else was also in the car.
He learns that his huspand cheated on him and also wanted to get a divorce. The guy his husband cheated on him was pragnant and lost the baby...

Any ideas ?
Couln't find in in the tags, or i searched on the wrong places....

The story is Roadside attraction by GaleandRandy
The link is in the comments
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic that I read a really long time ago where Justin and Brian are working on their relationship and in doing so I think they go to therapy but I'm not sure. Justin buys a chair that I think he calls the "talking chair" to put in the loft for one of them to sit in when they want to talk to the other about something emotional. It comes out in all of this that Brian attempted suicide multiple times (including on his 30th birthday and I think when Justin left him for Ethan).

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Found, link in comments. Thanks :)
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and somehow a young man that was killed at the party is mistakenly identified as Justin. Brian rushes to LA to identify the body and discovers it isn't Justin. If I remember correctly Justin was knocked over a balcony railing and was unconscious.

I tried to check the tags but there are over 200 entries under the b/j injured tag. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE: Thanks cuivresdesaxe for finding it so quickly. The fic is Going or Staying by Kimberley. There is a link in the comments.
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Hi there
Does anyone recall a fic where Brian I think maybe had an injury that damaged his ass (happened before the actual fic takes place) and he really wants to bottom for Justin but is not sure if he can because of the damage. He goes to a doctor who helps him be sure that he can be fucked and maybe demonstrates with a dildo or something similar as to how big Justin would feel inside him. I also seem to remember that the doctor said something like you've got a healthy colon, go get fucked.
Thanks for any help.

FOUND. Links in the comments and this was actually about Justin, not Brian.
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Hello. I'm looking for a fic where B/J meet in a different way. It starts with Justin's car breaking down and stumbling on a cabin that Michael and Ben just brought. Brian is there too. They drive him back to town and B/J eventually get together. Now here's the strange part. Whenever a person does something bad to either of them, they end up dead. For example, Kip blackmails Brain and end up dead, but Brian has an airtight alibi and have no clue what happened to Kip. The same thing happens to Justin. Stuff like that.

I hope that's enough details. Thank you for any help.

Found!-See comments.
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Hello everyone! Simple request but pretty wide scale!

Anyone have any good recs for Hurt/Comfort stories? I'd prefer one-shots or maybe short stories with 10 or less chapters, but open to any story if it revolves around the Hurt/Comfort theme. Gap fillers are great. So are post season 5. Angst is a major plus too! Well-written is a plus and older stories are a plus because I've read most of the newer ones (I think - I'm newer to the fandom).

Thank you! I love this group!

***UPDATE: Got a couple suggestions (in comments)! Always looking for more!
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I could've sworn I read this story over at the BJ community, but now can't find it.

Justin lives in an apartment, but he is afraid to come out. I believe Brian or Emmett live down the hall from him? Brian/Emmett take notice on their reclusive neighbor and try to help Justin over come his fear.

I'm going to keep searching, but if anyone knows the story, help will be greatly appreciated.

Its Agoraphobia by Grover
Link is in comments
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Hello! Firstly, let me say I'm sorry WAY in advance because I'm so incredibly new to LJ, it's not even funny... so I have NO idea what I'm doing. If anyone would like to help me out or give me tips, I'd be totally open to it! I also have no friends... erm... so... if you'd like new friend, let me know! (Please? lol.)

Anyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has any recs for fics where Brian is assaulted? Either sexually or just beat up? There are so many fics where Justin is raped or hurt or beat up and Brian is the protector or helps him through it. Are there any where Justin helps/protects Brian? I've always wanted to see read how people think Brian would react to being assaulted, since he's such a toppy-top manly man. lol.

Thanks everyone!


PS: Admins let me know if this isn't allowed and I'll delete, but I have no one else to share this with at the moment... I'm going to see Randy in Cabaret and I'm SO EXCITED!!! That'll be all! :-P

***Recs in Comments! Thank you everyone! Always looking for more recs if you've got them!***
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Please help me find this fic. The only thing i remember is that Justin was in a full leg brace and he came into the loft and found Brian having sex with a trick in their bed. I think it was agreed no tricks in the loft because Justin was shocked and sat on the couch all night. The next day Brian felt guilty because Justin was in brace all night. I think it was Brian pushing Justin off cliff. I have been through so many tags that i got lost...lol


FOUND link in comments! Thanks
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Mods, I'm sorry if the subject is wrong, I'll just change it if it is though.

Anyway, hi guys! Randomly remembered this one the other day and wanted to read it again.

I think it was set in season 3 and Justin is with Ethan? I think Daphne tells Justin about an article that their friend from HS wrote in their school paper or something? and all I remember is B/J met up in some cafe for coffee because Justin wanted to show Brian the article and then it was basically just opening up to each other and stuff like that. I remember it was great and really well-written.

Anyone remember this? Thanks in advance for all the help! :D :D
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Hello everybody!

I was silently reading and enjoying this wonderful community for years. Thank you for that!

Now I need your help - I'm looking for Julia's How to Steal a Heart.
I've tried the tags, Aly's GIH 4-Shared Mirror, The Wayback Machine and couldn't find it.

It is: "AU: Brian Kinney: mystery man, gambler and international art thief ~~~ When a valuable painting is stolen from a Paris gallery, Brian becomes the prime suspect ~~~ Justin Taylor: art expert and insurance investigator, is sent to enquire into Brian’s involvement in the theft. However, he discovers there’s more to Brian than meets the eye and soon finds himself falling under his spell ~~~ Will Justin reveal what he learns about Brian and what he does with the proceeds he makes from each theft? ~~~ Will Brian rediscover the ability to love having now met Justin? ~~~ Does Brian steal Justin’s heart or, this time, is it Justin doing the stealing? (Note: Brian is just a couple of years older than Justin in this fic) ~~~ Plot bunny: Storyline unashamedly borrowed from the Thomas Crown Affair"

You are my only hope.
Thank you,

Found, thanks to Predec2!
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I imagine this is in the tags somewhere, but I'm not having any luck finding it.

I recall that there was a horrible car crash with Linds, Mel, Justin, and Gus all in the car. I believe Justin rescues Gus, who sees his mothers die horribly. Justin is seriously injured or at least bloody, but Justin comforts Gus and will not let the paramedics help him until they get Brian there to take care of Gus.

I don't believe B/J knew one another (or at least not well) before the accident, but I think that after the accident, they raise Gus together.

I also recall that the day after the crash, Brian visits the site and is horrified by the burned and mangled wreckage of the car, realizing how much Justin risked to save Gus and how lucky he is that Gus lived through it.

I appreciate any help offered!


Found! Through the Rain by Carly http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/CF/Rain.htm

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Looking for a fic where Justin is working for Kinnetic. They take on a campaign that turns out to be a record label of Ethan's. One day while working together, Michael walks in on them and assumes the worse. He "tattles" to Brian but Ethan had already called Brian to worn him that Michael might try to start something. That is all I've got and may be blending stories. Any help appreciated!
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Hi. I know I've posted a post a few days ago and now I'm posting again ^^;

I'm looking for fics that Justin was hurt with whatever Brian did to him but faked it and just smile. Bonus if Brian knew Justin was faking it.

Next is, I'm looking for this one-shot (i think) and I am pretty sure the title is Hand-jobs. The story's not about "handjobs" but actually about Brian massaged Justin's hand throught the series. Even when Justin was with Ethan.

Please? Thank you :)

Found hand-job by icedcupcake :)
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I'm looking for fics where Justin comforts Brian after something happens at work, with his family or friends...
Not looking for any ill/sick situations or where they have all the money in the world.
Thank you for reading and have a happy new year :-)

UPDATE: [livejournal.com profile] fingerpaintash made a list, but if anyone thinks of something else, please add.

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