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I have searched all Gus tags and Daddy fic. tags and I can't find this story -

- Brian goes to the diner with a very young Gus.
- He teaches Gus how to read the menu and how to order a healthy meal.
- Brian is glad that the menu has pictures so he can teach Gus to order.
- I think it's anti-Lindsey and/or Mel.
- I think the girls limit the amount of time that they allow Brian to spend with Gus.
- The girls didn't think Gus could order when they went to a Pizza place to eat and Brian wanted Gus to order for them all.
- I think Gus also has a watch that Brian or maybe Mikey gave him, so he can tell time.
- Though it is a great story, IT'S NOT "Love and Drama at the Sit-A-Spell" by Predec2

Thank you for your help!

FOUND: Why Not With Me by indigo556 -
Link in Comments - Thank You, malanna42 for finding it.
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I remember reading a fic where Brian and Justin get married on the beach, and it was a beautiful but casual ceremony (there were no guests and they were dressed in jeans or something).

I thought it would have been "Trading Places" but it wasn't. It's probably part of a longer fic?

Does anybody remember what fic it is?

Edit: FOUND, it is Choices by England13

Other suggestions in comments. Thank you everybody!
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I want to read this fanfiction from a while back where Justin and Brian come to the Diner with their five or six little blonde daughters. There was a lot of domesticity involved, I loved it, but I forgot to save the link.

Found! Hope for more recs later
Sounds like The Big Sleep by 7wildwaysup. The blond daughters are in the last chapter.

(No Regrets / It has a series)by Draccone
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I'm looking for a fic where - if i'm not mistaken - Brian asked Lindsay to look for a job . Then Lindsay came to Kinnetik and asked Brian to accept her to work at the art department at Kinnetik . Brian rejected her directly and honestly - saying that she didn't have much talent and etc etc .

Please ? Thank you :)

Found !
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Sorry for the awful subject line.I'm not sure if I 'm mixing up two stories but here's what I remember.

Ben dies. Michael is not upset over it. But he is left with no money so he ends up working in a bakery and living in a flat above it.
He meets Dr. Dave who has moved back to the Pitts but Dave loses interest v quickly and ends up dating Ted.
Michael starts seeing a criminal who punches Emmett and eventually locks Michael in his flat.
i think Michael may have had a gambling problem which was d start of all his problems.
I also vaguely remember Brian and Ted having to pay off h8s
debts on Xmas day.

Found: Link in comments
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Hi there, fellow QAF fans!

So, the story I was searching for goes like this:

Brian goes to Florida and ends up missing. I believe he was shipwrecked? And it took a long time to find him. Lindsay is convinced that Brian has left money for her in his will. Justin doesn't want Brian's will to be read. Lindsay convinces the gang that Brian left money for them too but Justin was keeping the money for himself. But it turns out that Brian only left donations in their name to various charities.

I've looked through the anti-lindsay tag, the missing or kidnapped tag but nothing. I hope someone can help me find this story... Its been driving me crazy for days.

FOUND: I'm Missing You... by 7wildwaysup

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Another post reminded me of a "Brian sleeps with Michael" fic. It was a one-shot. Brian finally gives in and sleeps with Michael. Or maybe they were drunk or something; I don't remember. Michael thinks they are now together so he got quite a shock the next morning seeing Brian and Justin walk into the diner together and all over each other. When he confronts Brian, Brian just looks at him blankly and tells him it didn't mean anything; he was just giving Michael what he wanted and he's still with Justin.

I may have some of the details wrong. What I remember most is the morning after diner scene.

Thanks for any help.

UPDATE: This is most likely Careful What You Wish For though there may be another similar story or I'm mixing up fics:

UPDATE #2: It turns out the fic is No Degrees of Separation by Charming1, but I highly recommend the above fic as it's really enjoyable (and I'm still thinking I was fusing the two in my brain).
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Hey, so I'm looking for a specific fic where Brian fucks Micheal in 212. Ususually Justin freaks out when he finds out but in this fic he pretty much just shrugged it off and BJ went on as always while Ben and Micheal fell apart. Justin knew it wasn't a big deal to Brian and I think he was just like "Huh, how was it?".

I know it's not much but it's all I can remember, hopefully someone recognises it. I've been through the tag and it's not any of the usually recced fics. Definitly not Cross-reference, Consequences, No Longer an Option or Pretty Good Day.


Found!! By the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] blklizard
It was Free Pass by [livejournal.com profile] kachelofen
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I know I have read several books with Brian being a writer. I have combed the Different Professions tag and didn't see anything. I can't remember the ones I have read, just that i loved them. Anyone have any suggestions, I am not looking for one in particular. I am in the need of Brian in some other profession other than cop or lawyer.

FOUND: I have been linked to several in the comments! Thank you!
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I'm looking for a fic that I recently read but can't find again. I can't remember if it's a new(ish) fic or an old one that I stumbled on. Anyway, what I remember is Michael scheming or waiting out the Brian/Justin relationship because, like in so many fics, he "knows" Brian can't change and it won't last, blah blah blah. So the reader is thinking he's after Brian as usual, but (SPOILER):

the surprise twist ending is that he's no longer in love with Brian but with Justin (DUN Dun dun).

Thanks for any help.

FOUND! Link in comments
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Hi. I'm trying to remember two fics I've read like a few weeks ago (yes my memory is either that bad or I just fail finding things lol),and I can't remember the titles. But I do remember that in:

Fic 1) That Mikey had gotten so jealous and delusional over Brian and Justin,that he breaks into the loft and smashes and slashes everything in sight,thereby setting off one Justin's panic attacks. When Brian and Ted are going over the damage for the insurance,Ted finds Justin's engagement band in the garbage disposal and Mikey took the other one from Brian's desk. This one has an Anti-Michael tag attached,I think..can't remember.

Fic 2) It's Brian's birthday and the anniversary of Justin's bashing,Justin tells their friends that he doesn't find their idea of birthday prank funny,since Brian's turning 30 and rats them out to Brian. So Brian takes himself and Justin to New York so the day can be remembered as a happy occasion and not a sad one.

Any help with the titles or links would be greatly appreciated,thank you! <3 :)
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Hi guys!

I'm hoping some of you can help. I'm recovering from surgery and not really allowed to do much - I can only use the keyboard for 15mins a day, so I can't even do much writing and I'm climbing the walls. During the last month I swear I've re-read all the classics ever written, so I'm desperately looking for new material.

I'd prefer something long, and definitely no Mpregs nor extra children involved, whether adopted or surrogate. Not that I have a problem with any of those fics, they're just not my bag.

Really I'd like some BJ angst, because I sooo love angst ... angst, angst, angst. As long as it's got a happy ending, of course.

There must be something going on out there ... please?

MANY NEW FICS FOUND - thanks to everyone for their help. Links in comments. Please feel free to keep them coming!
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UPDATED: There were some fabulous recommendations below! Thank you so much! :)

Was there anything written about what happened when (drunk) Brian left Michael's house after he basically told Brian that no one would want him? Brian was absolutely devastated. Justin and Ben were listening to the conversation. I would think there would have been dialogue after that event.

Justin knew all that Brian struggled with his entire life, thinking that he wasn't worthy of love, so this would have been incredibly impactful. It was true that Justin was never happy and he left because of Brian because he couldn't give him what he wanted, but it wasn't because he was unwanted.

Any help is appreciated!
~ Deborah :)
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Good evening one and all!

I was looking for one specific fic where Ben ends up leaving Michael for Em. I can't remember a whole lot about it beyond that aspect though… However here is what I do remember: the story was centered around B/J and was rather Anti-Michael, Michael's behavior is what will cause Ben to end up leaving him.

Sorry I know that might be rather vague :( but I thank you all greatly for your time.

Thank You,

FOUND: Recs in comments

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