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I've been thinking about OC's and how sometimes they enhance a story and other times they detract...Can anyone remember the fic where B/J do a campaign for an international company run by the Sylvestris (sp?)? The patriarch is meddlesome; the daughters crush on Justin oblivious to Brian's discomfort; the matriarch Pilar is grace personified and reins them all in. I believe when Sylvestri is being an ass, Justin removes his designs from consideration, which leads to Sylvestri sending an emissary with an apology, who discovers Justin and invites him to submit a painting to his gallery in Italy. IIRC, there's an entire second cast of supporting characters who have a son Gus' age, Nicky, perhaps...

Found! Links are here: http://midnightwhispers.net/viewuser.php?uid=68
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Hi everybody!
This is my first request. Unfortunately my idea of Brian and Justin post series is not that of the majority of the fandom, so I can't find many fics I fully like (or maybe I don't know where to find them, that's what I hope!).

What I look for in a fanfiction:
- Brian goes to NYC in a near future (like a couple years after 5x13) and they live there. It can start immediately after the end of the series with Brian still in Pittsburgh or when he's already moved.
- No children (other than Gus).
- No wedding. Or rather, some kind of commitment is ok as long as a big classic ceremony is not involved.
- Angst is welcomed but with Brian and Justin together. No break ups, no major character death. And a happy (or at least hopeful) ending. Or it can also be all fluffy and happy feelings.
- As In Character as possible, therefore no character bashing.
- Length wise, I'd love some multi chaptered ones but I'd go with anything.
I checked the b/j live in nyc tag but I'd like some more recs.
Two fics I liked are The Keeping Series by Vamphile and In Quest of Something by ebbj9891. Something vaguely similar would be great.

I know it's a lot to ask! Otherwise do you know some good vacation fics? So I can pretend they live in NY xD

UPDATE: Thanks!! Some recs in the comments but I'm always open to other suggestions :)
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I wanted to see if there were any fics where Brian has a meaningful friendship with someone that isn't a part of the family. It can be an OC or someone that is not a friend in the show.

Thank you for the great recs. All of the links are in the description! :)
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So I just started reading the Talismen series by paeansong on MW. Is there a correct order to read the sequeals and such after Sparring Partners? For one dumb reason or another ( don't ask why it just does) the reading order of this series slightly confuses me. Anyone?

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Following your suggestion, I read "Talisman Series". It's great stories but I was wondering if "And so moving forward, part 2" exists? I'm about to start "The return of Divina Devore" and I realize that it's the last completed one!!!! Horror!!!

ETA: Well it seems Paeansong is still writing so we just have to wait and maybe stalk to have the next part lol.
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Hello fellow QAF fic readers! I have a bit of a strange request but I'm hoping you can help!

I was a big fan of the QAF fandom "back in the day", but fell out of it for awhile and haven't really kept up with fics and the new-ish authors. I remember loving some amazing fics back in the day by authors like Allie-Quixotic, Raging Pixie, Bigboobedcanuck, Plumsuede, etc.

Obviously I can go through entries at BJfic, but I'm hoping those who have stayed more involved in the fandom over the past couple recent years can point me in the direction of some great newer fic/authors. Are there any fics that stand out to you in the last couple of years that are just absolutely WORTH THE READ that I shouldn't miss?

Only B/J pairing please :)
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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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Can anyone say if author paeansong  finished the Talisman Series with "And So Moving Forward" Part 2? It isn't posted at the Midnight Whisper site if it has been written.

erllga , thanks for the tip about Across the Pond. I have found all of the storyline at Midnight Whispers except for Part 2 of
And So Moving Forward. I have a feeling it was never submitted. Thank you anyway.
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Brian has friends from college that need his help running their business...I think one of them is sick or injured. B/J are together (I think). The friends live in Chicago maybe. Brian had run into one of them in Atlanta maybe. I know I'm not ANY help at all. I thought maybe it was a related story to Moonshadow Women's (Silent Night) but can't find anything like that. Also, I think I originally read the story on Across The Pond.

Any help appreciated.

Possibly found...link in comments
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Hello, I've just finished reading the experiment/reverb/homecoming series by Wren (for like the 5th time! lol) and i've been looking for something else to read but i just don't know what i'm in the mood for so i would like some suggestions... your favourite fics maybe..?

I like muti-chapter fics and would prefer completed however i don't mind WIP if it ends in a good place,
- Brian/Justin Stories,
- Anti fics specially anti Michael and Lindsey
- Mpreg, BDSM/Kinky/PWP Fics (Anything with a bit of BJ Sex!)
- AU and OC Fics

The only thing i don't like are death/major character death fics so none of those please
But anything else you can suggest would be great!

Thank You

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I know some people will cringe about this request, but I just found a long multi-chaptered fic called "Fireside Chats" by Dale. It will take me all year but, I'm already reading "The Sunshine FIles" and "The Gus Diaries" and have added this to the list. The angst is minimal and usually everyone gets along. These are great to listen to on my e-reader while driving or having to clean the house.  I don't mind that the characters are OOC and in "Fireside Chats",  "honey" and "baby" are used as terms of endearment.  I was wondering if there any more stories out there like these.

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone for their help. I compiled a list of the stories found. See comments.
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 I hope someone can help me! I am looking for a fic I read awhile ago it was post Season 5 and Justin was in New York, Justin comes home to Pittsburg and Gus is visiting nd they have a campout at Britin. I can't remember the title I think it was on midnight whispers??? Help!!!!! 
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I'm currently reading paeansong's Talisman Series and now I'm a bit confused about the time-line. I want to follow the story of Brian and Justin, not reading the sidebars. Where do I have to continue after "Talisman of Time"?

Edit: Thanks for your help! [livejournal.com profile] balrogtweety posted a very helpful link.
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It's the weirdest thing, but for about half of the amazingly good fics i've read (with real plots and interesting character development and everything) i only remember a single line or scene which for some reason sticks in my mind but probably doesn't have much to do with the actual story!! Does that happen to anyone else? It's slightly annoying (and i worry about myself sometimes!) but at least it means i can re-read fic several times and it seems almost new every time!

Anyway at the moment two 'snippets' are stuck in my mind and i can't for the life of me remember the fics they came from.

1) Brian and Justin are in bed and Justin says something like "hold me tight and don't let go for a real long time". It's not much to go on , but i would really appreciate and help in tracking it down!

2) Brian is working on an ad (it involves sunglasses, and possibly speedos) in which a line of men are by a pool and they're all watching a woman emerging from the pool, except the last in line, who is watching the rest of the guys :)

Thanks everyone! xxx

FOUND with links in the comments! Thanks guys :)
ext_207078: Canon Error. Apply FanFic? (coffee beans)
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So, I know about The Gathering, which is part of paensong's Talisman series, but are there any other stories out there where Carl's family meets the Liberty Gang?  Or at least Debbie? 


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Hello! I have not posted here in so long!  I went to the memories and found very little in Gus stories! Can anybody rec. any Gus stories, but not grown-up Gus stories but when he is still a kid? I have always loved Gus! Thanks

FOUND! Many wonderful links within the comments! Thank you guys all of you are awesome!
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Can people point me in the direction of some completely angst-free B/J fics? Oh, and some cute!gus fics. I like ones where he calls Justin 'Dus' . It's such a little thing but my heart always goes awwwww...


ETA Thanks to everyone for the great recs. It's going to take me forever to get through all of them!
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I just read ( See me through and Defining Moments ) and I was almost sure there was more does anybody if there is a sequel to this one .

Help ....
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Hi, I have this little part of, what I know is a long fic.

Justin comes to Pittsburgh, presumably for a visit, from New York. What he doesn't tell Brian is that he sent a LOT of stuff and have it stored at the storage unit at the loft. He has drawn up some plans for Britin.

Anybody know what this story is? It's driving me absolutely nuts.

Found. It's Paeansongs series starting with Sparring Partners

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