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Hi, me again looking for another story.

In this one, Justin and Brian are at a home improvement store (I believe Home Depot or something). Justin is looking at paint samples, while Brian is looking for something to preserve Gus's footprint on his loft floor. Molly and Craig are also at the store and Molly screams Justin names upon spotting him.

I was thinking it was one of galeandrandy's fics, but no such luck.

Story Found:
Spring Fever by Rizabeau sequel to New Year
Link in the comments
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Searching for a story where Justin has to visit Craig in his office I believe for his passport or because Craig wont pay for his school and he suffers a major nosebleed, Craig drops him off at the hospital doesn't go in with him? He and Craig got into an argument and Justin was worried about getting blood in Craig's car?

I thought I had found it but did not. What I can also remember is that Justin had sinus damage from the bashing and had to have something in his nose fixed to stop the bleeding.


[livejournal.com profile] thecapandbones says it is Ritorna A Me by Rizabeau can be found at Across the Pond
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Hello all. I just finished signed, sealed, delivered, bunnies and peeps, and all 3 sugar plum fairies. In the author notes, Rizabeau says that the 2 years in between SSD and B&P is not finished. Also, I could swear that in the past I actually read that story. Does anyone know if there is another story in this universe and where to find it? It is not at across the pond or in gih fics.


EDIT: So I guess I really dreamed about another story because I was unable to find another one :'(
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The things mentioned in the subject line are some of the only things I remember.

Brian had the screen put up since Justin was way to distracting when he was trying to work. Lindsay want something so she visits from Toronto without Mel's knowledge.

Hope this sparks something for someone. Thanks in advance.
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I read this fic like a long while ago, so I only remember the parts where Mel and Linds try get Brian to sign over access to Gus' college fund due to money issues or something they have while in Canada ( don't quote me on their exact location), I believe. Brian asks if Mel has any money saved and Linds says that it was for JR to go to college but since Gus was still little...Brian makes the comment about how 'While Gus goes without'. It might have been a SE3 fic where Brian was still broke or just getting Kennetik off the ground. Oh Brian says that he doesn't want to dip into the college money he had set aside for both Justin and Gus. If this makes any sense..then please help. XD

FOUND! Link found comments.
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I joined LJ just so I can search for fics with this community after lurking for more than a year. The fic I'm looking for was not, as I recall, on FF.net, AO3 or Midnight Whisphers. I think it might have had a photo of an apartment building either as a banner or embedded. I may have confused two fics, or the author blended seasons, or was going AU, but I seem to recall it was end of season 4, but instead of Justin going to CA, Michael does. I think Ben goes to Tibet (hence my confusion about the seasons). It's primarily a B/J story. I checked tags and memories, but no luck. Hope you can help. I'm off to explore more about LJ if I can figure out the jargon.

FOUND. Link in comments. Thanks so much.
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Hi, I'm just getting back into the fandom and have a craving for some Hustler Justin/Client Brian stories. Please Rec me your faves.                        Thank you all so much, got some great recs already!
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Hi all! I am looking for some recs for some good/well-written (I've read some pretty awful, OOC, over-dramatic ones) Brian and Justin breakup fics. Fics where they break up for one reason or another and while there may be some angst, the ending is positive/amicable and they both are able to move on and be happy.

(As an aside, if there are any where they breakup and reconsile, that's fine too, and I wouldn't mind those recs at all!)
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I hope I remember this one scene right...

Brian was supposed to have Gus around Christmas but Lindsay calls and cancels. I think Brian is sitting at Britin talking to her. Justin is in NYC but I believe he comes home. I wish I remembered more...

I have looked through several tags...

Thanks for any help!

Appears I was mixing up two stories here. The one with the late night calls has been found. Link in comments!!

Second one now found too!! Link in comments
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#1) I read a fic some time ago and at the end of it,I think,Brian and Justin are in the loft since Justin came home for good..anyway,Lindsay shows up and they talk about her and the kids coming home. Justin explains why he doesn't want to get married anymore and why him and Brian decided to do things their way,but he still believes that other gay people should be allowed to get married even though Brian and Justin decide it's not for them in the end. I think they're angry with each other as well and Mel finally shows up with the kids in tow,pissed off and looking for her wayward wife so she shows up to the loft and BJ leave so the girls can talk. I'm not 100% sure,but I think it was part of a larger fic.

2) plus any fic recs for Brian defending his relationship with Justin,instead of Justin always being the one who does? It can either be Anti-micheal,Anti-Linsdsay or even anti-debbie is fine. Oh and it can be with or without Gus written into the story,cuz honestly...I never understood how the show had Brian ending up with a kid when he never wanted one from the get go. (Yes I do love Gus regardless of what I just wrote)

Any help would be appreciated XD

Update!! Request one has been found. Link is in comments. Request 2) Got one rec so far,anymore would be greatly appreciated.
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I wasn't sure what to put in the subject line, so if anyone (mods) have a better idea, please let me know. This is all I could think of.

Brian and Justin live in an apartment or a penthouse. They have kids, but can't remember any names. Part of it was centered around Christmas. Maintenance man was supposed to put toys together but didn't. Mel and Lindsey came over to help. The kids got trykes I think and they rode them out on the patio of their place.

Any ideas??

I appreciate any assistance.

UPDATE: Rizabeau's Sugar Plum Fairies #3.
http://qaf-fic.com/atp/viewuser.php?uid=348 Thank you Slivaofhope
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I think the fic is by Beseme but I can't find it so maybe not. When Juston's grandfather discovers that his son (Craig) has kept that happened to Justin a secret he is furious and gives them lots of money but also comes to see them at the loft and pays for them to go on a sort of honeymoon using a very special car. He wants to meet Brian and likes him very much.

Sorry it's so muddled but its been some time and its a wonderful fic.

Thank you in advance, love from 6frog

No blklizard it's not that wonderful Beseme fic in the Old Fashioned Love series ... which I love. The story I'm thinking of has Justin's grandpa showing up at the loft and having a long discussion with Brian about business.

Yes rattan23 it's Jingle All the Way by Rizabeau. Thank you so much for your help.
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Hello fellow QAF fic readers! I have a bit of a strange request but I'm hoping you can help!

I was a big fan of the QAF fandom "back in the day", but fell out of it for awhile and haven't really kept up with fics and the new-ish authors. I remember loving some amazing fics back in the day by authors like Allie-Quixotic, Raging Pixie, Bigboobedcanuck, Plumsuede, etc.

Obviously I can go through entries at BJfic, but I'm hoping those who have stayed more involved in the fandom over the past couple recent years can point me in the direction of some great newer fic/authors. Are there any fics that stand out to you in the last couple of years that are just absolutely WORTH THE READ that I shouldn't miss?

Only B/J pairing please :)
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I just finished "That Happy Feeling" by Rizbadeau. Loved it! Wondering if this was a one shot or part of a series? It feels like there were some loose ends or a cliffhanger.

Thanks for any help.

THANKS WSJC99. "That Happy Feeling" is a standalone. Link to Rizbadeau's other fics in the comments.
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I believe in this story Justin is in New York. At any rate Brian is missing him and his friends just don't understand. He makes phone calls from Britin to Michael and Lindsay and asks them if they are happy. Of course he's been drinking. This is only some of the story, I'm sure, and I know I'll kick myself when I find out what it is (I should remember these things!!!). I've checked the tags and can't even think of where to begin (need a 'Brian makes drunk phone call's' tag! LOL) Any help?


FOUND! And in only a few minutes! Jeezus you guys are fast. It's That Happy Feeling by Rizabeau. Of course.

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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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Hi all!

I recently got back into the QAF fandom after a 5 year break and now I'm trying to locate all of my favorite fics. And there's this one in particular I hope you can help me with. It's one of those Brian fucks Michael fics, but I couldn't find it in the tag...

It starts with Justin calling Brian from LA, saying that Michael told him that he and Brian slept together. I don't think Justin freaks out much, but he's definitely upset and says he's been smoking a lot and crying a bit. And I remember that Brian feels awfully guilty that he and Michael made Justin cry. And Ben may have left Michael when he found out.... though can't be sure about this.

Well that's it. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

FOUND - link in the comments.
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Hello, I've just finished reading the experiment/reverb/homecoming series by Wren (for like the 5th time! lol) and i've been looking for something else to read but i just don't know what i'm in the mood for so i would like some suggestions... your favourite fics maybe..?

I like muti-chapter fics and would prefer completed however i don't mind WIP if it ends in a good place,
- Brian/Justin Stories,
- Anti fics specially anti Michael and Lindsey
- Mpreg, BDSM/Kinky/PWP Fics (Anything with a bit of BJ Sex!)
- AU and OC Fics

The only thing i don't like are death/major character death fics so none of those please
But anything else you can suggest would be great!

Thank You

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