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Hey all! Ashleigh's Ridiculously Romantic site has been down for awhile, and using wayback doesn't work for much of it. I know a few of her fics are in the archives, but does anyone know of an alternative site for the rest? Thanks!

*UPDATE* Some fics show up using Wayback, some partially - so, still looking for an alternate means to read them.
*UPDATE 2* Many fics posted by the wonderful blklizard!
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I want to read a story where Brian Kinney has a sibling other than Clair. I would prefer if he has a good relationship with this brother or sister.

FOUND! Thank you to everyone who posted a response. All of the links will be found below. I know midnight whispers has changed their web code recently so you'll have to Google the titles to read them for any that are from and I was first thank you to everyone who posted a response. All of the links will be found in the thread.
I know midnight whispers has changed their web code recently so you'll have to Google the titles to read them for any that are from that sight.
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Hi everybody!
Does anybody recall a story where Justin pretends to be deaf or doesn't understand english? I'm not sure which case it was. Also in this story Brian finds out that Justin can actually understan him because he's speaking to him (sometimes even personal stuff because he thinks he can't understand him) and Justin smiles at something Brian says. I might be wrong but I think that Brian asks him something like "You can understand me can't you?"
Thanks in advance
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I've looked through all the amnesia fics suggested but have yet to find where Craig uses the fact Justin can't remember his whole senior year after being bashed and sets up Justin with a girl he has been supposedly dating. I think Daphne tries to talk with him but Craig doesn't allow her near him, so she goes to Brian for help?

Sound familiar to anyone?

Story not found, but still looking
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I read a fic a long while ago, where Justin was in a mental hospital and Debbie I think was his nurse. His dad keeps him there cuz he's gay and this doctor refuses to let Justin out cause of the money he gets to keep Justin locked up. If I remember right, Brian and Ben needs his help with a case or something and they more or less sneak him out. Deb or the head nurse makes a comment on how Justin doesn't really need to be there as there was never anything wrong with him. But he's kinda messed up mentally by being locked away for so long. I think Craig was trying to turn Justin straight or something. I checked the tags and couldn't find it, but then I also succeeded in getting lost in the dumb things lol.

FOUND!!!  Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy for finding it! Link in comments!!
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Okay, anyone remember this oldie but goodie?  I believe this was a challenge story, and there were two authors who submitted similar plots.  I just remember Brian works at Ryder but is quiet and isn't confident and keeps getting passed up on promotions.  He wears nerdy clothes.  Justin gets a job at Ryder, and he and Brian end up working together on a project and fall for each other.  I think Emmett takes Brian shopping and helps him to pick out cool clothes.  Also, I believe Brian is in the closet until he gets involved with Justin.  I remember the title being something like "The Guy In the Last Cubicle" or something like that.  Anyone have a clue who the author is and where I can find this story?

EDIT:  Found!  It's The Guy On The Last Cubicle On The Right" by Ashleigh Kinnerson.  The other story is Irish Hunk Has Logged On, by Daisy.  Link in comments.
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I know I have read several books with Brian being a writer. I have combed the Different Professions tag and didn't see anything. I can't remember the ones I have read, just that i loved them. Anyone have any suggestions, I am not looking for one in particular. I am in the need of Brian in some other profession other than cop or lawyer.

FOUND: I have been linked to several in the comments! Thank you!
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I'm looking for an anti-Mel fic and I checked the tags but couldn't find it. What I remember is Lindsay left Mel and for revenge(?), Mel sues for custody of Gus. The thing is, she really knows nothing about Gus since she works all the time and it's Lindsay who did all the parenting. I remember a social worker made a surprise visit to Mel's house and Mel made excuses not to let her in. However, she peeked through the window and it was a mess. When Mel got the chance to spend a day with Gus, all she did was work and left him to play by himself. I believe Lindsay knew that would happen and even made a comment about spending an entire day with Gus would drive Mel nuts since she's not really parental; they knew Gus won't be in any real danger though. I think she even picked up a woman while ignoring Gus. Brian had hired a private investigator which is how they know all of that, and they used the evidence to fight her in court.

The may or may not be a sub-plot within a larger fic. Thanks for any help.

FOUND-While You Were Sleeping 2, Link in comments.
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So I've got 3 requests.

First up - I remember reading a fic a while back where Brian accidentally lashed out and hit Justin during an argument. I remember Justin not even thinking anything of it, but Brian, understandably, goes through quite the guilt trip. I remember practically nothing else about this story except that Justin had a black eye (or something...). Does anyone know this story, or something similar to it? I don't want to read intentionally abusive Brian or stories where one of them continually hurts the other. I just want a fight-that-gets-out-of-control-without-it-meaning-to story. It happens once, Brian angsts over it, it never happens again, etc. Feel free to suggest any that you know of.

Second - I've read several stalker fics but I can't get enough of them. Does anyone know a good rec? I would prefer it if Justin was the one being stalked.

Third - I'd love to read a story where Brian *AND* Justin are incredibly successful. It can be post-513, as I stand firm in my belief that they stayed together after the finale, and Justin could be this mega art rock-star. It can be an AU where Justin's an actor/singer/artist/trust fund kid with talent/ad agency employee/etc. Whatever it is, I would really like to read some B/J as equal, rich, successful partners. I'd prefer it to be post-513 but anything's game. As long as they're together.

Thanks so much in advance!

EDIT: Some fics have been recommended but I'm still looking. Feel free to let me know if you've got any. Thanks!

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I am going crazy looking for these stories! Uuuugh lol, my luck it could be several mixed together in my head!

1) Justin is a self defense / martial arts instructor and owns Brian's bldg. I believe justin is extremely wealthy too. I've read this story but cannot find it . Have gone thru J is wealthy ; different professions and still can't locate. I believe the dojang  is on the first floor of Brian's bldg.
FOUND- rec in comments!!

2) Justin is wealthy and buys brian a sports car. Brian sees it from the window of his loft. He likes the car but doesn't accept it. I know this is vague, sorry, but I think justin surprises brian with his wealth ( he reveals who is grandfather is, and that he is actually extremely wealthy. Brian freaks a little. ---- sorry from another story  in recs)

Please someone put me out of my misery 😩 and help me? Thanks

FOUND #1 by wjsc99. ( thank goodness ) it is
days of wine and roses : author moonshadow woman

UPDATE: so far #1 was found but am still looking for #2. Some recs in comments too.
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My account is new in LJ and I just found this amazing community. I found several stories that had long since lost and could not find them again, but thanks to the fabulous members of GIH, I ended up finding the way for them.
I would like your help to find a story I read some time ago and would like to review it. Brian has a twin brother named Alex who ends up associating with Justin. I do not remember much, it has a long time I read it, but Alex is much milder than this makes Brian and Justin's feelings a little confused about the two. Alex also has two children, a boy and a baby girl and he returns to Pittsburgh after the death of his partner due to complications caused by AIDS. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks for your help.
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I keep doing my community service in GIH (One question: can I really ask for stories on behalf of other people who have asked me to do it or am I breaking any rules?)
My friend the Pampas (Dannyqaf), who is having problems on the internet, asked me to ask about three stories he no longer finds:
1) - And Then There Were Two by Asheleigh Kinnerson (this story is not accessible on your page in LJ);
2) Ready-by juteux and any author of this fic;
3)-Fellatio Quintet by Eliza.
We'd love to receive the link to the stories or they on file.
Thank you once again.
A big hug!

And Then There Were Two by Alsheleigh Kinnerson was found by Sandraj60.
Ready by juteux and Fellatio Quintet by Eliza were found by marny1 and Kellydeer.
All links are in comments.
Danny and I thank you all kindly.
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1. I'm looking for fics where Brian is very troubled (preferably as a teen or young adult) and is in a mental institution. Justin (or even Michael) meets him there. In fact, any fics where Brian is troubled/suicidal would be great.

2. Are there any fics out there where Brian ends up going to trial for Kip or John's sexual harassment accusations? Any other fics where Brian is on trial for a crime would be great.

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I've looked and looked at the tags and just can't find this.

Brian has a surrogate who he marries and she has twins, one is Brian's and one is Justin's child.
Brian moved to Vermont?   Justin finally comes looking for Brian and doesn't know where he has gone.


Found. Life Goes On. Link in the comments.

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I'm interested in finding a fic where Justin enjoys bottoming with someone other than Brian (or Ethan).

The closest I have read are Incarnadine by Rhiannonhero and Love Between Men by Miss Miko, however both fics include Brian.
I would be ecstatic if anyone knew where I could read a Justin centric bottoming story; if it happens to be a stand alone great, however I am not opposed to longer stories. Thank you.

Some suggestions below.
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Does anybody recall a story in which I think Justin is a rock star in this story and he is out in CA. His father shows up and in a scuffle Justin falls to the ground. Justin doesn't remember not sure if he has amnesia.  I think this is a long au but can't remember too much more about it. I always mess up my posts so I hope I have done this correctly.

Story found thanks to rusty1982. Thank You so much

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