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Is there a working link for Dead Marine at Babylon or maybe a dl rtf file? The link I did find is dead for whatever reason. Also,I had read To Each His Own and I was wondering if there any more fics with Brian and Justin along those same lines. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!!

EDIT: Great recs,keep them coming! *FOUND* Links for the first 8 chapters and prolouge for Dead Marine At Babylon. I asked the author if it's finished or not and waiting to hear back.
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Could anyone help me? I saved links to the stories I liked, but now I can't access them. May be the site is banned in my country, maybe it's a problem with the provider, but nothing opens :(
I have short descriptions and links. Maybe you can recognise the stories?

1) The story about what happened after Justin's death


2) The story where Justin took Brian home after the funeral burthday. He also took black baloons to the loft and destroyed one after each sex.



3) Brian returns after his death around Christmas.



4) Justin works in the diner. Brian is a monster. Justin feeds him.



5) The story called "Experiment"



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Hi :)
It's been a while since my last post here. :)
now I have two fics in mind that I hope you can help me with:

1. I remember reading this story that Brian was in college and Justin was sent back in time from the present time to then to help Brian during that time in hopes that Brian could come to terms with his feelings more in the current time. sorry that was the best way I could say it*lol*

2. I have this link of this story that is AU and mpreg that I don't even remember the name . bt the link doesn't work for me :(
is it just me? or does it have a problem? and do you know, by some miracle, what fic it is?

thank you all :))


thank you so much :)))
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Hello, my friends!
I've been accessing some fics recs with very interesting history.
The problem is that some of the links are not working, so I'm asking for your help to be able to find them.
Here are some of the stories I'd like to meet and I ask for your help:

1) - Worth the Fight by Shaylla.
2) - Toys for boys by Faramir_Boromir.
3) - Morning Moments by Arianett.k
4) - Spin Me Sunshine and Make Me Summer by Miss Miko.
Thank you in advance for all your help.
Much and thank you!

Thank, [livejournal.com profile] predec2 , [livejournal.com profile] miss_alysandra and [livejournal.com profile] blklizard and it helps to have found the stories.
All were found. Links in comments.
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Okay, there are two stories that are evading me right now. They have been stuck in my head for a while now and I've gone through so many tags I'm going crazy cause I can't find them.

1. Justin has left Brian for Ethan. He gets a call that Brian is in the hospital (I think). When he gets there he learns that the gang believe Brian had tried to commit suicide. When Brian wakes up he believes he and Justin are still together. To help him, Justin leaves Ethan and moves back into the loft. I think (but I could be mixing up stories now) that Brian talks with a therapist/psychiatrist who is the ex-wife of his old high school gym teacher, who Brian mentioned in the show; and it is learned that he was actually molested by the gym teacher. In the end they all learn that Brian indeed did not try and commit suicide but ended up with some back drugs from Anita. FOUND! Reason to Believe by Tammy! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy!

2. Justin is alone at Deb's house during a really horrible storm. Deb and Vic (I think he was still alive) are gone on vacation, again I think. Brian, Michael, Ted and Emmett are all out at Woody's or Babylon and they show up just after the power goes out. Brian had returned because he knew that Justin is afraid of storms and he "wants to check up on him" or something like that. FOUND!

Thanks for any help!
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Hi everyone
I was wondering if any of you could tell me the order on the keeping series?

I assume it is: Brothers Keeper > Keeping it together > Sake keeping > Keeping touch > keeping time

Is it like that?

I just finished with Brothers Keeper and then started with KiT, but I see a gap pf 3 years?...Or am I missing something?


UPDATE: Assumed order is correct, thank you all for clearing that up!
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I had two links to this story, one was
and the other was

but now neither of them will work.
Does anyone have another way to find this story?

FOUND, link in comments
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I'm looking for way_to_the_end's fic When I'm With You, but all I find is broken links. This far I've followed broken links to the Midnight Whisper's and way_to_the_end's livejournal plus I couldn't find fic in question in her Fanfiction.net account. Also I couldn't find that fic in Aly's GIH 4-Shared Mirror. I'd like to know where I could find When I'm With You, because I really would like to read it.


//Links found! Thank you<3 (Links in comments).
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Hello! I'm looking for a few fics here, where the links are dead. Mostly due to the site being gone now or redirecting to a completely different, non-fanfiction website. Thank you!

Kiss Me Alright - Justin is autistic and Brian lives across the street. Very AU.
My Only Critic - Brian suffers from OCD. Very AU. Oh, and it's a MPREG.
Reforged (Brian loses his memory)
Trip on Love (Justin loses his memory)
Gone but not forgotten by Bryant MacLagan - Brian loose his memory at some point
Lasting promise by Tammy
Drink You Pretty by perhapsx
Blind Rage by crazy4qaf

All of the links I've found for these fics are dead, the websites no longer available.

Edit: Most of the fics found~ and links are in comment!
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I was looking in other's POV fics and the link for this one is dead.I couln't find it in google or wayback machine.Somebody have this fic or Known another link for it?.Thanks.

Found - Link Inside.
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I found some of these fics in Flame's gap list, but links are not functioning, so if any of you has pdf or know the right link, please help me.
1. A Nocturne in Two Variations by Jude
2. Diary of a Manhattan Call Boy by Noelle
3. Domus by Chris
4. Stepping Out by Circe
5. Guardian Angel by Jess
6. The Uncertain Hour by burnitbackwards
7. Midnight Monsters by leelee2005
8. the here and now by _kiden
9. The Only Way He Knows How by severina2001

Number 2 and 3 are the ones that I need the most.

EDIT: 1, 5, 6, 7, 9 found, but please, PLEASE, anyone that knows something about n 2, help me... I've been looking for something like that for ages (gap 1X10 AU Justin in NY becomes a hustler), also I found n 3 (http://www.qaf-fic.com/atp/viewstory.php?sid=4973)

found Noelle: uploaded to fic folder
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Does anyone have a working link for this fic?  The only link I have is for the Wayback Machine and it says it can't display it because of something called robots.txt (no idea what that means).  I've also looked in the 4Shared folders and don't see it there. 

Thanks in advance!

ETA:  Sounds like the Wayback link won't work anymore because something changed in the website settings (see comments for a better explanation).  So, does anyone have a word doc or PDF they could email me?

ETA 2:  Found!  A link to the story on 4Shared is in the comments. 
ext_56239: (City Lights)
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I was scrolling through the tags and I came across this story by Lizzy but the link wont work, as it is directed to Wayback Machine. The link keeps telling me it wont work do to some coding issues with Robots and I've gone through all of the download options GIH gives us, including searching manually myself through the internet.

Would anybody be so wonderful as to provide a copy of this story?

It was once up on Mightnight Whispers by the link in the Wayback Machine, but of course it is no longer on the website nor is the author herself there any longer.

Please and Thank You

Found: Email [livejournal.com profile] yvonnereid for the fic
[identity profile] silvermoon8916.livejournal.com
i have these links but when i click on them it sends error.do u know somewhere else that these fics are on?
1.Icarus Wasn't an Angel Either
Justin does community service reading books to comatose patients, one of which happens to be Brian, injuried in an inexplicable accident.

‎2.Hell is Other People
Michael and Brian (16) babysit a 10 year old Justin. Their friendship will never be the same as before. ‏


3‎.The Score
Brian wants revenge on Craig, Justin comes as an unexpected bonus.

it says author:burntsm0re‏


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I replied to a post on 4/15, but I don't think anyone saw it so I'm posting again...

This link http://web.archive.org/web/20050315001708/http://evilincorporated.org/html/what_the_future_holds.html was posted by [livejournal.com profile] blklizard and I was going to copy it to a word document but I noticed that the parts labeled "Liar" and "Keeping Secrets" are the same...does anyone know if there is a part that's missing? Also, if any of you have this story saved & would be willing to share, my email is kellydeerwallace@yahoo.com.

I couldn't access the other links provided


so I don't know if those are different. If anyone can access these, please let me know...I think this might be one of the few stories I haven't read yet and would love to, but I don't want to start if something is missing.

Thanks muchly!

EDIT:  Thanks to everyone...several links found in the comments!

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I've read all of Danny's Obsession fanfics except for Honeymooners.
I was finally going to read it today but the site isn't working.
Does anyone know anything about what's happened to it?
In the meantime, would anyone be able to share a copy of it with me, please?
I was really looking forward to reading it. =(
I know that I should save the fanfics that I'd like to read beforehand, just to be on the safe side, but if I did that, even only with all the fanfics I'd LOVE to read, I'd spend most of my time doing that instead of actually reading them. ;)

FOUND: Honeymooners
many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] betweentime
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I just finished reading Kachelofens "Trying to make some sense of it all" and although I´m normally so not into reversed age fics, I love, love, love this one!
So I was wondering, if there are more - preferably multi-chaptered - good fics out there with reversed age?
Thanks in advance!

LOts of recommendations in the comments.
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Does anyone have any idea why a link would work one day on my computer but not the next day. I have had NO success what-so-ever in getting any of my saved links to fics at Wayback Machine. I don't know if there's a block or something on my computer. It keeps mentioning robot.txt.

I apologize if this isn't an appropriate place to post this but, since the links are all for B/J fics that aren't working I thought I'd at least try.


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