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I've been thinking about OC's and how sometimes they enhance a story and other times they detract...Can anyone remember the fic where B/J do a campaign for an international company run by the Sylvestris (sp?)? The patriarch is meddlesome; the daughters crush on Justin oblivious to Brian's discomfort; the matriarch Pilar is grace personified and reins them all in. I believe when Sylvestri is being an ass, Justin removes his designs from consideration, which leads to Sylvestri sending an emissary with an apology, who discovers Justin and invites him to submit a painting to his gallery in Italy. IIRC, there's an entire second cast of supporting characters who have a son Gus' age, Nicky, perhaps...

Found! Links are here: http://midnightwhispers.net/viewuser.php?uid=68
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Two I hope you can all  help me find.

1. The only thing I can remember about this is that Justin has gone to New York, attending art school, and Brian keeps track of his progress through one of the professors or the dean, without Jutin knowing about it? I think Justin states that he knows exactly how he wants his career to go – he wants to graduate and immediately become the art director for an advertising company, which the dean (?) feels is a bit of an overreach. From the sound of this, it is a piece of a longer series.

2. Post Rage party where Brian and Justin end up together at the diner the next day and everyone is surprised because it was assumed that they broke up the night before. They pass it off as them merely leaving the party at different times with different people and bluff their way through. Think this is a short one.

FOUND: Both found by blklizard

#1 is The Art of the Heart by Lois and Mouse (link in comments)
#2 is Love is Rage by Jule aka Jule1122  (link in comments)

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1 Brian tried to make lasagna for justin and he thought Justin and Emmett were fooling around but Emmett was giving him a pedicure

2 Justin moved to Pittsburgh and is opening a art gallery called clouds and is also giving art lessons and lives in the top of the gallery.

3 Justin is on his way to meet Brian and meets a man who is also a artist and is meeting his partner who is old friends with Brian.
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Hi :)

I'm looking for working links for See Me Through and Defining Moments by Lois.

Thanks in advance :)
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I read this fic some time ago. It´s written from the POV of someone who went to Highschool with Brian, he meets him at the airport in NY and they are both waiting for someone (Brian waits for Justin of course). Does anybody know about the story? Thanks!
Does anybody know similar fics, where someone from the past meets with Brian? I really like those stories and would like to read more.

Link found: http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/SiF/Reunion.htm
- and more suggestions  in the comments
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someone asked in july about plane crash fics, and someone commented with the description of a fic (but they didn't remember the author, title or where they read it):

It's a 9-11 fic. Brian missed his flight in Boston which is the one that crashed in PA and got another one which diverted somewhere so he buys a car and drives to the Pitts. Everyone's at Debbie's waiting for news. I'm sure it on the Moonshadow Tribe, but don't remember who wrote it.

anybody an idea what it could be?

FOUND: it's Waiting by Pfyre. TONS of other recs there too!
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I just read ( See me through and Defining Moments ) and I was almost sure there was more does anybody if there is a sequel to this one .

Help ....


Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:41 pm
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Does anybody know where I can find See Me Through and Defining Moments by Lois that was used to be over at midnight-whispers.com

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Link found in comments
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Brian is picking up Justin at the airport and runs into a old classmate from collage who is also picking up his partner and Justin is talking to his partner on the plane  and they hang out together their names are Paul and Jason and Jason and Paul offers Justin a job in his firm and i believe their is a saquel 

Got it

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 ok all you qaf gurus need to help me locate this fic that i have been going crazy trying to find.

it may be post 513 or an au ish type fic where justin is in new york, i think he ends up going back to school in and does some classes in advertising and joins an ad agency that is owned by some of his friends...i think?  the whole point being he wants to make brian proud of him and for brian to see him as an equal etc.

ring any bells for anyone?!  hope it does!


EDIT - info in comments - thanks to all who helped! 

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