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Hey all! Ashleigh's Ridiculously Romantic site has been down for awhile, and using wayback doesn't work for much of it. I know a few of her fics are in the archives, but does anyone know of an alternative site for the rest? Thanks!

*UPDATE* Some fics show up using Wayback, some partially - so, still looking for an alternate means to read them.
*UPDATE 2* Many fics posted by the wonderful blklizard!
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I love Allie Quixotic's 'How We Got Where We're Going'and it's sequel, 'Now That We Are Here', but I've only ever found a WIP version of it. Does anyone know the fic and whether the finished version exists anywhere? Her LJ blog has been deleted and purged, sadly.

Did Allie write any other fics?

Thanks a bunch
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Looking for working links or copies of a few stories...

1) Action's Reaction by toploft69

2) I don't remember the title but it's the one where Justin is afraid of storms and Brian comforts him. I think they may be broken up and/or fighting at the time?

3) Brother's Keeper by Vamphile

Thanks in advance!

***Update: All found - links in comments! :-)
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I've been looking for this fic in a whole week.

So actually Hunter and Justin are close friend. I seem to remember that Hunter really protective over Justin (Because of smth) and that's make Justin only depend on him and no one allowed to touch Justin because sometimes he gets panic attack or smth,

Until finally he met Brian, and Justin wants to be with Brian. Hunter and Brian are the only people who can get close to Justin.

Please help me :( I really want to read that agaaaain


FOUND by Teinisydan its Hunter Plus One. Link in the comment section.
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Hello! Firstly, let me say I'm sorry WAY in advance because I'm so incredibly new to LJ, it's not even funny... so I have NO idea what I'm doing. If anyone would like to help me out or give me tips, I'd be totally open to it! I also have no friends... erm... so... if you'd like new friend, let me know! (Please? lol.)

Anyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has any recs for fics where Brian is assaulted? Either sexually or just beat up? There are so many fics where Justin is raped or hurt or beat up and Brian is the protector or helps him through it. Are there any where Justin helps/protects Brian? I've always wanted to see read how people think Brian would react to being assaulted, since he's such a toppy-top manly man. lol.

Thanks everyone!


PS: Admins let me know if this isn't allowed and I'll delete, but I have no one else to share this with at the moment... I'm going to see Randy in Cabaret and I'm SO EXCITED!!! That'll be all! :-P

***Recs in Comments! Thank you everyone! Always looking for more recs if you've got them!***
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Are there any fics set in SE1 or even AU SE1 where Mikey was the one behind Brian's loft broken into, but he allows Brian to lay the blame at Justin's feet only to believe Justin when tells Brian that he did set the alarm and locked the door before he left. Only to have Brian find out later that Michael was trying to set Justin up? I don't know if fics like that were ever written but it never hurts to ask.

Update: Found by [livejournal.com profile] balrogtweety Thank you! Name and location in comments. Oh and recs are welcome as always, but not a requirement.
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I wanted to see if there were any fics where Brian has a meaningful friendship with someone that isn't a part of the family. It can be an OC or someone that is not a friend in the show.

Thank you for the great recs. All of the links are in the description! :)
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I'm looking for a crack!fiction in which Michael died in hilarious way (I think it wasn't a standalone, there were many chapters there).
It was well written and comical and I recall a big warning that it's about killing Michael.
I went through the tags with no result.
Anybody remember this?

Thank you!

Found thanks to blklizard!
It's They Killed Mikey - The Bastards by Mimi aka westleyo
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Hello all :) I was reading the sunshine series by Joanne and the fourth story "raging sunshine" indicated that it has 20 chapters but I only found 16. Is this story complete ? I tried going to defensive walls and was told site no longer exists. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you all so much !!
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I am looking for a fic where they are raising a little girl. I believe it's Justin's and a friend of his. The friend is dead but the sister and grandma show up and want to visit with her and Justin refuses or forbids it because of things is friend had said in the past. Brian feels bad for the Grandma and sneaks visits behind Justin's back.

found: My Girl by Krissypig


thank you blklizard
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Leslie - who is having trouble signing up to LJ - is looking for two fics, so it would be great if someone can help her out.

One story is when Justin runs away he never comes back
He becomes an escort service and Brian finds him and wants to save him, of course it is anti-Michael and David is there a
figures out what Justin has been doing and takes advantage of him then Michael turns him in and they come after him
but in the end Brian finds him

The other story is post season 5 and each chapter is the name of a watch and there is a young boy that pretends to be abused so Brian will take care of him and ignore Justin

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me



Jan. 26th, 2016 11:59 pm
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Hey Everybody,

I went to open up the fic "Decadence" and received the following message...

"The page you requested is from a site that has been permanently removed..."

Does anyone have a working link or have this story save that can send it to me. It's about Brian being a supposed Mob guy in the early 1920's or 1930's and comes across a homeless Justin

Found...thank you!! Link in comments
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I am terrible at remembering author's names. I have spent half a day searching for a B/J one-shot fic called End of an Era. I did not see it under Brian and Michael no longer friends and I didn't see it under Anti-Mikey. I checked out the Moonshadow Tribe page as well (for some reason I remember it having a yellow background with red typeface- looked a lot likemany of those fic). It takes place in the diner and B/J leave town in the end. Someone please help my spotty memory. Thanks!

UPDATE: Fic is found. Link in comments Thanks so much. Love this community; it's why I joined LJ.
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What I remember is Brian was on a business meeting, flying home. He wakes up several years later on Justin's front porch, having been missing for several years, unbeknownst to him. Brian and Ben were a couple. It ends with him and Justin together and Ben and Michael together. I want to say Sap and someone else were behind Brian disappearing. If someone knows of this story, I'd appreciate it. Thank.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Justin is interviewed by Brian in NYC. Though when they meet during the interview Brian presents two options to Justin, either, Justin can accetpt the job and they don't have sex or they have sex but Justin doesn't recieve the job...Justin gets the jobs and the sex. The other part of the fic I remember is something about Brian always proposing to Justin that they should go to a little place he knows to eat, but never calls it a date. Does this ring a bell to anyone?Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

FOUND! Where There's Heat by Erin
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Hi all- I'm looking for a fic where Justin wants to cut his hair but he is hesitant to do so because he knows how much Brian likes it to be long. They end up having sex (surprise, surprise) where Brian really focuses on Justin's hair but after they finish he tells Justin he should do what he wants with his hair. Random- I know. Anybody recognize this one? Thanks in advance for your help!

ETA: Found thanks to Edith Laferrière.

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