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Hey guys,

It was a multichapter fic (possibly WIP), the boys both cops or private detectives going undercover in a school to uncover a neonazi group. Brian pretended to be a teacher and Justin a new kid with fake nazi tattoos, reading "Mein Kampf". (He had to demonstrate his acting abilities by impersonating a hustler first.)
It was dangerous and very taxing on both of them. At some point J climbed into B's room at night for some human touch.

I'm sure I read it. It is a classic. When one of you smart cookies tells me the title and author's name I will surely slap my forehead and roll my eyes...

So... Anyone?

Yep, slapping and rolling. It is "Broken Open " by Gina Marie (not that of thesalmondean by the same title).

Link here
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Does anybody know if there is a PDF version downloadable of "Before There Was You There Was You"? I saw on Midnight Whispers that it's printable but, being as long as it is, that would be a lot to print, even if I had a working printer.


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Could anyone help?

The only thing I remember is that Brian and Justin discuss what the author is going to make them do in the next chapter of the story she is writing.

Here it is:  http://nochaser-12.livejournal.com/9802.html
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I don't necessarily need/want recommendations since that is so broad but if someone could point me in the direction of a tag for long, multi-chapter fics, I'd be forever thankful. Fics like "The Great Divide" and "The Sunshine Files" which I already have links to. I already looked for a "multi-fic" or a "long fic" tag and didn't find one.

Thank you!

Admins, if this post isn't ok, let me know and I'll delete it

Found: Link for novel length fics in comments! Thank you!!
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I'm looking for:
1) Brian gives Justin instructions how to top him
The only thing I remember is that first, Brian gives Justin detailed step by step instructions and then they have "practice" on the carpet in the loft.

I'm still looking for #1 :(

2) Brian &/or Justin are cops
I hope there are a lot of stories I haven't found.

Thank you in advance.

Suggestions for #2 are in the comments
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Hi all,

I'm looking for stories where Brian cries in front of Justin. I don't want him to be too OOC and am thinking about stories like Myrna's If you Needed Me where although he is super strong, at some point Brian just breaks down a bit and there is a little crying.


Thanks for the many great suggestions in the comments - and also for pointing out that there is a crying Brian tag (so good to know that I'm not alone in my obsessions)!
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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I know some people will cringe about this request, but I just found a long multi-chaptered fic called "Fireside Chats" by Dale. It will take me all year but, I'm already reading "The Sunshine FIles" and "The Gus Diaries" and have added this to the list. The angst is minimal and usually everyone gets along. These are great to listen to on my e-reader while driving or having to clean the house.  I don't mind that the characters are OOC and in "Fireside Chats",  "honey" and "baby" are used as terms of endearment.  I was wondering if there any more stories out there like these.

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone for their help. I compiled a list of the stories found. See comments.
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I’ve read quite a few Brian and Justin “meet in a different way” stories and, while some of them are well written and start off in an interesting way, almost all those that I’ve read soon devolve into a rehashing of QAF plots and characters. Are there any other good BJ meet-differently stories that remain original, creating new characters, situations and plots, without relying heavily on the same-old canon events (e.g. cancer, Babylon bombing, Stockwell), and without losing the essential nature/personalities of Brian and Justin?

Note: I found a really good "meet in different way" story via a request/recommendation for another kind of story. This one fits MY request to a T, and the writing is excellent: A THROW-AWAY WORLD by moonbriteness: http://moonbrightnites.livejournal.com/10158.html
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Hey guys, I was just wondering if you know fics where brian and justin are equal when it comes to their careers?

because the majority of the fics i've read have brian being all rich and successful already and justin's either a hustler, a student, a starving artist looking for a job or just some random joe. I mean even if it's canon, they always make justin just average. you know what I mean? haha anyway, I'm just looking for fics where maybe they're both already established in their careers and they're both already well known. I guess maybe it would have to be post 513, but AU's are okay too. Whatever you guys can give me is fine.

I also read one where they were described as being a power couple? so yeah, that's it. If you can help me find this 'power couple' fic and also fics that have them on equal footing, that would be awesome.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Links of some stories are in the comments. Still looking for that 'power couple' fic though.:) 
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Okay, I was discussing something with Justinlovesart when I thought about looking for a strong Justin tag. You know... one where he's not down a well, kidnapped, or an abused hustler waiting to be rescued. Don't get me wrong. I love a good Justin down the well story and my e-reader reflects it, but I also love the Justin I saw in canon who defied Stockwell, saved Brian from Kip, and his sexual abuse accusing nephrew. He doesn't have to be god-like or a superhero.

Anyway, is there such a tag for those type of stories?

UPDATE: After getting great recs from blklizard, I was informed by  vlredreign that there is such a tag...it's called Strong Justin. I must remember that glasses are not just a fashion statement, LOL.

Hmm, I'm beginning to wonder if that was slipped in there, LOL.
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I'm not exactly looking for a specifical fic, but I'm looking for good long fics, completed. 

I like angst, but not major character death, please no OOC, and no Micheal/Brian! Just that! Post your favorite long fic! Even PDF's okay!

Edit: Found a lot of amazing fics, thank you all

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hi.actually i have 4 request but for now just 2 of them.so can u help me to find stories with:
1.a really sick or hurt justin that needs to go to hospital.it can be cold,allergy reaction or injury.
2.i really like to read some fics that justin and chris are together for a while but ofcourse ends as a brian justin fic.
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once i read a fic that i can't remember it's name and now i like to find it again so would u please help me?
i remember that brian is at work and jennifer goes to the loft and can't wake justin up.later in the fic doctor tells brian not to let justin sleep for about i think 24 hours.
please tell if u know it.
thanks a lot.

NOTE:FOUND.it's Rizabeau's Ritorna A Me.the link is in comments with two more wonderful suggestions.thank u so much.
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Hi, this fic has been bugging me for a couple of days now. In it Justin from season 4 or 5 travels back in time to season 1. I remember him thinking that he prefered season 4/5 Brian who was more loving. I don't think I finished reading it, or it may be a WIP because that us all that I remember.
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I'm looking for this MPREG fic and I can't remember anything about it except this one scene. Everyone is at dinner at Debs and I think Justin is pregnant and Brian announces he's going to be a father again and Lindsay (pleased she thinks Brian wants to have another baby with her) smiles and asks him if maybe he should ask her first before announcing it to everyone. And then he corrects her and says Justin's having his baby.

Also looking for another fic where I can also only remember one scene. Brian and justin are together and when they are coming out of woody's/babylon/or the loft Brian gets shot (in the stomach/shoulder???) by Ethan/or an ex of Justin's. (i think this fic was pretty long).

I've looked in the tags for both fics but couldn't find either one...unless I totally missed them.


UPDATE: not found
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Hello everyone, first of all..I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY. Thank you so much!
Secondly...can you please please tell me any and all time travel fics that you know of! I love those...I have read Intrepid Traveler and another with Justin from the very far future traveling to the 'present'. I need more, more, more...breaks down and laughs like a maniac.

Much much love and thank you!
Found -  a few great links down in the replys but feel free to put more if you know any more! Thank you!

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