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I wanted to where is it possible to read Crazyevildru's stories. I'm particulary looking forward to read Nowhere to run, its sequel Somewhere I belong and the Crashed story. The access to the journal is locked and she doesn't seem around anymore to friend people.

Links in the comments

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy [livejournal.com profile] chase37 [livejournal.com profile] sjmpets [livejournal.com profile] blklizard for their help
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Two stories came to mind tonight. I read both of them (or dreamed them up) a long time ago and had forgotten them.

1. Justin contracts to do some work for Babylon during the rebuilding, which I think is where Brian meets him. I remember something about the paintings lining an entryway and honoring the victims? I seem to recall that Brian and Justin didn't hit it off right away for some reason. May be wrong aout that.

2. After Brian and Justin meet (AU meeting) they somehow find out that Justin won an anonymous (?) contest for Kinnetik. it was a poster for Babylon, I believe, done while Justin was in school.

I know I'm not remembering much about these but any help finding them would be appreciated and I'll continue to search the tags. I've not had much luck there on these, however.
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Hi all really happy to find this comm and i've spent the last few days just reading though anything interesting  but i've been searching for a specific fic and had no luck so far so any help would be great.
I remember one scene really vividly  - i think micheal had been spreading the news that Brian had agreed to the bet with Brandon and maybe Jen had mentioned to Deb that Justin was going to rent an apartment for a studio but the wires got crossed and she assumed that meant Justin was moving out.
Brian came back to the loft while Justin was packing and thought Mickey was right and they started to shout at each other - both accusing the other of thing they heard and they finally registered what the other was saying and were like "What aparment?" "What bet?" and Brian looked at the box i think he'd knocked out of Justins hands and there was just paintbrushes there
Another scene that may be in this fic - not sure - was a convosation about prop 14 and about how Justin wasn't arguing against it because he wanted to get married it was because he just wanted everyone elses to be able to and i think there was a mention of if he wanted to wear heels to walk in pride he should be able to.
Hope someone can point me in the direction of this fic
TY in advance :)

Found in super quick time - Reverberations by wren
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I remember reading a fic where Brian and Justin get married on the beach, and it was a beautiful but casual ceremony (there were no guests and they were dressed in jeans or something).

I thought it would have been "Trading Places" but it wasn't. It's probably part of a longer fic?

Does anybody remember what fic it is?

Edit: FOUND, it is Choices by England13

Other suggestions in comments. Thank you everybody!
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Hi. I just came across Crashed by crazyevildru in the tags. But the problem is I can only read chap 1. I google it and found chap 18 and the last chapter 30. I would like to read the complete story. Plz help me find all the chaps.

Update: debba62 came to the rescue and emailed me! I don't know if there is a link for the full story online.
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Hello! I'd really appreciate help in tracking these three fics down:

1) Brian was adopted in a rather shady manner. His birth parents were only 13 or so when he was born. Justin tracks down the birth mother, who lives close to Britin, and goes with Jen to make sure the woman isn't a homophobe. Brian then meets his huge extended family. There's a cousin or niece that gets pregnant by Hobbes. At one point Lindsay and Mel move across the way from Britin.  **FOUND** by princesakarlita and brijusluvrr25This is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10321453/1/Can-I-Come-Back-Home-To-You

2) I know there are quite a few stories that involve Disney trips, but I'm looking specifically for the one where Brian runs into Joan and Claire while there. I seem to remember something about either them accusing Brian of being there trolling for kids, or Brian makes a sarcastic comment that he is.  **FOUND** by blklizard.  This is http://morpheusqaf.com/TradingSpaces.html

3) The last I only have a vague memory of. I believe it takes place in NY and is either a total AU or diverges early on in the series. All I can remember is that Brian keeps getting glimpses of Justin (not sure if he knows him or not) and trying to catch up to him but has several misses before he finally does, I believe under a streetlight outside a gallery? I think the first time he sees him Justin is outside a club maybe and Justin is with a friend (Daphne?). I know this is incredibly vague.  **FOUND** This is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7964290/1/New-York-State-of-Mind

Thanks in advance!
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Hi evereyone,
I read a fic where Justin went in another city after being trown off the Kinney cliff, Philadelphia or Chicago probably, and became successfull.
He became ill with something serious, may be to the bones or nerves, and Emmet knew about it and visited often, but Brian doesn't but I seem to recall it's because he never asked.......
I'm sute that when you tell me the title I'll be like...OMG I KNEW IT.... but right now I absolutely need your help


FOUND but if you really insist on suggesting fics with a plot similar to this one, I'm not complaining ;)
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Hi all!

I'm looking for a fic in which Justin somehow ended up with (I think) a scarred face. I don't know if he was attacked or in an accident. I only recall one specific scene in which Debbie (and maybe the whole gang) is at the loft trying to cheer him up (or maybe welcome him home from the hospital) but they are oblivious about how uncomfortable they are making him. At one point Deb calls Justin 'Sunshine' and he blows up at her and all his well-meaning friends. He yells something like "I'm not Sunshine, anymore!" because he can't really smile anymore because of the scar tissue (or maybe it was nerve damage). I think Brian eventually takes Justin to a plastic surgeon (or neurosurgeon, if it was nerve damage) and pays for the procedure that will help him smile again.

I've searched through all possible appropriate Tags but, because I remember so little of it, I was unable to find a match.

Mrs. Hippyfreak
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Hi, everyone! I was watching 512-513 today and got very angry - again - at Lindsay and Melanie. Brian clearly told them he doesn't give them his permission to take Gus and move to Canada, but then Lindsay acted like he didn't say anything. It was horrible. I'm looking for stories where Brian doesn't let Lindsay shut him up and refuses to let Gus move, where he insists on his opinion. I don't remember ever reading anything like that.

Thanks in advance!

Two story found, but keep them coming!:)
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I read this fic some time ago and I can't the name of it, or where I read it at..site wise. But in the fic I think Justin was a hustler (don't quote me on this, it's been a while lol) but him and Brian meet and Brian pays him to help him get his sexual prowess back and get over the impotency affects from the radiation treatments for his cancer. He pays him mainly to keep his mouth shut. Ring any bells?

*FOUND* Link in comments!
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some fics where Brian gets really hurt and justin has to take care of him. I know there are a lot stories where Justin gets hurt. But are there any stories where Brian gets hurt?

Oh are there any stories where Brian gets hurt in the bimb episode?

Ps how do I add the tags? I tried and previewed my post and didn't see it

Thanks in advance
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Hello again!

I do not know if I can post three requests on the same day, but as my previous was already answered, I'm posting again. Case is infringing some rule of the community, I apologize and can delete this posting.

I'm looking for three stories:

The first is a mpreg that begins shortly after the end of episode 314 I believe it is a story with many chapters. Justin is pregnant with Brian and goes away because Brian does not believe the baby is his. I'm sure it's not "The Precious Secret" by butterflytiger_1982. Still looking.

The second occurs after the bombing of Babylon and Brian discovers that Chris Hobbs was who planted the bomb. He and Justin are not together, but return at some point after the discovery of Brian. The name Babylon is in the title of the story. I believe it's a WIP, but I'm not sure if it is currently being updated.
FOUND: "The Gardens of Babylon" by nicolle_midnight2013. http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=2818
Thank you [livejournal.com profile] chase37 for finding it for me.

The third is a story with much anguish and Justin are suffering from depression. I do not remember much, but I know that at one point he's trying to kill herself in the bathroom and gets a call from Brian that the saves. Unfortunately, I do not remember anything else.
FOUND: "Dying Inside" by Bine http: //www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid = 669

I appreciate the help from all of you!
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Hello to all!

I would like recommendations for stories where there is the investigation of the bombing of Babylon. I'd love to read a story in which Craig is guilty and he repents when he realizes he could have killed his son (does this story exist?).

Accept any recommendation since the story explain why the attack. This is one among many other things that frustrated me at the end of the series and Cowlip not explained.

Thanks for all the help.

Update: Three stories recommended in the comments. I'd love if there were more
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Hey! So I desperately need fix-it fic for s5 because the breakup just feels so incredibly out of character to me that it hurts. I've re-read all the common ones that come up in the tags (i.e. Wren's) but I really want one that doesn't just gloss over the bombing.

I want to see what it would have been like if Brian and Justin had been together during the bombing. Would Brian have stayed and gone to Babylon? Maybe one of them gets injured instead of Mikey? They both become incredible clingy afterwards? Justin's basing related ptsd is triggered?

Anything that helps me make sense of s5 would be wonderful, thanks so much!

EDIT: Some suggestions in comments!
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Yo dudes. It's been forever since I've posted here, wow. But, I come to you in my hour of need. I'm rewatching QaF for the millionth time, and of course after the infamous 510 episode, I had a hankering for After the Smoke Clears by allie_quixotic. But, to my great misfortune she has deleted her journal, and all the links I found through google for the fic are no longer valid. :'( Does anyone have a copy they could send me, or know a link to it or something? Thanks a bunch you guys.

Edit: Some links in the comments! Thanks you guys!! :D
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That's almost all I remember about this fic. Justin says something about wanting to go home, Brian asking Justin's new address and Justin saying he meant the loft.

It's killing me because I've read it recently.

eta: it's not a paramedic Justin AU.
eta 2: FOUND, it's JustVisiting's A Gleam in the Dark, link in the comments.

Tangentially - Birthday! First episode: December 3, 2000 )
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I read this really cute story not long ago and can't seem to find it again. It is a snap shot where the main character is Gus and Brian. I vaguely remember something unfortunate has happened, so Brian is trying to comfort Gus when he requested Brian to read him a story. Then Brian found out that the book was made by Justin!!! The book tells the story of how Gus was born as Justin rememberred. Justin made that book for Gus so that Gus can always remember that special day and remember how much his Dad, Moms, Justin and every one love him. (I could be totally wrong with the unfortunate event part because there are too many stories in my head now). What makes me love the story even more is that the write even produced a image of the book which makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I wish I could find this story again. Thank you everyone in advance.
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En esta historia de Brian y Justin están separados. Justin es famoso, vive en Europa y tiene un novio. Chris Hobbs está amenazando a Justin y Brian ayuda. Chis Hobbs puso la bomba en Babilonia. Creo que la historia es un trabajo en curso. Eso es todo lo que recuerdo.
¿Alguien tiene alguna idea? ¡Gracias! Kelly Maria.

In this story of Brian and Justin are separated. Justin is famous, lives in Europe and has a boyfriend. Chris Hobbs is threatening Justin and Brian help. Chis Hobbs put the bomb in Babylon. I think the story is a work in progress. That's all I remember.
Does anyone have any idea?Thank you!Kelly Maria.

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