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1) a fic where justin attempts suicide and i believe the title was along the lines of "brian kinney is sex". in the fic, justin overdoses on pills but survives and the whole fic was in brian's point of view.

2) a fic where it is set years after the show ends and the word "weird" was in the title. all i remember from the story was one part where brian and justin just got done hiking up some trail and they were tired and laying on their backs when justin tell brian that he has a crush on him.

thanks to anyone who can help. ❤️

edit: BOTH found

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Justin and Brian are not together.

Justin lives in another city and is married to a doctor.

Justin gets a telephon call that his husband was in a accident and died.
In the hospital he discovers that somebody else was also in the car.
He learns that his huspand cheated on him and also wanted to get a divorce. The guy his husband cheated on him was pragnant and lost the baby...

Any ideas ?
Couln't find in in the tags, or i searched on the wrong places....

The story is Roadside attraction by GaleandRandy
The link is in the comments
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I'm looking for a fic where - if i'm not mistaken - Brian asked Lindsay to look for a job . Then Lindsay came to Kinnetik and asked Brian to accept her to work at the art department at Kinnetik . Brian rejected her directly and honestly - saying that she didn't have much talent and etc etc .

Please ? Thank you :)

Found !
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Just a heads up, posting has started over at [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge and will continue into next week. Come on over and share in the love of all these new QAF creations!

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Brian goes on a business trip at Christmas and gets caught in a storm, gets lost and ends up picking up a pregnant couple and checking into a motel owned by a "Taylor". Sees Hobbs there.

Found already!! Thank you!! Link in comments
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The season is here and I'm listening to the Christmas classics and watching Scrooge... and this little scene popped into my head from a story I read some time ago. I'm sure it's part of a longer tale, but near the end, I believe, everyone is at Britin to celebrate Christmas. Brian had opened up to Justin and told him about his painful and disappointing Christmases as a child and losing his belief in Santa. During the celebrations Jennifer and Deb (I believe) watch as Justin gives Brian a present he had asked Santa for as a child, that has a tag attached apologizing for the very late delivery. It was a very touching scene and I know a few fics have similar scenes. This one was particularly touching because of Jennifer and Deb's reactions.

Any help finding this would be much appreciated, and I'll throw in a Christmas cookie and a cup of cocoa, too!

FOUND: by amythesw . Suddenly It's Summer by Moonshadow Woman. Of course. ;)
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Hi, I've been looking for a Christmas fic.
The story I remember is Justin asked Brian to buy a christmas tree, and Brian bought dead one. And then Justin baked cookies and offered them to Brian but he refused or/and threw them away. Justin got angry and burst out of the loft. Brian regretted what he did. Next day when Justin got back the loft he found that Brian had bought a fresh tree and baked cookies.
Hope someone knows it. Thanks in advance!

Update: My some memories were wrong, but found it.
The fic is "My Grinch" by [livejournal.com profile] soulmatejunkee

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Hope someone can help.
I have very vague recollections of this story.
Brian and Justin have custody of children, one of which was fathered by Michael. I'm guessing the kids are Gus and JR but I'm not sure. Michael didnt want full custody so he's ok with the arrangement. I'm assuming Mel&Linds are dead.

Anyway, Justin bought a cabin in the countryside and he, Brian and the kids spend Xmas and new year there and are uncontactable for the month. They decide to do this every year.I remember Debbie & Michael were pissed about this.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but I hope it rings a bell with someone. I've checked deadlesbians and B/J raise gus/JR tags but no joy.
Found Link in Comments
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Hi everyone, i'm looking for a fic I read some time ago where Brian and Justin haven't met yet and Brian faints or gets hurt outside Babylon I think and Justin helps him to get to the hospital and stays with him to see if he's ok.
Justin helps in a shelter but he's a very wealthy man probably because of his ineritance, but Brian thinks that he is poor and lives in the shelter instead, he thinks that Justin is ashamed of his condition.
I already checked the "justin is wealthier than Brian" and "justin is wealth" tags without finding it.
Does anything I wrote rings a bell?

FOUND in record time by willow1965, it's The angel and Mr Kinney by saroco61, http://midnightwhispers.net/viewstory.php?sid=1202

p.s. I edited the link with the new MW website
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I think that psycho Ben Carson's West Point fabrications must've put this fic in my mind! :-D I've checked all the "Gus is a teenager" tags and scanned the subject headings in the "Gus" tag, but didn't find this fic. Unfortunately, I don't remember any other details. Thanks in advance!

Update: Found very quickly by [livejournal.com profile] blklizard, who provided a sendspace download link and a direct link to [livejournal.com profile] qaffangyrl's tags page in the comments. Thank you!
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Hey everyone.

I am looking for stories where Ben might have a crush on Justin. Brian/Justin as the main pairing of course but it'll be nice to see Ben/Justin sometimes. But please, Brian/Justin ending please.

I've read this story a long time ago, perhaps a few yeas back not sure. It was a story where Brian had amnesia and Michael told him that they were together. Then Justin barged into the loft and made a claim on Brian. He then took Brian to meet a doctor? and it happened to be a friend of Brian's and he knew that Brian faked amnesia.

Thank you :)

Found !! I swear this community is ridiculously amazing !
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As the title states, I was wondering if there other fics out there similar to this one. I checked the mpreg and B/J become boyfriends after first night tags and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know of other fics like " Roadside Attraction"? No death fics or B/J unhappy ending fics please. I hate those, well the fics where B/J don't either stay together or end up together I hate. The B/J main chara death fics are just...I just don't care for them.

EDIT: I got a rec for a fic that was not really what I was searching for, but sorta similar. DL is in the comments. I still looking so if anyone's read Roadside Attraction and knows of fics like, not the one's where B is pregnant I'll get to those fics at some point, then either reply here or pm me. Also! There is a link to Roadside Attraction in the comments section as well for those who wish to check out.
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Hi. I'm looking for a Christmas fic. It's the future and B/J are out of town because Brian is trying to land a client. He doesn't get the client so the mood is not good. There's a snowstorm and flights are cancelled (I think) so B/J rent a car to drive home. Only the storm gets worse and they get stuck in a small town which doesn't make the mood any better between them. But! The town turns out to be a lovely experience. The waitress (owner?) of the local diner let the boys stay in the apartment above the diner. They find the season's hot difficult-to-find toy that Gus has been asking for in the local toy store. There's a Christmas parade and the waitress plays Mrs. Claus. The boys talk things out and clear the air.

I looked though the Christmas tag but wasn't able to find this fic.

Thanks for any help.

FOUND: Love Reawakened by Predec2
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I'm looking for a story that I read awhile ago. I don't remember the story's name or author. I just remember a really cute scene where Brian and Justin were at a business dinner of Brian's with I want to say a few other couples. Leo Brown possibly being one of the other couples. The cute part was when the other wife's got up to go to the restroom they told Justin to come with them and he did. He was in the women's restroom as if he was one of the wife's. If anyone recognizes this I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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Looking for "From the Snow" Series by Morrbran. I found her on live journal but I can't access the stories. I'm new to live journal so my navigation skills are lacking. My email is mystars559@comcast.net if anyone has it. Would also like to read any other stories by the author anyone may have.

FOUND! Thank you so much for the link.
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Sorry for the awful subject line.I'm not sure if I 'm mixing up two stories but here's what I remember.

Ben dies. Michael is not upset over it. But he is left with no money so he ends up working in a bakery and living in a flat above it.
He meets Dr. Dave who has moved back to the Pitts but Dave loses interest v quickly and ends up dating Ted.
Michael starts seeing a criminal who punches Emmett and eventually locks Michael in his flat.
i think Michael may have had a gambling problem which was d start of all his problems.
I also vaguely remember Brian and Ted having to pay off h8s
debts on Xmas day.

Found: Link in comments

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