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Hello lovely people! I was wondering if someone could send me these fics by R.C. McLachlan. My mail is cielitonublado@gmail.com. Please! I've been searching them everywhere.
Unusual Revelations by R.C. McLachlan
Laundering Karma
Sons of bankers and lawyers

Thank you!

EDIT2: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] blklizard I have Unusual Revelations and Sons of bankers and lawyers. THANKS!
EDIT1: Thank you [livejournal.com profile] ara_kiss for Laundering Karma. If any of you want the fic, send me or her a pm. Im still looking for the other two.
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I see that others have searched for this RC Mclachlan's fic and has been successful. I have not been able to figure out how to PM someone for it. Would someone please send me this fic?
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Good evening!

I am looking for three particular fics which I've read before but years ago and now they seem to be in the wind...which is always a sad thing.

The first one is Laundering Karma by RC McLachlan - Received
         I know that they requested that the story not be posted to any sites but I thought I remember reading that it was okay to share the file as long as it wasn't uploaded anywhere. If this is true and you happen to have a copy I would so appreciate it!

Second is Taken - Recieved
          I'm not sure who wrote this one, it was about a bank robbery and Justin was caught up in the mess...thats about all I can remember so I'm
          trying to track it down.

The last one is Stranded in Paradise by scoobysnacksfix - Found
         MPreg, I remember reading it a long time ago but now I can't seem to find a copy. If anyone has one I would would be really thankful.

Thank You!

P.S. for all the fellow teachers out there we're almost done! AP Testing and 1 more Month!
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Hey, so I'm looking for a specific fic where Brian fucks Micheal in 212. Ususually Justin freaks out when he finds out but in this fic he pretty much just shrugged it off and BJ went on as always while Ben and Micheal fell apart. Justin knew it wasn't a big deal to Brian and I think he was just like "Huh, how was it?".

I know it's not much but it's all I can remember, hopefully someone recognises it. I've been through the tag and it's not any of the usually recced fics. Definitly not Cross-reference, Consequences, No Longer an Option or Pretty Good Day.


Found!! By the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] blklizard
It was Free Pass by [livejournal.com profile] kachelofen
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Is there a working link to Laundering Karma fic or an rtf./PDF download link for the same story? I was wanting to read it, but the dl link that was posted in the request thread doesn't work anymore due to the old MU having been shut down by the damn government. Either one would be helpful.


FOUND!! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] predec2 for sending me a copy via email!
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I'm looking for stories about Craig encountering justin and/or brian. The fics can include Anti-Craig or neutral. I think I've already read most on fanfiction.net and Midnight whispers. Also I am looking for a fic where Brian sets Justin on date with a client without telling Justin and they fight. Can't remember much else.
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Hi!:) I have a lot of unread stories on my E-book which I constantly download. Today I came across one that I loved, but I don't remember where I got it and who the author is. It's like this: post-513, Justin and Brian stayed together even though Justin went to NY, they've been together for three more years. They discussed monogamy on the phone, Briad said that he hadn't slept with anyone for 2 months already. But, when Justin came to Pittsburgh, he saw Brian in an orgy and left. He met someone named Lloyd Rausch and started to live with him. Then he met Ethan again, and realized he still felt something for him. Lloyd saw them kissing. Justin started to feel torn between three of them, he returned to Pittsburgh, then left again, still trying to choose. Finally he chose Brian. Sorry for bad description - it's a great story, it caught me right away, but it ends strangely - I didn't even realize I was reading something new already at first, there were no 'the end' words, no epilogue, no anything. Maybe someone knows it and could help me find the author and the title? I have no idea why I didn't copy these things in the first place, I always do.

Also, I'm looking for some stories that are about Brian-nearly-fucked-Michael scene. I read No longer an option, Cross reference, Ethan's and Morpheus' gap-fillers, but I'd love to find more. Doesn't matter what it is, AU when Brian did fuck Michael, or could-be-canon stories where Justin finds out what nearly happened. I'm in a mood for some angst/heartbreak/making up.

Thank you in advance!

First story found. Some B/J/M stories were recommended, but of course I'd only love to see more!:) Thanks for the help!
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All I really remember is that Justin isn't living in Pittsburgh. His friends take him to a Michael Buble concert and when he starts singing 'Save The Last Dance For Me', Justin has a flashback to the prom and I think passes out. I checked the 'Justin Remembers The Prom' tag but didn't find it.

ETA: Not found yet. Still hopeful though. :)
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There was this fic I read not too long ago about Joan walking down the street (I think she might've just bought a new bible) & she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. She stepped out onto the road and a speeding car almost hit her. Someone yanked her out of the way just in time. The car didn't stop. Joan was in shock & she heard her savior calling her name, asking if she was okay. She turned to look at the person who saved her and it was Justin. Joan, still in shock, thought there was something familiar about him. Clutching to her religion in such a traumatizing time, she thought of Justin (in all his angel-like gorgeous good looks) as the angels she'd seen depicted in church all her life. She was amazed that Justin knew her name and thought this was because he was a messenger of God. When Justin introduced himself & reminded her of when she'd seen him in the loft, she came down from her shock & immediately became disgusted. She was ranting & raving about how all gays go to hell when Justin interrupted & asked her if she'd like a cup of coffee - he'll buy. He took her to the diner. Deb almost had words with her but Justin managed to steer her away. Joan lost it a little, saying that all the diner's patrons were headed to hell for their sins, but Justin did his badass thing, told her to sit down and shut the fuck up. At some point, Justin offered to paint her a picture of the archangel Michael (or something that's related to God and angels; maybe it was a copy of a famous painting). Brian walked in, was incensed to see her, rebuked any of her attempts at a civil conversation, flaunted his relationship with Justin & basically ignored her. Joan left the diner thanking Justin for the future painting & thought to herself about praying for both Brian & Justin.

I loved that fic so much and though I remember practically all of it, I can't remember the author or where I found it. It's driving me crazy & I'd love, love, LOVE the opportunity to read it again.

If any of you have ever read this story, could you please help me?

Edit - Story found and linked in comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH and so so so sorry for such a late reply...

Thanks ever so much!!

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Hello everybody! I just started reading QaF fics and would really appreciate it if you'd share your favorites with me. Preferably long, multi-chapter Brian/Justin fics.

Also, I'm looking for the pdf version of "Commuter Flight Stories" by netfics. Does anyone have it?

UPDATE: Pdf version for the Commuter Flight Stories is found. Thank you very much.
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Hi all,

I'd like some help finding;

1. The multi chapter fic where Justin is autistic, and he referred to Brian as Prince Prian. I checked the tags and couldn't find autistic.

2. super hero and/or Rage stories (which I haven't read).

The ones I've read are,

Wren - the Justin Rage stories
BC - Quest for Rage (hysterical crossover with the Avengers)
Lemon Bar - All the Rage (unfinished unfortunately)
RC McLachlan - Invincible stories where Justin is Solar Flare

Are there any other stories I missed ?
BTW I am not interested in genies, magicians, aliens etc. strictly super heroes/super powers

Thanks for any and all help !!

Update: Autism fic FOUND its Kiss Me Alright by CleverDevil (Posted on Midnight Whispers by jerksbitch).
Thanks! and thanks also to everyone who suggested new (to me) Rage/Superhero stories.
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I have a very vague memory of the fic that just popped into my head. I'm not even sure if I liked it:)

Brian left and Justin lived in the loft (I think). At some point Brian comes in and the loft is covered with sketches and Justin is gone. I think he gets mad at Michael because Michael was supposed to be keeping an eye on Justin while Brian was away? I think? Anyone??

**Found! Always and Forever by Moonshadow Woman Thanks to amythesw. Link in comments.
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Hello could you please help me find 2 fics I've been searching for?I've ransacked the tags for the past weeek with no luck.

1) MPREG - I think I read the first chapter years ago on the bjfic livejournal. It's Brian's POV, Justin is pregnant, lying (naked?) on the bed and Brian is thinking how beautiful he is, that they tried and tried until finally Justin got pregnant

2) Brian and Justin happen to meet Craig with his wife/bimbo/whatever, she ask Justin were he bought his coat and Brian answer they got it at Saks

Thank you very much :)

N. 2 FOUND - Sons of bankers and lawyers, by R.C. Mclachlan

Still searching for Number 1
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Hi everyone
Looking for 2 things:

1.- Justin never cheats Brian, not with Ethan not anyone else. He may be flirty, but never cheats. I'm not looking for something super sweet and OOC, B/J still with issues, but no cheating from any of the parts.

2.- I'm in one of those moods where I only want to read a lot of PWP or porny fics, if they are multi-chapter the better (or really long ones).

Thank you!

FOUND! Excellent recs in comments :)
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Hi, the story I am looking for isn't Laciudad's Consequences, but is based on the same scenario - Brian actually fucks Michael (season 2, ep12).

Justin is working at the diner when he sees Brian and Michael talking quietly in a booth. Brian looks determined, Michael guilty and Justin realises what has happened. He drops the coffee pot/ tray, walks out into street and starts walking (in the snow, without a coat). Brian goes after him in the jeep, persuades Justin to get in the car and they go to the loft.

At the loft Justin seems calm, reasonable - then suddenly freaks out. Lots of talking ensues, with Brian finally admitting he needs/loves Justin.

It is a one-shot, but an excellent read - can anyone help?


ETA: Found! Ceremony by mclachlan

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so the first fic I'm looking for has Justin working his shift at the diner and is serving coffee to the gang.  something was said I believe and I think it's Michael who sees a tear falling down justin's cheek.

Second fic is where Justin and brian have at least emp custody of Gus, I think there's a restraining order against Mel.....can't remember why.  Lindsey tries to get Justin to allow Mel to see Gus, and just shows up at the loft.

Any thoughts?  many thanks for any assistance. 

first fic found by armondyouidiot  (heheh love that name!! hehe) called Ceremony  http://mclachlan.livejournal.com/72775.html

second one is as I had thought.....thank you 7wildwaysup and kmboatright for the confirmation.  Homecoming by wren  http://wren-kt7oz.livejournal.com/
How I could forget that I don't know as it's a FABULOUS fic!!  so glad it's still being updated.

Thank you for such quick help all!!

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I'm not exactly looking for a specifical fic, but I'm looking for good long fics, completed. 

I like angst, but not major character death, please no OOC, and no Micheal/Brian! Just that! Post your favorite long fic! Even PDF's okay!

Edit: Found a lot of amazing fics, thank you all

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