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Hello, all.

I just read this on another livejorunal, posted from a comm I'm not a member of, a_ra_shi, that I thought might be of interest:

You might or might not have noticed, but in the past month or so many journals have been suspended without warning or notification by LJ. This appears to be because LJ implemented a new script to catch spambots, except this new script seems to potentially mark as spam any post containing links that go out of the site (to Mega, MediaFire, etc.) Once a journal has been marked as "spambot," it will be deleted without warning or notice.

Here is the complete post, http://a-ra-shi.livejournal.com/3018526.html, that has more information on what's going on.
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Hi Lovely Mods,
Posting this here rather than PM-img y'all since I figure others might be wondering as well.

Are you guys going to create a Dreamwidth mirror account for this invaluable QAF resource?
You know, in case the apocalypse hits.

Much love,
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I couln't access livejournal for quite some time becauce of computer problems.
I was able to open/read other sides with qaf fanfiction.

What great stories did i miss that where only posted on livejournal?

Edit: looks like i didn't miss anything.... but let me know if you think of a story that was only posted on livejournal
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Are there any LJ communities where you can ask questions or ask for opinions for a fic you are writing? I'm working on a fic and would like to get some opinions or advice on a situation. I plan to post the question on my LJ, too, but I don't get a lot of hits over there. :)

UPDATE: Thanks for the help everyone. The website kinnetikdreams.com has a link to writing tips on its homepage.
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I know Ted never said anything to anybody, but was it ever revealed to anyone that Ted was the first to know about Brian's cancer?

Update: Evidently it was never revealed that Ted was the first to know about Brian's cancer. Brian did tell Deb that only Justin, Michael and Ted knew, but he didn't tell her that he told Ted before anyone else found out. So it looks like the only people Brian actually told about his cancer were Ted and Debbie; Justin, of course, found out from the voice message and he told Michael thinking Brian would have told his best friend.

Thanks for the help!
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I was certain I had this on my computer but now I can't find it. I remember it was a prop that was never used or maybe the scene was cut. Might have been intended to use in the scene where Justin gives the cop his license. I've checked all the tags I can think of re: pics, promos, etc. but haven't found it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

ETA: FOUND! Thanks to toto_too514 for the quick response with a link to the image! Link is in the comments.
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I was watching Halt and Catch Fire and noticed this painting qafpainting.jpg

Am I wrong in thinking this is in Brian's office in Season 3 episode 7-8?

Can someone point me to a screen cap with the painting from QAF?

ETA: Though not the same painting - a very similar painting can be seen in Brian's office in Vanguard.

Someone noted:
"The painting in Brian's office is a Robert Motherwell knock-off of some sort."

I looked up Robert Motherwell, it seems both are some variant knock-off of Robert Motherwell's Elegy to the Spanish Republic - which is a series.
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Dear Friends,

I'm new to the QAF fandom and am having a heretofore unknown compulsion to write fiction ... something amazing and moving, I hope .... This has really never happened to me before. I looked at a couple of the prompt/challenge communities I saw on the sidebar, but they do not appear to be very active anymore. Also, they seemed to impose quite a few constraints. For instance, MPREG isn't usually my cup of tea, but I wouldn't say no one should write it...Right? Right.

So I love this community and see a few new posts every week - you have been invaluable keeping me in reading material!

I have a few ideas, but they are epic in nature. I want to begin with something smaller and more structured for my first few attempts lest I fall flat on my face and never finish anything.

What stories do my fellow Brian/Justin fans want to read? Does anyone have ideas for me? Another writer I love and respect tremendously has offered to beta and maybe let me play in her AU eventually...

Many thanks!

ETA: Communities like http://ekg-club.livejournal.com/ and http://promptmesomeqaf.livejournal.com/ were recommended as well as specific ideas and the plotbunny tag here! Thank you all very much, but of course, feel free to keep adding ideas :).

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I don't necessarily need/want recommendations since that is so broad but if someone could point me in the direction of a tag for long, multi-chapter fics, I'd be forever thankful. Fics like "The Great Divide" and "The Sunshine Files" which I already have links to. I already looked for a "multi-fic" or a "long fic" tag and didn't find one.

Thank you!

Admins, if this post isn't ok, let me know and I'll delete it

Found: Link for novel length fics in comments! Thank you!!
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I'm looking for a picture of the first cake that was made for the episode which showed the actual date they had planned to use for Brian's 30th birthday. I thought I had saved it to my computer, but no such luck. I checked the tags but didn't find it.

Thanks for any help!

ETA: Link to one picture in the comments, thanks to Predec. However, still looking for the picture with the full date.

ETA2: Another link to a larger picture in the comments thanks to Kinwad.

ETA3: Well, I had an 'aha' moment a little while ago and did some searching on my harddrive and discovered the date wasn't actually in a picture of the cake... it was in an early script. They had written Brian's date of birth to be May 21, 1971. So I would like to give a great BIG THANK YOU to Predec and Kinwad for all their help and the great pics!
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Hi…I hope someone can help me. I'm looking for Princess of Babylon's song list and made the mistake of not saving it. Now princessofbabylon.com is no longer up and running and she had such a killer song list…does anyone have this?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, but I don't know who else to ask.

Thanks so much!
Deborah :)

UPDATE: Found by Kim! Thank you so much!!! https://web.archive.org/web/20131105162510/http://www.princessofbabylon.com/songlist.html
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Hi! I've recently found something called 'Brian's inbox', from Showtime, as I understand. http://brian-kinney.net/brian.php?character#Ep22 Is there anything like that beyond season 1? Because I can't find anything.

Also, I surprisingly started to like M-preg. I'm leaving for my vacation in a few days, there is no even a minute of free time, so I searched tags only briefly. Maybe someone could suggest good multi-chaptered M-preg stories, with some angst? I've read everything by galeandrandy, Draccone and butterflytiger_1982.

Thanks in advance!

Many wonderful links were offered (but please don't hesitate to suggest more stories)! Thank you so much, everyone! My vacation is going to be great thanks to you!

As for Brian's inbox - I still didn't get the answer. I heard that at first there were e-mails to all the seasons, but later they were deleted, and only those to the first season remained. If someone knows somehting else, or maybe even have those deleted e-mails saved, please let me know!
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I am unsure if this is acceptable so please delete or tell me to and I will

I was surfing thru stations tonight and found SHOWTIME running the show again!
S1ep9 and 10 were on tonight.Monday they will show episodes 11 and 12 back to back as well. Check your listings I guess for your area!!!

Happy watching 😄😄😄😄 


May. 22nd, 2014 09:10 pm
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Mods, if this isn't allowed please delete.

I'm trying to contact bksbracelet (who's been kind enough to leave me reviews at Fanfiction) only there's no way of replying. If he/she is reading this, or if anyone else knows how I can send a message, can you please let me know?

Thanks to all,


In contact. Thanks to Rainbow1907 for reminding me about PM's - I wish I weren't such a dumbass with this stuff!
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This is driving me crazy, mostly because I should know the answer, but who is Vic dressed as at Michael and David's fundraiser for Senator Baxter? I need it for one of the fics I'm working on.

ETA: Answer found very quickly by bluecat731: Vic is dressed as gay icon Quentin Crisp.
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Hi everyone! I am OCD and am going crazy trying to find a way to organize the stories I read. I was coming to see if anyone here has any good suggestions. I am willing to write everything down by hand and file everything so if that is one as well. I want to be able to help with linking to stories and even though I know of an author or a title I can't remember where I have read it and I think this will help with that.

I hope the question sounded right. I hope I didn't make it sound so complicated and I really hope that this general question was okay.

(Example: Justin Allergies/Sick
                Credence by GaleandRandy)

EDIT: I had some great suggestions and they were all so simple. Thank you all again!
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I have never had a good memory and it doesn't get better as you reach the end of your life... I was a pre-war baby.

Anyway I'm pretty sure I've asked this before but I don't know haw to trace the answer.  Brian and Justin arrange to meet on a bridge in New York at New Years to watch the fireworks. I do want the answer to this question again but even better how can I trace my previous questions?

Sorry to be so pathetic but I really want to know.

Thanks in advance... Love from 6frog

Wonderful and full answer... thank you so much.
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Hello, I'm looking for a beta and can't remember the name of the site where I found one in the past.    I don't think  the site is active anymore.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find someone?  (I apologize to the mods if this request is not permissible and I will delete it promptly if it is inappropriate.)     Thanks, Laura

Betas found!  Thanks so much to all that responded!
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I was scrolling through the pics over on qafcaps.com and found something interesting. Season 1 episode 10 is the one where Justin is showing Daphne around the loft. Brian opens the partition between the bedroom and living area and stands there naked while griping at Justin for all the noise he's making.

There have been a lot of fics written where Justin didn't know that Brian bought his sketch. But in image #99 in the background behind Brian is the sketch that Justin made of Brian lying naked in bed. It's propped up on the table next to the bed with a glass in front of it.

So is it canon or fandom that Justin doesn't know Brian purchased the sketch. At Babylon following the fundraiser, Daphne mentions that someone bought one of Justin's sketches. No mention is made of who purchased it. That's the only time I can remember the purchase being mentioned in the show. So... how could Justin not know Brian bought it when the sketch is in Brian's bedroom?

ETA: Seems to be a bit of both: canon that Justin knew Brian had bought the sketch since it was on display (at least in 1 episode) in the loft while Justin is living there, and fandom that Justin doesn't know Brian bought the sketch because it's never mentioned in the series after episode 6.

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