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Looking for 2 fics.

1) Justin moves to the Pitts and is living in a basement apartment of Emmett's. He has a history of seizures and can't drive. Meets Brian...

2) Only thing I remember, and not sure how accurate it is, is that Justin is at a friend's beach house and Brian is in a beach house next door not knowing Justin is nearby. There may be some emergency with Gus. Sorry, that's all I remember


#1 found...link in comments!!
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Justin is living in Wmmet's basement and has a night with Brian (it's his first time).  When all is said and done, Justin claims "it was nice" in which Brian is naturally insulted. 

Any ideas?

That you Troppe_Patrol!!  Holy Crap that was fast!!  There is a link inside also
http://gihfics.kinnetiks.net/  Virgin Territory by Shirley  Found in Aly's GIH on the sidebar
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It was years ago I read this and I hope I am not mixing up stories. Here what I remember
a. Justin has epilepsy
b. B/J get engaged at a plantarium
c. They open their own agency
d. Code red at work means Justin needs sex
Please help me find it. Thanx
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Besides Rizabeau's Sugar Plum Fairies stories, are there any other stories out there where Emmett ends up with Ben? The pairing intrigues me, and I would love to read more.

Thank you. Link in comments. I've read both of these, but will enjoy reading them again.
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Hello! My first time posting here, I hope to get all right, if not correct me, please.
I'm searching for three fics:

1) If I'm not mistaken the title of one was Perfect. Justin is 24ish, an ex model for underwear, but he was fired because he was too old. He sneezes when someone calls him old. Brian is our ad exec, he was in some kind of relationship with some selfish man, who humiliated him after his testicular cancer, so Brian has this complex about perfection.

2) I never read one, but I was wondering if there are FF post 5x01, a "what if Brian had gone to LA like he decided before Justin's call".

3) Some fics when Brian or Justin are hired to be a bodyguard for the other. I'd like in particular some storyline like the movie "First Daughter", if there is. But all kind of story involved bodyguards are welcome.


FOUND Them! Some links are in the comments, but if you have other suggestions you're welcome to share them ;)


Mar. 2nd, 2010 09:33 pm
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hey guys, I would really like to read bj fic with Emmet/Ben pairing,so any suggestions? the only fics I know that apply is "ace of heart" and Shannon Marie's "Three Strikes", (and I checked the tags)
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I'm looking this fic where Justin has epilepsy. He hasn't had seizures in years but after meeting Brian he works too hard and they come back. There is this one scene where Brian finds out that Justin has epilepsy. They are both at Mel and Lindsays attick it was probably Gus's b-day and Justin has an seizure.
I might have this saved on my computer but I can't find it. I'm sure someone asked this before long ago because I think I found this fic from here but I couldn't find it from tags/memories.


Found. Link in the comments.
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Ok I don't remember a lot of this fic except the first chapter where Justin was living in Emmett's basement and when he's out one night with him, he meets Brian. They get back to Justin's and they fuck, if I'm right, it was Justin's first time, and then Brian asks him what he thought about their fuck, and Justin said something like "It was nice" and Brian took off and all the way back to Babylon, he kept repeating to himself "He said it was nice... nice!"

Does someone remember the title of this fic and has a link to it?

Link in the comment!!!

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Do you know of any fic where Justin doesn't meet Brian first but gets to meet him through someone else from the gang? Like through Michael, Ben, Ted, Emmett, Hunter, Debbie, Vic, Melanie or Linsday?
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I came across this story in the memory : PROTECTED by litlemspowerful,but there are only 2 chapters. Is it finished?
I also looking for another story in which Brian protect Justin in some kind isolated cabin or something. He works with Michael too. If I'm not mistaken Michael is the bad guy or helps the bad guy.
It's not "My Guardian Angel" by draccone.
I'm open to another suggestion to this kind of stories.
Thank you.. :-)

FOUND the 2nd story. It's "Conflict Of Interest" (http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=thghtlsscmng&keyword=Conflict+of+Interest+%28B/J+AU+--+NC-17%29&filter=all). Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kitty_84.
Please check comment for link and another story.
For those who want to read "The Bodyguard" there's a link in the comment. Thanks to marysunshine104.
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I am reading "If You Need Me" by Myrna.
It made me think of another fic where Justin has seziures. He hides them from the "family" but Brian finds him up in Lindz' attic while he has one, or had just had one. Justin was worried about what everyone would think if they knew?

Wow that was fast. Thanks,link in comments!!
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I just remembered a scene from a fic and for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is.  This may be vague but here goes nothing:

Okay so I remember Brian and Justin met a different way and  Brian, Justin, and Gus spend the day together.  Gus spends the night because Mel and Linds are at a wedding I believe.  Anyway, in the morning Lindsay is running late picking Gus up because something happened to the car(I believe a flat tire).  Also, I recall that her cell keeps going to voicemail because she forgot to charge it.  Brian is going to be late for work so he asks Justin to stay at the loft until Lindsay comes so he can leave.  I also think that Gus and Justin make pancakes.  Then I think Lindsay realizes how much Brian likes Justin because he wouldn't leave Gus with just anyone. 

I might be mixing stories but I would appreciate any help I can get. 

Edit: Thanks [profile] hsbfc for the quick response.  The link is in the comments.
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Happy Friday .... to all

My muse will not let me write until I find this Fic so please help help ..... Ok here goes all I remember ...

Brian is at a cafe  with a client he looks up and see this family at least he thinks it's a family theres a cut blond which is Justin and cute girl which is Daph and a little girl which he thinks is there daughter ......any way something happens and Brian gets into a car crash I think when he awakes he is at a house or apartment with Justin and they are married an have a daughter Brian has no memory of this and also can not talk he goes into shock when Justin wants to have sex with him and they do it Raw I think he tells Michael that he can't remember Brian or their daughter ..... I think Justin finds out and is mad hurt angry that Brian has forgotten his family

Please any help ... my muse is on strike I have chapter to finish ......

Edit: It has been found by the Lovely  ( Rory ) It's called Moon Dance ....
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 I am looking fics where Brian and Justin have a kid of their own but not m-preg!!!!  Any recommendations would help thanks in advance! 

Found! Many Links Within The Comments. Thank you to all that helped:)

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