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I love Allie Quixotic's 'How We Got Where We're Going'and it's sequel, 'Now That We Are Here', but I've only ever found a WIP version of it. Does anyone know the fic and whether the finished version exists anywhere? Her LJ blog has been deleted and purged, sadly.

Did Allie write any other fics?

Thanks a bunch
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1) a fic where justin attempts suicide and i believe the title was along the lines of "brian kinney is sex". in the fic, justin overdoses on pills but survives and the whole fic was in brian's point of view.

2) a fic where it is set years after the show ends and the word "weird" was in the title. all i remember from the story was one part where brian and justin just got done hiking up some trail and they were tired and laying on their backs when justin tell brian that he has a crush on him.

thanks to anyone who can help. ❤️

edit: BOTH found

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#1 Melanie doesn't like Gus and this causes a lot of friction between Brian and her. Brian and Justin sue for custody and raise Gus

#2 stories where Brian and Justin take in Gus when he is a baby.
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I love seeing brian/justin pda, especially stuff in the diner while justin is working, ive read one or two fics with stuff like this in it, and it's always some of my favorite parts. Can anyone point me to things like that???
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Looking for working links or copies of a few stories...

1) Action's Reaction by toploft69

2) I don't remember the title but it's the one where Justin is afraid of storms and Brian comforts him. I think they may be broken up and/or fighting at the time?

3) Brother's Keeper by Vamphile

Thanks in advance!

***Update: All found - links in comments! :-)
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I've been looking for this fic in a whole week.

So actually Hunter and Justin are close friend. I seem to remember that Hunter really protective over Justin (Because of smth) and that's make Justin only depend on him and no one allowed to touch Justin because sometimes he gets panic attack or smth,

Until finally he met Brian, and Justin wants to be with Brian. Hunter and Brian are the only people who can get close to Justin.

Please help me :( I really want to read that agaaaain


FOUND by Teinisydan its Hunter Plus One. Link in the comment section.


Aug. 22nd, 2016 08:33 pm
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Hi All!

Does anyone have to full story of Reforged? Its the story in which everyone thinks Brian is dead but he has amnesia. He's in Chicago I think living with this guy and his mom who took him in because he had no where else to go. He thinks his name is Brian Taylor I think. written by Kishijoten who's no longer on LJ. Please help!



EDIT: Found! Link in comments!
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I could've sworn I read this story over at the BJ community, but now can't find it.

Justin lives in an apartment, but he is afraid to come out. I believe Brian or Emmett live down the hall from him? Brian/Emmett take notice on their reclusive neighbor and try to help Justin over come his fear.

I'm going to keep searching, but if anyone knows the story, help will be greatly appreciated.

Its Agoraphobia by Grover
Link is in comments
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I can't open the site.
For two days the only respond I've got is "Error establishing a database connection" :-(
Is there a problem or it's only me?

Mods, if this is an inappropriate post, I"ll remove it.
Sorry, just didn't know where to ask.

Edit: Direct link found, thanks to miss_alysandra!
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I was wondering if there was anymore fics where Brian gets custody of Gus from the girls? I know of 2 but is there anymore? got some fics thanks everyone :) sorry been gone so lonng my laptop oded on me so I am on my mom's lol
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Driving me crazy, I have combed the tags, I know I have read this story!

This is all I remember:

I believe it was novel length?

It's post- 513
Anti Micheal

Daphne basically moves in with Brian because she misses Justin.

The only scene I remember is Daphne and Brian sitting in the loft. Brian and Justin set up webcams in their places and they leave them on all the time.  Justin is in his studio they are all just sitting around, Brian working, Justin painting on New York and Daphne doing homework. Micheal comes Barging in and starts bad mouthing Justin (not knowing that justin can hear and see everything)

Micheal thinks that Brian and Justin broke up.

Please help me.

Found! "Love will Always Win" By Luv_Sam. Link in the comments!
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Are there any fics set in SE1 or even AU SE1 where Mikey was the one behind Brian's loft broken into, but he allows Brian to lay the blame at Justin's feet only to believe Justin when tells Brian that he did set the alarm and locked the door before he left. Only to have Brian find out later that Michael was trying to set Justin up? I don't know if fics like that were ever written but it never hurts to ask.

Update: Found by [livejournal.com profile] balrogtweety Thank you! Name and location in comments. Oh and recs are welcome as always, but not a requirement.
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I am looking for a bunch of fics, and was hoping someone here may be able to help me. I have looked through the tags but haven't been able to find them.

Unmanned by Rhiannonhero

Missing Condom by Rhiannonhero (link in comments)
Through the eyes of a short one by Rhiannonhero (link in comments)
MOTORCYCLE by triciaqaf (link in comments)
Breeders by batboy126 (link in comments)
Always Mine by Del Rion (link in comments)
Abroad by hannahkelli (link in comments)
Justin’s Bad Day by Kirsty
Messages from The Ex by Kirsty
I don’t cuddle by Kirsty
Customers and Confrontations by Danny 104
Blinded by ? (Brian is attacked and blinded. Justin is on community service at the rehab center)
Invasion by Pocket_Rocket (link in comments)

Suburban Secrets by KaMiKaZe (link in comments)

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Hello all :) I was reading the sunshine series by Joanne and the fourth story "raging sunshine" indicated that it has 20 chapters but I only found 16. Is this story complete ? I tried going to defensive walls and was told site no longer exists. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you all so much !!
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Hi everyone !

I read a fic a year ago and now I can't remember its name. What I remember is that Brian is some kind of royalty and Justin had to marry him knowing that he'll be executed after some time, Justin kept buying time, I'm not sure but I think he was a prince of some other country...
Everyone started to love Justin but he still had to be executed so someone kidnapped him to save him. Justin escaped, went back to Brian's country and pretended to be a slave or something; and that's all I remember. so basically it's a one thousand and one nights QAF style.
I don't know if I'm mixing fics and I've went through the tags and been randomly checking all the fics that I've downloaded before but I got nothing .

Thank you for your help !

PS: I hope I respected the rules it's my first time posting here, please let me know if I need to fix something. Also English is not my 1st language so please forgive any mistakes !

Edit: found - After going through the bjfic.net fics I downloaded last year I found it, it's Twelve Weeks And One Gay Story by Emerusemer !
I should have searched harder before troubling everyone...
Thank you !
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Hi everyone, i've searched for this fic all day......J is in the army and he's a pilot. He's known Vic for a long time and they write each other letters; Brian reads one or some letters and writes him out of curiosity and they begin to know each other.....later they meet and start a relationship.
Please help, I'm going crazy trying to find it......

Found in record time by nochaser. It's "In times of.. by Acacia"
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I remember reading a fic where Brian and Justin get married on the beach, and it was a beautiful but casual ceremony (there were no guests and they were dressed in jeans or something).

I thought it would have been "Trading Places" but it wasn't. It's probably part of a longer fic?

Does anybody remember what fic it is?

Edit: FOUND, it is Choices by England13

Other suggestions in comments. Thank you everybody!
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Does anyone remember the fic where Brian's cell gets left behind and the gang look through his speed dial and are surprised by the order of his contacts?

Thank you so much!


Speed is Everything by Juliet

Link to link in comments

Can also be found in Aly's 4-shared mirror

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