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Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone knows if morninggloryfic has posted her fic "The Shells of the Ocean" anywhere besides her journal because LJ wont let me view it and her last log in was 2009. Thanks!

Any help is appreciated

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1) does anyone know where i can read "the shells of the ocean" by morninggloryfic?

2) are there any bashing fics where justin dies but brian stays in character? every fic i have read, he ends up being completely out of character

update- #1 is locked, & i got some recs for #2 but still looking :-)
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I fell in love with Armandalegg’s fic My Heart Will go On, but it was never finished. I love Titanic fics and was so disappointed. I happened to have come across another Titanic fic:

The Shells of the Ocean

Author: MorningGloryFic

Summary: "Queer as Folk Titanic Style. Irish first class passenger Brian Kinney is set to marry American heiress Lindsay Peterson, his abusive father's last attempt to prevent their family from losing their fortune. But his life takes on a different course when he meet 17 yeard old artist Justin Taylor one nearly disasterous night. Their forbidden love defies not only class, but all social normalities in the time period as they break away from their past selves."

Apparently, the story was removed from its web site. Could anyone please provide a copy?

Edit: The story wasn't found, but armandlegg has graciously announced that she will finish “My Heart Will Go On”. =D

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I may be going crazy, but I seem to recall seeing a "Titanic themed" fic once upon a time, but can't seem to locate it again. I want to say the name of it was something like 'Pearl of the Ocean' or something like that, but I could be mistaken. I just remember it had a pretty cool banner with a steamship in the background.

I've checked the tags under Travel, Historical AU, Stranded, even Brian is Irish & didn't see anything like this.

If anyone knows where I can find this, I'd love some help & if it is not available anymore and anyone has a copy, maybe someone would be kind enough to share???


EDIT: Question answered in link:

The fic is called "The Shells of the Ocean" by morninggloryfic. However, it looks like she took down the fic from her journal. It was a WIP and she might be re-doing it. Hopefully she will put it back up again! It was a really good fic! :)
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Hey again,

I searched through the tags, but either they aren't there or I'm stupid.

Anyway, I'm looking for QaF in Titanic-Style (I think it's called "Shells of the Ocean" or something similar) and a Cruel Intentions-like fic.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: "Shells of the Ocean" found, link in comments
"The Game" is avaiable through eMail, if you want it, ask either me or the commentator per PM.

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